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The Star Signs and Cheating!

The Star Signs and Cheating!

Which zodiac signs are most likely to cheat? How does each zodiac sign cheat? Also, Depending on their star sign, some people are more likely to figure out they’ve been cheated on, whereas others are more likely to remain happily oblivious to it. So, which star signs are most likely to figure out they have been cheated on and which ones are most likely to remain happily oblivious to it?

The ugly truth is that, when in a long-term committed relationship, most people find it hard to stay completely faithful to their significant other and often end up cheating. However, the frequency of the cheating and the type of infidelity committed vary from star sign to star sign. So read on to find out which star signs are most prone to infidelity…of the long-term variety and thus most likely to get involved in an affair while in a committed relationship.

Also, how many times has your significant other made you a promise he didn’t keep? Have you ever felt that he only promised you something because he wanted to evade an uncomfortable confrontation, or that he is forgetful of his promises to you? Do you think he forgets about his promises because his feelings for you are not strong enough? And most importantly: Is his failure to make good on his promises intentional?

Which zodiac signs are most likely to cheat or be cheated on?

Let’s face it: It can happen to the best of us. Human beings are generally prone to temptation and weakness of will. Even if they are in a loving, committed, happy relationship, most people are likely to be tempted to cheat on their partner at some point or another. No matter how happy they may be with their long-term partner, they will never be completely immune to the temptation of infidelity. 

So you slipped up. You cheated on your significant other. With temptation lurking around every corner, it’s only human. It goes without saying, of course, that, the next time your wandering eye threatens to get the best of you, you should try harder to resist the lure of the forbidden. In the meantime, though, the burning question is whether your partner is likely to figure out you cheated on them.

Astrology can predict cheating! Read on to find out which zodiac signs cheat the most, how they do it and if their partner will ever figure it out. Bonus: tips to prevent each zodiac sign from cheating on you!


Aries is hardly the most faithful star sign out there – it is known! They can even get caught living a triple life – let alone a double one. And the reason why is simple: When the novelty wears off and their initial enthusiasm starts to wane, they seek to re-experience the passion they felt at the beginning of their committed relationship with someone new. 

If you manage to keep the flame in your relationship alive, your Aries is unlikely to go looking for… another flame! And if you eventually grow tired of constantly having to come up with ways to keep their attention exclusively focused on you, just start saying no to them – a lot! They don’t take no for an answer, so they’ll focus all their energy on turning your nos into yeses – they’ll be left with no time to pursue other… interests!

Does an Aries lie and break promises?

Aries does not lie intentionally, but he is very likely to make a promise in order to please you or to get you to stop complaining, and not keep it. He may also get carried away with enthusiasm and promise you the world only to completely forget about it a few days later. However, his intentions are always good, and he never has ulterior motives.

How easy is it to cheat on an Aries?

Aries may seem to be preoccupied with a million other things, but when it comes to their trophies, they have eyes in the back of their head. And trophies are naturally expected to stay put so they can be shown off – not to go wandering off, looking for a different owner.

So if you made the mistake of temporarily leaving an Aries’ display case, they will probably notice even the slightest change in your position when you come back – unless you can make it look like you never even so much as blinked while they were gone. It wouldn’t hurt if you could also play dumb convincingly (“Who? Me? Where do you get these crazy ideas?! I’ve been here the whole time!”).


Taurus is the star sign you don’t see it coming from… until you do! They may be part of the fixed-mode group, but their dislike of change cuts both ways. They tend to be faithful, but if they somehow end up living a double life, chances are they will let both relationships drag on indefinitely – they find it hard to break out of situations they’ve grown used to.

In order to make sure your Taurus remains faithful to you, you need to remember that their ruler is Venus, the planet of sensual pleasures; as long as you manage to keep all five of their senses satisfied, they won’t stray.

Does a Taurus lie and break promises?

Taurus usually keeps his word; it is getting him to give you his word that can be a challenge! Taurus rarely makes promises; he sees promises as a form of commitment, and only makes promises he knows he can keep. If you want him to do something, go about it smoothly and avoid putting pressure on him; otherwise his stubbornness will take over, and he will never do it.

How easy is it to cheat on a Taurus?

Taurus is constantly on the alert for anything that might pose a threat to their possessions, but at the same time, they’d rather convince themselves everything’s fine than trouble themselves with unpleasant suspicions.

