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The star signs and their hobbies

The star signs and their hobbies

Thinking of taking up a hobby, but don't know which? Today we’re here to suggest which hobby your star sign should take up and why, according to astrology. Hobbies stop us all from thinking about stuff too much or spending all our free time down the pub. That’s why every single star sign might want to at least think about getting a hobby. The hard part is finding one that you’re not gonna jack in after two weeks – especially if you’ve impulsively invested money in it, like buying yourself a grand piano (yes we’re looking at you Aries).

Hobbies are important for your well-being

Having a hobby not only helps you unwind after a long day, it is also important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping your mind active. Here are some interesting hobby ideas for each star sign, as well as some of the best products we've found on the market, to get you started! Stop making up excuses and make the best out of your valuable free time.


Hitting the ground running is a must for any hobby you take up, with no learning involved, so that which you were good at during childhood that you still have the muscle memory for is a good idea. Running is always a good Aries pastime. Or anything at speed that gives you a whoosh!

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Gardening or wildlife-related are the obvious choices for you (Richard Attenborough & Alan Titchmarsh are bulls), being so in touch with nature and the first of the earth signs etc. But you should also think about joining a choir. Singing can be such a terrific release with a set of pipes like yours. Sold on taking up gardening? Get this amazing indoor/outdoor, amazingly comfortable hanging egg chair for some well-deserved relaxing!


You require a hobby you can dip in and out of, that’ll stimulate your brain, that’s fun  - so why not join a wine club (or similar?). You learn loads about the stuff, get a delivery every few weeks (who doesn’t love a parcel) together with it being sociable and fun. And it doesn’t involve getting wet!


Turn your love of food into a hobby, or how about learning more about all that crypto currency stuff? Stocks and shares? You’re a shrewd businessperson and a homemaker so airbnb is perfect for you! There’s also something about swimming that makes you feel cleansed. Until an old plaster floats by. One thing is certain: You are likely a great cook and the best host, so why not get this beautiful, handcrafted tablewear set, to serve your guests properly?


Volunteer work with the young and old tends to your own well-being too, because it allows you to be creative in ways your job/life might stifle. Try your hand at amateur film-making, following in the footsteps of other great Leo directors (Hitchcock, Kubrick). Well you’ve got to start somewhere. Get started with this Full HD Digital Camera and don't be shy to share your creations with your friends online!


A musical hobby hits the right note in you, Virgo. You’ve got the right kind of detail-oriented brain to learn to read music and enjoy the unfolding process involved and, what’s more, being an earth sign, a fabulous sense of rhythm. You like to keep your hobby to yourself, so if you'd like to tick to listening to your favourite music instead, we have just the thing for you! Take your experience to the next level with this incredible, retro portable suitcase vinyl records player! Don't worry, it's got a USB port so that you can stay in touch with the digital world!


Art, painting, sculpture – you fancy yourself as a bit of a glamorous artist and you do have an eye for beautiful things. You also have an eye for clothes, like up-cycling or designing and making your own outfits as a hobby. Don’t be so quick to write this off as unworkable. Here is a piece that will give you inspiration and will be great to look at in your living room!


You’d make a killing as an Ann Summers party host. Pot-holing, would you believe, suits your underground temperament. You’re also brave enough to do something like this. Likewise deep-sea diving or something that you can do after dark when the owls and other nocturnal creatures come out to play.


You’re the poster sign for the great outdoors, so a fitness-related hobby is good for your soul because you feel centred and less stressed when you’re on the move. You probably also love playing games and since your symbol is the Archer, you (or your loved one) will probably enjoy this super-cool, professional dart set, for loads of fun!


Antique collecting or researching your family tree can get you into that ‘flow’ mode,  when the rest of the world is greyed out, and that we all need. Or you might join one of those local historical societies that do all that re-enactment stuff. It’s good for the old confidence if nothing else.


There’s a performer inside of you Aquarius, so how about a spot of am-dram to pass the time! You might find that it brings you out of yourself or that ‘the boards’ are your true spiritual home. There’s always backstage if you’re as wooden as a sideboard. If you'd still rather watch than act, get this multimedia mini video projector for some fun and relaxation at home!


You should try your hand at writing or blogging, or explore this further with a creative writing course. You will also find the mental discipline that comes from learning a martial art, or yoga, extremely uplifting. Anything to keep your hand from reaching for the corkscrew nightly! (If you still can't resist the temptation, make sure your stash is well organized, with this unique wooden, barrel style wine rack!)

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