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The star signs and rejection

The star signs and rejection

We all know that people handle romantic rejection in different ways, but have you ever thought that the way we each deal with it might be partly tied to our star sign? 

Horoscopefriends can give you a few clues as to how each star sign is likely to react to being rejected. Let's face it: With the (questionable) exception of masochists, no-one takes pleasure in being rejected. In fact, most of us shudder at the mere thought of it. Whether it comes from someone you've been in love with for a couple of years or someone you've only known for a couple of hours (or minutes...), rejection bites. Openly expressing your feelings to the object of your desire is no easy feat. 

However, even though pretty much everyone feels like their heart is being ripped out of their chest when they experience rejection, not everyone reacts to it in the same way.

Some people take the hint and move on; others need to be...handled in a more straightforward manner; and then there are those who won't admit even to themselves that they have been turned down. So, how does each star sign react to rejection? Read on and find out!

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How does each star sign handle rejection?

How do you handle rejection? How does he or she? Read your star sign - or that of someone who doesn’t seem to take a hint - to find out. 

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No-one has ever rejected an Aries. If an Aries shows interest in someone and things don't pan out, it's not because their advances were turned down, but because they themselves eventually decided it wasn't worth it. Don't be too quick to shout "sour grapes": Aries doesn't like grapes, you simpletons! 

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Taurus gets easily offended; they may feel rejected even when they have not been rejected - let alone when they have. They generally accept defeat with dignity and move on.

Of course, they're only human, so if you occasionally hear them throwing shade at the person that rejected them, don't be too hard on them. They will mostly prefer to contemplate the unfortunate turn of events in the privacy of their solitude. If your Taurus is having trouble choosing the right partner, find out how to help in why star signs make wrong choices in love!


Gemini will go so far as to claim that the Sun rises in the west if that's what it takes to convince those around them that they weren't really rejected. Obviously they are too smart for it to have gone over their head.

It's just that they will do everything in their power to save face. They'll first try to pass it off as "s/he's crazy about me, s/he's just playing hard to get", and then they'll go fishing; there are plenty of fish in the sea - and meat doesn't agree with them.


Cancer fears rejection so much they'd rather not even risk being turned down. They may withdraw into their shell and refuse to come out even when they've been given the green light to go ahead. They'd probably feel rejected even if you laid out a red carpet for them.

So when they do get rejected, they die a little inside. May God have mercy on those burdened with the task of comforting them. 

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If, and that's a big "if" (it's an "IF"), there's anyone out there who has ever rejected a Leo, they are cleared of all charges on the grounds of stupidity. It's their loss.

They should have been thankful that a Leo deemed them worthy of their attention.  As for the rest of you, you are to never bring this up again. How could you, anyway? It never happened. Right? RIGHT? 

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Virgo can't put a positive spin on unpleasant situations to save their life; they call a spade a spade. When they're rejected, they accept defeat, swallow their pride, and analyse (is anyone surprised?) what went wrong. Or, to be more precise, what they did wrong: "I should have gone for a different approach", "I should have been smarter about it", "I should have picked different shoes to wear".

They assimilate this information and resolve not to make the same mistakes again. Next time, they'll make new ones.


Libra mostly gets upset when they're crudely rejected. When their advances are turned down in a polite or diplomatic manner ("It's not you; you met me at a very strange time in my life"), they don't really take it to heart.

In fact, given how prone they are to becoming overwhelmed by doubt, they appreciate tact so much they may even end up deluding themselves into thinking they haven't been rejected at all. 

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When faced with rejection, Scorpio... does nothing. Because they quite simply never get rejected. Not in this universe, anyway. They are utterly irresistible (or so they'd have you believe). If the Grand Charmer of the zodiac ever does get rejected, it will be in a parallel universe ("What part of 'if' and 'parallel' don't you understand?"). And they won't sweat it too much; they'll instantly move on to another romantic pursuit.

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Sagittarius is generally too laid-back to take rejection to heart. If their interest in someone is not reciprocated, they won't take it personally. They may even continue to romantically pursue that person. Not because they didn't take the hint - they did - but because they love a good challenge.

So chances are they won't retreat until they've set their mind on a different...fortress.


Capricorn has their feet firmly planted on the ground; they see rejection for what it is. They rarely misinterpret other people's signals. Actually, we take part of that back, because they sometimes see non-rejection for what it isn't (i.e. rejection).

When they find themselves in a situation they consider humbling, their bruised ego tells them to move on while there's still time to save face. In other words, they get so easily discouraged that they give up even when they shouldn't. 

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Aquarius likes to think of themselves as too cool to be bothered by rejection. And they are rarely too straightforward in their advances anyway, so technically they cannot get rejected. If they show interest in someone and things don't pan out, it's okay. No harm done. No hard feelings.

They'll resort to their signature phrase - i.e. "Let's be friends" - and graciously move on. It’s their strong point. (Or is it? Find out in Star Signs and their Hidden Strengths!)


Pisces tends to ignore those parts of reality that they find unpleasant. They get very upset when their romantic expectations are shattered.

Sometimes they refuse to let go even though it is blatantly obvious that their feelings are not reciprocated. They shut out the voice of reason and go on living in their own little fantasy world. Until it hits them. An ugly sight indeed. 

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