So if you can convincingly reassure your Taurus that you’ve done nothing wrong, shame on you, but their suspicions will go back to sleep, so to speak. Make sure you don’t make too much noise, though. If you reawaken them, they’ll be watching your every step; you won’t get away with it next time. 

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It would be a joke to say it’s not like Gemini to get involved in affairs and cheat. Their playful, flirtatious streak is legendary, and their reputation for having a wandering eye precedes them! And yet, reputations can be somewhat deceiving, as sometimes Gemini can turn out to be more faithful even than Virgo.

All it takes is a partner that can keep them mentally stimulated, has a listening ear, and makes them feel like they are taken seriously and treated with respect.

Does a Gemini lie and break promises?

Gemini can drive you crazy! He can make it look like he delivered on a promise he made without actually having done so! He is a great diplomat; he has a talent for working his way out of uncomfortable or complicated situations while making it seem like he did what was best for both sides. Generally, however, he makes good on his promises.

How easy is it to cheat on a Gemini?

Gemini people believe only they have the right to contradict themselves. They also believe they are the only ones allowed to have a selective memory – when it comes to themselves. When it comes to other people’s words, they use the multiple-gigabyte hard drive that is embedded in their head to keep track of every single potential inconsistency.

So if you’re trying to cover up an indiscretion, chances are you will eventually get busted. And it will be because you slipped up and contradicted yourself – not because your Gemini tracks your every move for fear of losing you.

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Cancer may be sentimental, but the truth is that if they get their feelings hurt by something their partner did (whether knowingly or not), they may react in a very selfish manner and decide to do what’s best for them – and them alone. In which case they are very likely to start an affair and cheat in the hopes of having their insecurities appeased or getting what they were denied by their partner from someone else.

So the best way to ensure your Cancer remains faithful to you is to constantly encourage them to openly talk about their feelings instead of bottling them up.

Does a Cancer lie and break promises?

When Cancer fails to keep his word, it is usually due to unforeseen circumstances; you don’t feel like holding it against him, because you know he is not one to make promises he doesn’t intend to keep. He usually makes good on his promises because he can’t stand the idea of you holding a grudge against him, but also because he would hate to hurt your feelings.

How easy is it to cheat on a Cancer?

Very few star signs freak out over the idea of losing their significant other as much as Cancer does. Try to think of your relationship with your Cancer partner as being connected to the most sophisticated psychological alarm system you can imagine; it only takes the slightest of suspicions to trigger it.

Cancers also have the memory of an elephant, so if your behaviour has given your partner cause for concern in the past, it’s highly unlikely that they have forgotten about it. They’re probably waiting until they have all the evidence they need to prove your guilt. And when they do, you’ll find out the hard way.  

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Leo’s mode is fixed, so those born under the star sign of Leo usually make faithful partners and don’t have a wandering eye. They focus all their energy and passion on their committed relationship, and treat their significant other as an object of admiration.

If, however, they feel that their attention and affection are not being reciprocated, they’re quite likely to seek validation elsewhere by starting an affair that can serve as a confidence boost and make them feel special. All you have to do to make sure your Leo doesn't cheat and only has eyes for you is make them feel admired and cherished.

Does a Leo lie and break promises?

Leo always keeps his word. Sometimes, he makes the mistake of promising more than he can afford to deliver, so he often ends up regretting not keeping his mouth shut! He always sticks to his promises – it is a matter of honour.  He does everything in his power to live up to his commitments; he would never risk losing your respect or good opinion!

How easy is it to cheat on a Leo?

Contrary to what you may think, Leo’s proverbial possessiveness does not protect them from being cheated on, as it is neutralised by an opposing force: their tendency to think the world of themselves. Who could possibly even consider cheating on someone as perfect as them? Everyone else pales in comparison!

Of course, the bigger the ego, the harder the fall – but Leo is too proud to bother with such thoughts. So if you cheated on your Leo partner, it’s quite likely that you’ll get away with it. If they were to find out, though, no-one would want to be in your shoes.

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Virgo is one of the most faithful star signs of the zodiac. Due to their giving, altruistic nature, they’re usually entirely focused on keeping their partner satisfied and making their existing relationship as good as it can be.

Plus, wasting time is a no-no for them, so ephemeral or superficial relationships are not really their thing. It is usually when they feel that their generosity is being abused and their relationship has no future that they start contemplating giving a relationship with…another fish in the sea a go. And even then, they don’t really start an affair and cheat on their partner; they make a point of avoiding stressful, complicated situations, so they simply immediately move on. 

Does a Virgo lie and break promises?

