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The star signs and one-sided love

The star signs and one-sided love

Few things are worse than one-sided love… We’ve all been there, done that. Chances are you often find yourself wishing you could avoid falling into that trap again. Knowing what leads you into it can go a long way in helping you steer clear of it in the future, so read on to find out what it is that makes you prone to unrequited infatuations, based on your star sign!

So how do the star signs cope with love unrequited?

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You get easily carried away by enthusiasm, dear Aries. As soon as you meet someone you feel attracted to, you get over-excited, which completely blinds you to the possibility that they may not be right for you. That’s how you get caught in the trap of unrequited love. You’re lucky that your enthusiasm usually fades as fast as it arises!

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You really take your time, dear Taurus. You’re a slow decision-maker and always do things at your own pace. This isn’t always a bad thing, but it often keeps you from striking while the iron’s hot. You also refuse to compromise, which is another reason why your feelings are sometimes left unreciprocated.

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You’re too hasty in your decisions, dear Gemini. You often end up falling for people you can’t have because you’re intrigued by the challenge of winning the heart of someone who’s hard to get. If you slow down a little and learn not to always act on impulse, you’ll realise that the game of love doesn’t have to be dangerous to be rewarding!


You always go heart first, dear Cancer! You get too emotionally attached too soon. As a result, you either don’t take your time to see whether the person you’re attracted to is really worth emotionally investing in, or you end up scaring them off with the intensity of your feelings!

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Your self-confidence sometimes works against you, dear Leo. You often come off as believing your charm is impossible to resist, which can be a turn-off for some people. You also make the mistake of going overboard in expressing your feelings without having tested the waters beforehand.


You come across as extremely uncompromising, dear Virgo. You are as critical of others as you are of yourself. No-one is exempt from your criticism. You often end up scaring off the person you’re attracted to because your tendency to be unforgiving of people’s flaws makes them think your standards are impossible to live up to.

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You fall in love way too easily, dear Libra. You dislike being single so much you often end up falling for and chasing after people you can’t have because you don’t allow yourself the time to take a realistic look at things. Becoming a little more selective in whom you emotionally invest in can go a long way toward helping you steer clear of the trap of unrequited love!


You can be awfully secretive, dear Scorpio. You expect the person you’re romantically interested in to come clean about their feelings, but refuse to lay your own cards on the table because you find it hard to trust that you won’t get hurt. You need to remember that distrust and suspicion breed distrust and suspicion.

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You have a taste for the impossible, dear Sagittarius! You get bored when you feel like you’ve been handed things on a plate, and have difficulty resisting what you see as a good challenge. You often find yourself falling victim to unrequited love because your adventurous streak makes you prone to chasing after unavailable people.


You care too much about what others think of you, dear Capricorn. When your feelings are left unreciprocated, it’s usually because you have failed to act on them due to your misguided belief that you should be with someone who can measure up to society’s standards of the ideal partner.

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You send mixed signals, dear Aquarius. You make it too hard for the object of your desire to figure out that you’ve developed romantic feelings for them, as you tend to behave in a manner that makes them think you see them more as a friend than as a potential romantic partner.


You inhabit cloud nine rather than the real world, dear Pisces. Your imagination often plays tricks on you, leading you to believe your feelings are reciprocated even when they’re not. Your tendency to idealise situations and people often prevents you from taking a cold, hard look at reality and accepting things as they really are.

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