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The Star Signs and Money

The Star Signs and Money

Astrology can help you improve your relationship with money. Horoscopefriends is here to give you some insight into the way each star sign handles financial matters, as well as to tell you which colours are associated with luck in wealth.  

A question that has always preoccupied astrologers is the extent to which a person’s birth chart can reveal whether they will be lucky in money matters. It is mostly the second, the ninth and the eleventh house in astrology that are associated with financial matters. If Jupiter – the planet of wealth and good fortune – was in any of these houses at the moment of a person’s birth, it is an indication that they will attain a good financial status. If love planet Venus or her lover Mars are placed in any two of these houses, they signify financial stability. On the other hand, taskmaster Saturn’s placement in any of these houses indicates financial tightness. The fourth house is associated with luxury, real estate and property, so Venus’ placement in it suggests a particularly comfortable life. Use our free service to see if any of this is the case with your own birth chart.

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Your Star Sign and Money

Astrology can help you improve your financial luck by increasing your self-awareness and pointing out what you need to pay attention to, but you have to remember that it cannot magically change your life for the better. The stars help those who help themselves!


People born under the star sign of Aries are usually able to attain financial success in a short period of time by excelling at their job. What might stop them from getting there is their tendency to be gullible and to fall for flattery and bad advice. They need to be cautious and to learn to exercise good judgment. They are particularly competitive and thrive on success, so they rarely retire at a young age. The colour that can bring Aries good luck in business is red. 


Taurus people are usually very good at their job, as they are hardworking and insightful. They often give others the impression that they are financially better off than they really are, because they dress nicely and manage their money with savvy. They make their soundest financial decisions when they are undistracted by outside influences. The colour that can bring Taurus good luck in money matters is blue. If you have a question, ask the tarot - it’s free!


It’s hard to predict whether or not a Gemini will achieve financial success because Gemini people rarely make specific career or financial plans. They should choose and stick to a profession that will allow them to capitalise on their innate eloquence and quick-wittedness. They should also try to resist the temptation of gambling and easy money. Gemini can improve their luck by dressing in silver and white. 


People born under the star sign of Cancer tend to be money-conscious; they try to save for a rainy day. Those among them who have been raised in a financially challenged environment are likely to improve their financial situation through hard, diligent work. Cancer people are often tempted by the promise of quick profit, but they’re unlikely to actually succeed in making easy money. They’re at their best when they engage in low-risk ventures. The colours than can bring Cancer good luck in money matters are green, white, and cream. Get extra help in your decision making by checking out your psychic reading of the day.


Leos are lucky in matters of wealth; they tend to make money in unexpected, even unorthodox, ways. They have a taste for the good life, which is why they sometimes fall into the trap of trying to maintain a lifestyle they cannot afford. They hate the thought of being financially dependent on other people, so not being able to support themselves can bring out the worst in them. The colours than can bring Leo good luck in money matters are yellow, orange, light green, and white. Did you dream about money? Find out what this means in our dream meanings!


Virgo is one of the most hardworking star signs of the zodiac. Virgos are much more likely to make money by working hard than by coming up with a ground-breaking idea. They tend to be materialistic, which is why they can be tight, if not outright stingy, with money. They generally prove particularly resourceful when it comes to saving money. Virgos can improve their luck by dressing in pastels and wearing glittering accessories.  


Libras’ taste for the good life often makes them impulsive in how they handle their finances. They are not ones to hold back on spending. Thankfully for them, they have luck on their side, so they occasionally escape the consequences of their poor choices. Those Libras who are financially savvy can make money by investing in the stock market. People born under the Libra star sign can improve their luck by opting for clothes in shades of blue.  It’s not only about making money but also how you spend it. Find out all about Venus, the star-signs and good taste!


Scorpios’ suspicious nature makes them wary of risk-taking. This often causes them to miss out on very profitable opportunities. However, they make smart investors and know how to save money, so they usually have more than one source of income. They pay off their debts as fast as they can because they experience them as a burden. The colours than can bring Scorpio good luck in money matters are blue and dark red. 


Sagittarius’ honesty in financial matters is unparalleled. Sagittarius people would rather damage their interests than betray their principles. They’re highly unlikely to ever be accused of cheating anyone out of money. However, those among them who have been raised in a financially deprived environment may become pettily stingy with their money. The colours that can bring Sagittarius good luck in money matters are purple and violet. 


Capricorns strive to become financially independent as early in life as possible; they don’t like feeling indebted to their parents – or to anyone else, for that matter. They would much rather spend money on themselves than on others. Their generosity is rather impersonal and largely based on moral duty; they prefer to donate to charity than to give money to individual people. The colours that can bring Capricorn good luck in money matters are grey, purple, black and violet. Be wise: consult the planetary hours before making your move.


Aquarius people are capable of excelling at any job they fully commit themselves to, but they are usually better at making money for others than for themselves. Those born to a well-off family rarely show off their wealth or take advantage of opportunities to increase it. However, those Aquarians who have been raised in a financially challenged environment may become dishonest in financial matters. Aquarius people can improve their luck by dressing in electric blue and shades of grey. When is it a bad time to make a financial investment? When the moon is void of course!


People born under the star sign of Pisces tend to worry a lot about their financial security. They don’t like being financially indebted to other people, and they try to set money aside for a rainy day. They sometimes fail to live up to their financial commitments because they make impulsive albeit well-intentioned decisions, which they later regret either due to their feelings of financial insecurity or due to realising that they overestimated their financial position. The colours that can bring Pisces good luck in money matters are purple and crimson. Discover more myths and facts about the star-signs.  

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