Virgo feels compelled to keep his promises. When he makes a promise, he feels compulsively obligated to fulfill it. Which is why making promises doesn’t come easy to him; he won’t give you his word unless he is confident he can deliver. Don’t try to get him to promise to do something he doesn’t feel like doing – you are sure to fail.

How easy is it to cheat on a Virgo?

Virgo’s most prominent characteristic is their tendency to overanalyse things, especially when it comes to the behaviour of their partner. However, they generally tend to take it for granted that their commitment and loyalty are reciprocated by their significant other. They may initially fail to cop onto the changes in their partner’s behaviour, especially if the latter is cunning. Or they may notice something’s off and decide to say nothing about it until they can be sure they have been cheated on.

So there’s time for you to come clean; if you choose not to, you run the risk of being found guilty with no chance of appeal.


Libra is an air star sign, which basically means that if their romantic partner doesn’t share their need for communication and socialising, they are very likely to go looking for someone who does, aka cheat. Another thing with Libra is that they often feel the need to be generously complimented on their looks because they usually take very good care of their appearance. When they feel like their looks go unappreciated, they are overcome with a sense of inadequacy that leads them to seek validation elsewhere.

So, all in all, it usually takes no more than a few minor compromises and a couple of heartfelt compliments every other day for them to remain satisfied with what they have and, therefore, faithful to their partner.

Does a Libra lie and break promises?

Libra will promise you the world if it means earning your love and appreciation. Whether he will actually deliver on his promise is a whole different matter… If his heart is not really in it, he is unlikely to make good on his word; he’ll come up with all kinds of excuses in the hopes that you will understand and forgive him.

How easy is it to cheat on a Libra?

For Libras, infidelity is detrimental not only to their romantic relationships, but also to Love as a general concept. How could you do this? How could you cheat on a Libra? Is your heart made of stone or something?

Anyway, here’s what to expect: They’ll figure it out, there’s no doubt about it (Libra’s cheater-meter is always on point). But they may act as if nothing happened. They may never say anything about it. Or they may give in to doubt: “Did s/he really do it or is it just me? Should we talk about it or not? Should I get even? Maybe I should. Maybe I shouldn’t. Maybe I should…” 

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Scorpio may be widely seen as the sex machine of the zodiac, but the truth is that they’re unlikely to get involved in an affair and cheat on their partner. Their element is water and their mode is fixed, so they’re not particularly fond of change – which is also why they usually seek relationships that provide them with emotional security.

Of course, their tendency to secrecy, combined with their passionate temperament, may occasionally lead them to start an affair, but if their committed relationship has an element of mystery to it, they’re generally unlikely to go looking for it elsewhere.

Does a Scorpio lie?

If you think getting a Scorpio to make you a promise is easy, think again; Scorpio doesn’t make promises without having thought things through. When he does make a promise, though, he is capable of moving heaven and earth to make good on it. He would never risk losing your trust; you don’t need to worry that he might go back on his word. It is making good on yours that you should be concerned with!

How easy is it to cheat on a Scorpio?

In case it has somehow escaped you, Scorpios don’t need proof; they are always convinced that their partner has already cheated or – at the very least – considered cheating on them. In other words, Scorpio thinks their partner is (always) guilty until proven otherwise – not the other way around.

So chances are you had been under close surveillance, like a convict out on probation, even before you actually cheated on the Scorpio you’re romantically involved with. If you thought, “What the hell? I’m in trouble anyway, I might as well enjoy it”, there’s not much we can do for you. Just ask your friends to be on standby, in case you go missing. 


As a fiery and mutable star sign, Sagittarius wants their romantic relationships to be passionate and adventurous; if their partner cannot satisfy their thirst for thrills, they will waste no time starting to look for someone who can.

In fact, they’re capable of starting an affair and cheating on their partner even when their committed relationship perfectly meets their needs! And that’s because their tendency to cheat doesn’t stem from their adventurous temperament so much as from their need to feel free. When they don’t feel tied down, they’re unlikely to stray.

Does a Sagittarius lie and break promises?

Sagittarius’ promises are like weather forecasts: He promises one thing and does another. Try to keep your expectations low. It’s not that he makes intentionally false promises; it’s just that he often loses sight of his goals because he gets easily distracted. You will find it hard to hold a grudge against him, though; he knows how to make you focus elsewhere. You may also be interested in our star signs in love what they say and what they actually mean guide!

How easy is it to cheat on a Sagittarius?

