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The star signs and heartbreak

The star signs and heartbreak

Love may be a many-splendoured thing, but has there ever been a good thing that came without a price? The price we have to pay for love is heartbreak. Here’s the breakdown (pun intended!) of how each star sign handles heartbreak!


Aries gets easily bored. Which would be fine and dandy if it didn’t cause them to take their partners for granted and unknowingly build themselves up for a tough wake-up call. When reality hits, it hits so hard Aries’ ego ends up in plaster! And when they see their ex moving on with their life, things only get worse. What ensues is some variation of hell where they go from screaming and cursing at the top of their lungs to frantically assuring everyone who’ll listen that they’re doing just fine, they’ve never been better… and back again.


When Taurus gets their heart broken, it’s usually because they’ve fallen in love with someone who can’t offer them the emotional stability and security they seek. More often than not, it is jealousy that lies at the root of their heartache; picturing the object of their desire and affection in someone else’s arms can drive them insane. But it’s having their fears confirmed that can really send them off the deep end… If, by some cruel trick of fate, their suspicions turn out to be right, they’ll find the nearest couch, lie down, and stay there indefinitely – unless they can’t reach the remote or that bag of chips on the coffee table.


Just because Gemini has a light-hearted, open-minded approach to love doesn’t mean they can’t get their heart broken – they just don’t have it in them to sit around crying over spilt milk. When they get their heart broken, it’s usually because they’ve become involved with someone whom they can’t take for granted (and get bored of fast). Also, they love themselves a good challenge, so they occasionally end up falling in love with people they can’t have. As for how you can tell they’re trying to cope with heartbreak, well… You will definitely see them frantically socialising and flirting, but then again, that’s… first nature to them, so you might as well not bother looking for signs.

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‘Goodbye, my lover… Goodbye, my friend… You have been the one…’ They are not a true Cancer unless they’re bawling their eyes out. Whether they got their heart broken because they fell for the wrong person or because a relationship they had invested too much in came to an end, Cancer will withdraw into their shell and stay there until they’ve cried to every melodramatic love song there is, licked every single wound love has ever inflicted on them, and their tears have left a permanent stain on the picture of the heartless beloved. They’ll be beating themselves up over the sacrifices they made and swearing up and down that they’ll never make the same mistakes again… until the phone rings (‘I miss you’). 


‘I’d give my all to have just one more night with you, I’d risk my life…’ You wouldn’t expect anything less from a drama queen/king now, would you? It’s usually rejection that breaks Leo’s heart, but in any case, their reputation for exaggerating their feelings is well earned. Their initial reaction to heartbreak is to lock themselves up at home and unabashedly indulge their overdramatic streak by acting like they star in a sequel to the most heart-wrenching parts of Love Actually. This phase doesn’t last long, though! Soon enough, they pick up their pieces, get dressed to the nines, and go out to meet new people, all the while compulsively humming ‘I Will Survive’ – the world won’t run itself, you know.


‘If it’s getting harder to face every day, don’t let it show…’ When Virgo gets their heart broken, they cope by throwing themselves into work and keep their sorrow to themselves, so don’t expect to see them crawling on the floor, crying their eyes out. They also prepare an extensive list of elaborate, perfectly reasonable arguments about how it was all for the better because every cloud has a silver lining, and so on and so forth – you know, just in case you ask them what happened. You won’t have to, though; what’s usually happened is that the… culprit didn’t live up to Virgo’s image of them.

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‘I can’t live if living is without you…’ Libra shudders at the thought of being single; your average coupled Libra dreads the idea of breaking up with their partner as much as your average non-Libra dreads the idea of the world coming to an end. And yet, ironically enough, they rarely see the breakup coming, because their aversion to confrontation, along with their need for harmony, tends to blind them to the dysfunctional aspects of their relationships. So you can only imagine their heartbreak when breakup time eventually comes… They play the same sappy love songs on repeat, write poetry, and go out and get wasted with their friends. If you happen to be one of those friends, don’t let any of this worry you; Libra is not cut out for the single life, so before you know it, they’ll be back on the market, looking for someone new to satisfy their need for companionship! 


‘When you see my face, I hope it gives you hell, I hope it gives you hell!’ When Scorpio gets their heart broken, they feel deceived and betrayed. Whether they’ve really been deceived/betrayed or not is irrelevant. They convince themselves something unsavoury happened behind their back, and feel compelled to get to the bottom of it. Their jealous streak won’t let them rest until they’ve found a way to get back at their ex. They may try to avenge their broken heart by telling everyone who will listen that they’ve fallen head over heels for someone new (‘I found the love of my life!!’). Don’t buy into it – it’s just a coping mechanism.


‘Never mind, I’ll find someone like you…’ – just not straight out of the gate. Sagittarius’ initial reaction to heartbreak is to run away and disappear off the face of the earth so they can contemplate what went wrong in solitude. They neither cry nor beg; they’re too proud to admit their feelings got hurt, so they simply temporarily cut themselves off from the world. They don’t want to talk about it, so don’t expect them to pick up the phone or answer your texts. Don’t worry if you don’t hear from them for a while; soon enough, things will go back to normal, and their sociable, gregarious nature will take over again.


Did they get their heart broken? Or are they grieving someone’s death? It’s impossible to tell the difference going by their reaction alone – and their total black outfit only adds to the confusion. When Capricorn gets their heart broken, they speak little, and eat even less. They shut everyone out, go over it again and again in their head, readjust their priorities, and throw themselves back into work. They also lock their heart up and throw away the key so no-one can hurt them (by failing to live up to their standards) or distract them from their work again. Don’t bother asking them how they’re doing; they’ll just say, ‘Everything. Is. Perfectly. Fine!’ (No, Pisces, honey, they don’t want a hug.)


‘And I don’t even need your love, but you treat me like a stranger, and that feels so rough…’ Aquarius can be quite… schizoid in how they deal with heartbreak. Cancer’s infamous mood swings have nothing on the psychological ups and downs your average heartbroken Aquarius goes through. They’re capable of flirting their heart out with other people while laughing maniacally one moment, and going off to camp outside their ex’s place because ‘I demand an explanation!!’ the next. And it’s usually this very attitude that is to blame for the breakup; for some inexplicable reason, Aquarius’ partners find it hard to tolerate the uncertainty that comes with being in an are-we-or-are-we-not relationship.


Did the world stop spinning? Is life as we know it about to come to an end? Pisces’ reaction to heartbreak would have you believe these guesses can’t be too far off! When Pisces gets their heart broken, they grab the biggest box of tissues they can find (among those supplies of theirs that have survived the apocalypse) and hold on to it for dear life, spending their days and nights murmuring to themselves: ‘You’ll come back… I know you will… You love me…’ They see a red door and they want it painted black. They refuse to believe it’s over; they keep telling themselves it’s all just a bad dream they’ll soon wake up from. Don’t fret if you see them going off the deep end; before you know it, they’ll fall head over heels for someone new. 

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