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The star signs and how fast they learn from their mistakes

The star signs and how fast they learn from their mistakes

Some people learn from their mistakes fast, while others only learn from them after they have repeated them… again and again. Which category do you fall under? Are you afraid to slip up? Do you learn fast from your blunders? Read on to find out which star signs dread the possibility of making an error, and which ones learn fast from the mistakes they make.

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Aries is not afraid to slip up – although it would probably be more accurate to say that they don’t bother thinking that they might. They’re nothing if not impulsive; they go head first… and que sera sera! When things go wrong, they rarely take the blame for it – they blame it on other people, luck, fate, or the circumstances. They would benefit greatly from practicing a little more self-criticism; it would help them avoid repeating the same mistakes again and again. After all, making new ones is way more fun!

Remember: It’s not a mistake to make one, but it is when you repeat it.


Taurus will do everything in their power to avoid all possible pitfalls. They won’t make a decision unless it’s a carefully weighed, well-thought-out one and they’re certain the time is right. The problem is that putting decisions off until ‘the perfect moment’ doesn’t really keep them safe from making errors. When they eventually make one, they promise themselves it will never happen again, and become even slower in their decision-making – once bitten, twice shy.

Remember: Being afraid of things going wrong isn’t the way to make things go right.


Gemini’s opinion on whether something was a mistake or not can change over time. What they see as a miscalculation today they may no longer view as such tomorrow. They have a good grasp on the fact that there’s always something to be gained from the errors we make. They just need to remember this every time they find themselves in circumstances similar to those that led them to blow it; it would also save them the frustration they experience when history – or anything else, for that matter – repeats itself!

Remember: Experience is the name we give our blunders.


Cancer’s acute intuition can help them avoid many potential pitfalls. The problem is that their emotional insecurities often cause them to ignore their inner voice. Fortunately for them, they are also endowed with a good memory, which helps them to avoid repeating the same mistake twice. Coming out of their shell more often would enable them to gain more confidence in their ability to discern the right course of action.

Remember: Acting in error is better than doing nothing at all.

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It’s rare for a Leo to admit they have misjudged the situation to themselves, and even more rare for them to admit so to others. They believe they’re infallible. When something goes wrong through a fault of their own, they seek to convince those around them that they have the situation under control and that the course of action they chose will eventually prove to have been the right one. Most of the mistakes they make are due to their vulnerability to flattery; despite being smart, they are relatively easy to deceive, as they often fail to consider that a compliment may be driven by ulterior motives.

Remember: Open yourself up to the lessons life is trying to teach you. 


Virgo analyses, organises, and carefully plans everything in advance precisely with the intention of eliminating all possibility of something going wrong. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that minimising the chances of acting in error is their life’s purpose. It’s impossible to always be right, though. So when something inevitably goes wrong, they experience it as a blow to their self-esteem, and become even more self-critical than usual.

Remember: The biggest mistake you can make in life is being afraid to make one. 


Libra views errors as a disruption of the harmony of their world. Their legendary indecisiveness stems precisely from their fear of having their self-image tarnished by a blunder. They’re so afraid to make mistakes they end up not making any decisions until they absolutely have to – which, it goes without saying, hardly ever helps them choose the right course of action.

Remember: You are entitled to err. If someone expects you to be infallible, it’s their problem – not yours.


Scorpio has trouble owning up to their mistakes out loud. They have no problem admitting they have misjudged the situation to themselves, but admitting it to someone else would mean opening themselves up to criticism, and they feel like they can’t afford to do that. They’re incredibly suspicious of other people’s intentions, and feel the need to always be in control, so they fear that any sign of weakness or vulnerability on their part may cause them to lose the upper hand. 

Remember: Failure isn’t falling down – it is not getting up again.


Sagittarius doesn’t lose sleep over the mistakes they make. Their eternal optimism makes them believe that everything can be fixed one way or another. Plus, their innate tendency to look at the bigger picture enables them to find the silver lining in every cloud. At the same time, though, they rarely ever bother trying to figure out the causes of their errors or avoid repeating them.

Remember: Errors are opportunities for growth.

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Capricorn shudders at the thought of things going wrong. They try to avoid mistakes at all costs. They won’t make a decision unless they have carefully considered its consequences and feel certain it’s the right one. So when they inevitably err, they get mad at themselves and spend hours on end analysing what happened to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Remember: Laughing at other people’s blunders is a sign of weakness. Laughing at one’s own is a sign of strength.


Aquarius defines ‘slip up’ in very loose, abstract terms. When something goes wrong, they neither beat themselves up over it nor look for someone else to blame. They always do what they think is right, and rarely follow advice they haven’t asked for or use their own errors as life lessons. They believe that one is not truly free unless they are free to make mistakes.

Remember: Changing your course of action when a situation calls for it is not the same as compromising; it’s a smart move that can save you a lot of trouble.


Pisces may be highly intuitive, but that hardly keeps them safe from dropping the ball. Sometimes they’ll walk into a pitfall as if they were hypnotised! It usually takes time for them to realise they’ve slipped up and own up to it. And once they do, they’re overcome with indecisiveness, insecurity, and the fear that anything they do may lead to another disaster.

Remember: Life will go on even if you somehow make the gravest of mistakes. 

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