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Why do you fall for the wrong people? The star signs explain your wrong choices in love!

Why do you fall for the wrong people? The star signs explain your wrong choices in love!

Astrology can give you some insight into your tendency to fall in love with the wrong people, based on your star sign. It is often said that love is blind. When they fall in love, people think that the object of their affection is the greatest thing since sliced bread and become blind to said person’s flaws. When the initial enthusiasm starts to wear off, they take a closer, more sober look at the person they fell in love with. And sometimes, what they see is that they fell for someone who was not right for them.

No-one is immune to making unfortunate choices in love. Even though some people are good at avoiding making the same mistake over and over again, most of us are systematically prone to falling for people who are not right for us. So, what is the reason behind this tendency? It goes without saying that it is a very complicated issue, but we can at least try to explore it from an astrological point of view, in order to identify what makes each star sign fall in love with the wrong people. So, read on and find out what it is about your star sign that makes you fall for the wrong people. This way, you can avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future (and make room for new ones).     

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The star signs and the wrong choices in love - check yours out!

Read on to find out why you keep making the same mistake... and how to do better next time! 

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It’s quite simple: When something is too easy to achieve, it doesn’t intrigue you. You want to have to fight to conquer someone’s heart. So when John or Jane comes along and plays hard to get, it turns you on. You’re blinded by your desire to get what seems out of reach. If it’s out of reach, it must be valuable, right? The problem is that, when you finally reach it and get a closer look, it usually turns out to be fool’s gold. And then it dawns on you: You went to all that trouble for nothing.

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You’ve looked at the situation from every possible angle; you’ve turned it over in your mind again and again; you’ve gone so far as to conduct a thorough assessment of the risks involved in this particular emotional investment. And you have finally decided that this is the person you had been waiting for your whole life – or, at least, for the last couple of months. So, you dive in. But before you know it, things start to go sour. Fast. But you refuse to admit that you made the wrong choice again. Being stubborn (a.k.a. being a typical Taurus) doesn’t always work to your advantage.  

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You tend to get easily bored. You avoid hanging out with predictable people because they bore you to death. So, when you meet someone you have no idea what to expect from, you’re drawn to them like a moth to a flame. You get a kick out of the adrenaline rush of it all. The problem is that they usually turn out to be extremely capricious. So, when the initial enthusiasm begins to wane, their uncontrollable impulsiveness starts to wear you down. And you end up running for the hills.

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You love it when someone has fallen head over heels for you and is chasing you relentlessly without being discouraged by your indifference. In fact, you love it so much that you eventually start reconsidering – especially if they really know how to flirt. “Maybe I should give her/him a chance”. Maybe you should. But, then again, maybe you shouldn’t. You cannot force yourself to love someone just because they love you. Unfortunately, love doesn’t work like that.


You tend to be drawn to people who project a winning image. In other words, you tend to judge books by their cover – to fall in love with people who know how to sell themselves well and who’ve done no more than make a good first impression on you. The problem is that, more often than not, when you get to know them better, they fail to live up to their image. If you want to get involved with someone for the sole purpose of showing them off, that’s fine. But if you’re looking for a more meaningful relationship, you will have to adjust your criteria accordingly.

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You tend to start romantic relationships with people who you know do not live up to your high expectations, in the hope that they will eventually become who you want them to be. Either of their own free will – because they will not want to lose you – or because you will make them. Someone who belongs to a star sign as reasonable as Virgo shouldn’t allow themselves such unreasonable expectations. In love, we’re usually left with what we chose.

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You’re a lover of beauty and you never miss out on a chance to prove it. You like your romantic partners to be presentable, whether they are endowed with natural beauty or not. You tend to value appearance more than you should. Good looks and good taste do not necessarily entail inner beauty. You run the risk of wasting time on relationships that cannot fulfil your need for communication and companionship. 

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You would give up your kingdom for a maze. For you, “appeal” and “mystery” are synonyms. You quickly lose interest in people who wear their heart on their sleeve and who are easy to read. You’re drawn to people who come across as complex and enigmatic. More often than not, however, there’s nothing there for you to find – nothing but mental and emotional confusion. It is disappointing to be promised an intricate puzzle only to end up with a riddle for five-year olds.


You believe relationships should be built on freedom, and you try to practice what you preach. You’re usually attracted to independent people. The problem is that, when you get romantically involved with one of them, you often end up finding out that their respect for your personal time and space is only a façade for their lack of investment in their relationship with you. You have to keep in mind that not everyone can fall in love without becoming overly attached to their partner. Don’t fall into the trap of judging others by yourself.

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You may come across as extremely self-restrained, but in reality you are an intensely sexual person. Even though you give others the impression that sexual chemistry is not high on your list of criteria for choosing a romantic partner, it is actually very important to you. As a result, you may often find yourself trapped in relationships that have nothing more to offer than good sex, feeling almost guilty about neglecting the rest of your needs.


You are right to believe that everything happens for a reason; that negative experiences are opportunities for self-growth; and that there’s a lesson to be drawn from every hurtful relationship you’ve had. But none of that means that constantly jumping out of the frying pan into the fire is the way to go. You tend to waste time on relationships that have no future in the name of deepening your self-knowledge. Next time you find yourself in a dysfunctional relationship, just up and leave. You can afford to skip a few lessons. 

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Things are rarely black and white when it comes to human relationships. You are right not to want to be unfair in your judgment of others. But there’s a difference between taking time to decide whether someone is right for you and getting stuck indefinitely in the contemplation stage. You tend to do the latter. If you cannot say with certainty that your relationship with your partner is fulfilling enough, the very fact that you’re uncertain is in itself a wake-up call you would do well not to ignore.

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