Let us get this straight. You cheated on a Sagittarius, correct? (Are you a Sagittarius yourself?) And now you’re wondering whether they’ll figure it out. Well, that’s highly unlikely, to put it mildly. They’re probably busy thinking about the greener grass on the other side of the fence and the mountains they haven’t climbed yet – if you catch our drift.

So, if you don’t want them to know, just keep your mouth shut. And if you want them to know because you did it in the hope of making them jealous, reconsider; it would be a major turn-off for them. Was it worth it at least? 

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When in a committed relationship, Capricorn is unlikely to cheat. After all, their time is very precious to them, so they’re extremely selective with where they invest it. However, there still are certain qualities to their nature that can lead them down the road of an affair.

Even though they seemingly strive to remain in control of their life at all costs, the truth is that they don’t mind… losing control every once in a while! If someone attractive attempts to seduce them and helps them take their mind off their burdens, they may find it hard to resist the temptation of starting an affair with them.

Does a Capricorn lie and break promises?

Capricorn rarely breaks his promises. His word is ironclad. He won’t make a promise unless his heart is in it and he is absolutely certain he can carry it out. He doesn’t get carried away by emotion. However, he is not unlikely to make an exception to his rules if he stands to gain something out of it!

How easy is it to cheat on a Capricorn?

So, you’re wondering whether your Capricorn will figure out that you cheated on them. Could you be any more naïve? It goes without saying that they will – at least so long as their workaholic streak hasn’t got the best of them and they still have feelings for you. Get ready to star in a real-life thriller: Your partner will play dumb while secretly plotting a grandiose revenge. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you got away with it. Capricorns are known for their self-possession and meticulousness; they are too self-collected to weaken their position by expressing mere suspicions.

So your Capricorn won’t stop looking until they find indisputable evidence of your guilt. And when they do, you will stop sleeping the sleep of the…unjust.


Even though Aquarius’ element is air, their mode is fixed, so they’re not particularly big on change. However, they are extremely intelligent, so they need a partner who can keep them intellectually stimulated – a partner with whom they feel they can really connect. If their committed relationship is lacking in that department, they’ll start looking for another lover without second thoughts. Yes, they will cheat! 

They also need to feel like their significant other is not only their romantic partner, but also their friend; unless your Aquarius feels like they can be themselves around you, they will almost surely look for someone new.

Does an Aquarius lie and break promises?

Aquarius can make you regret trying to get him to make you a promise he doesn’t feel like making; he will not only refuse to give you his word, but also explain the reasons why! You’d better be prepared; you may find yourself in a very uncomfortable position. When he does give his word, though, he more than delivers. He will only go back on his word if you do something that disappoints him.

How easy is it to cheat on an Aquarius?

Aquarius’ motto in life is, “No-one belongs to anyone”. It would probably be wiser not to find out whether your Aquarius partner really means it, but the truth is that they are unlikely to suspect you cheated on them – unless you’re unlucky enough for them to find out by coincidence or from an acquaintance.

Aquarius people are big on independence and freedom of movement, so chances are you won’t have a hard time covering up your misstep; your partner will most likely take all your excuses at face value.


Pisces has a reputation for being romantic, sentimental and self-sacrificing in their relationships – a reputation that is largely well deserved considering their watery nature. At the same time, though, their ruler is Neptune, which means that they are prone to escapism. So it’s not unlike them to start an affair and cheat on their partner as a means of escaping the pressure of the responsibilities that come with being in a long-term committed relationship.

If, however, there’s something elusive about you and you avoid calling them back to reality too often, your Pisces is unlikely to go looking for an affair. 

Does a Pisces lie and break promises?

Well… Let’s just say that Pisces’ understanding of his promises won’t necessarily coincide with your understanding of them. You’ll have to reach a common understanding of what a promise is. At the same time, though, when he fails to deliver on a promise he’s made to someone he cares about, he is overcome with guilt and fear that he might lose their good opinion. In any case, he can make you believe what he wants you to believe!

How easy is it to cheat on a Pisces?

Pisces people live in their own world – in a world where their romantic relationships are immune to cheating. Unless, of course, the cheating is done by them, in which case it is a “cosmic union of souls”. But that’s not your case, is it?

The good news is that your Pisces is unlikely to figure out that you cheated on them any time soon. Not because they’re stupid, but because they don’t want to know. And if they do find out, they will probably spend some time in denial. But when it finally hits them, they’ll give you such a hard time about it they’ll make you regret it. Deeply.

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