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The Sexy Secrets of the Star Signs

The Sexy Secrets of the Star Signs

What does each star sign want in bed? What are their sexy secret fantasies? Horoscope Friends had a look at the star signs and their sexy little secrets… You can also read about your sun sign and your ascendant too! Check out your Mars sign, Venus sign and Moon sign for some extra details or check out your birth chart. These also represent what you find sexy and desirable and what turly fulfils your needs... 

Trouble in paradise? Speak to one of our clairvoyant relationship experts right now: fast, correct advice only a brief phone call away! Until then, find out what the sexy secrets of the star signs are below:

Star Signs and their Sexy Secrets

What turns each star sign on in bed? What do they fantasise about even if they would never admit it? The star signs' sexy secrets, big and small, are revealed! Read on... 


Aries is a fighter at heart, pure and simple! They love to taunt and be taunted and may fantasise about chasing their object of desire until they pin them down, or club them over the head and drag them to their cave like the good old days. The roles may be reversed too and they may enjoy resisting someone’s advances and having a bit of a struggle in bed. Sex should be kept simple and spontaneous. Tight clothing, striptease and fast cars turn them on. Whatever you do never, ever plan ahead! Do it now or the moment’s gone.


What could a Taurus possibly dream about sexually? Being in pleasure heaven, of course! It could be having their own personal sex-slaves that are there merely to satisfy their every whim. Ownership is a big thing with them and they love to think they own you! A room made for pleasure, decked in fur, feather, silk and satin to tantalise the senses… Lingering kisses and foreplay with whipped cream and chocolate… Failing all that try at least to avoid polyester sheets at all costs. Endurance turns them on. It’s no fun when it’s over in a sec…

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You’ve got to mix it up with a Gemini. Suggest a threesome with the next door neighbour or swinging partners. Wear a wig and contacts, dress differently and pretend you’re two strangers who just met in a bar. Tease them with multiple accents. Surprise them. Make it kinky! Above all, talk to them. Never stop talking. Talk dirty in their ear and confuse their expectations. Words turn them on and they might even enjoy listening to the radio or TV. They also love to break a taboo or two and they might find all kinds of things attractive (like someone much younger/older/fatter) out of sheer curiosity.


Cancer is traditional and shy on the outside but they’re no less capable of getting down and dirty once you strip all that back. Don’t be put off by the cuddly toys on the bed or the picture of mom or dad by their bedside. Porn movies, erotic fiction, sex magic and sexy leather outfits, complete with furry accessories, could feature largely in the fantasies! Step into character and enter their secret little world! Some like baby talk or get turned on by the idea of deep penetration, straight to where the magic happens…

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What does Leo dream bout sexually? Well, to be worshipped of course! They dream of being a King or Queen surrounded by admirers and suitors who have devoted their entire existence to Leo’s happiness. Leo needs to be adored - in a visible, dramatic, epic way. Exhibitionist tendencies might be lurking there somewhere too. They might secretly enjoy the thrill of getting caught in the act or, better yet, filmed - presuming they look incredible of course. And why wouldn’t they? Flatter them and buy them expensive gifts. A golden vibrator or satin/perl panties might be an idea. They love to be fussed over!

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Virgo loves to be useful and to provide a service. They might fantasise about being a sex priest/priestess, a virgin dressed in white who’s also a whore, or a sex functionary, forever devoted to serving the goddess. They may also enjoy ritualistic sex, part of which would have to be scrubbing yourself and/or your partner clean of course, preferably before the act. Virgo loves to learn, so why not plan to attend sex classes or work through the Kama Sutra together? This would also provide a good outlet for their (very frequent) need to correct and instruct you when you’re not doing it right.


Beauty is a must. In love with love itself and with seeing themselves reflected in someone’s eyes, Libra may be far more promiscuous in their sexual fantasies than they are in real life. The idea of pleasing everyone turns them on, as does that of being seduced by a handsome stranger. They might fantasise about love and sex in a glamorous world, the arts, fashion, high society or politics, being the perfect spouse, throwing dinner parties and satisfying everyone in every way. Make sure the bedroom is beautiful and refined, buy them expensive gifts and wear sexy lingerie. Nothing crass please!


What does a Scorpio want in bed? Probably far more sex than you’re giving them!  Also more extreme sex. It’s about being in control, losing control and being brought to their limits. S&M, and domination/submission are a big turn on, complete with leather outfits, blindfold, whip and cuffs (the real thing - none of that silly furry stuff). Scorpio is willing to go further than other sign to experience the transformative power of sex. This also allows them to bond much more deeply with their partner. If you two share a dark secret and have broken some taboos together, then this brings you that much closer together!

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Sagittarius loves an adventure! Having a wild, exotic partner and not knowing what to expect is a big turn on. So is doing it under the stars! The fear of getting caught (or eaten alive) only adds to the excitement. Sex is a sport and Sagittarius sees nothing wrong, fundamentally, in exercising with multiple partners. They love their freedom and their sexual freedom no less. Plus it’s another kind of adventure trying to prevent all your lovers from accidentally bumping into each other! Sagittarius is also a highly philosophical sign so having a mentor, student or someone to travel with - mentally or physically - and talk to about life and everything is also a big turn on.


Capricorn is so in control in their life that they crave the entire opposite in bed. They love to submit, plain and simple. This is a very traditional yet also highly sexed sign and they need to let go of society’s usual roles in the bedroom. Tired of being the boss, they enjoy switching roles and letting someone else be in control for once. Some of them even enjoy being humiliated or demeaned. Unlike other signs, Capricorn gets turned on by planning so put sex in the business diary, like, at “twenty two hundred hours”, have a whole night planned and give them something to think about at the office!

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Aquarius is the weirdo of the zodiac. They like experimental, kinky stuff, like sex toys, strap ons, strange positions, same/different sex relations, or doing it in public or in a well lit room with the blinds open wide. A sex robot might be a fun idea and anything unusual or untried is a huge turn on. Try reversing roles. Aquarius may also fantasise about living in a sex commune where copulating with your fellows is a commonplace occurrence - or a scenario like in ‘Holoship’ Red Dwarf, where sex is free from physical/emotional complications. Apparently, Aquarius also has a thing for bottoms/anal sex.


Pisces dreams about losing themselves in something greater. This can take many forms, from the most taboo to the most refined. They may fantasise about sexual orgies or about getting swept up by a supernatural force or serving in a transcendental sex rite. Or they might get turned on by the idea of religious or artistic devotion. Being an artist’s muse is a huge turn on.  As is trying to overcome your sexual impulses by dedicating yourself to God. Pisces loves erotic imagery/film/fiction and whatever imbues their sexual life with more magic and glamour, giving free rein to their wild imagination. If you’re in bed with a Pisces you’ll probably lose them at the crucial moment. The’ve simply gone elsewhere…

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