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The Star Signs and their Quirks

The Star Signs and their Quirks

Nobody’s perfect, in the real world or in astrology. If you’re a Leo you probably think your star sign is the best, but the truth is we all have our quirks and foibles. When we love someone, we accept them for who they are; when we don’t, we give them hell about their eccentricities. However, we’re all well aware of the old adage about people living in glass houses! So let’s all put that stone down and take a humorous look at each star sign’s most insufferable quirk! 


If you want to get on an Aries’ nerves, all you have to do is tell them: ‘Let’s put this off for a couple of weeks/days/hours’. Aries simply doesn’t do waiting, especially when it comes to things that should already have happened or been done. Their life motto is ‘here and now’! They cannot possibly fathom why anyone would say, ‘We cannot do everything at once’ or ‘It just couldn’t be done any earlier’. Unless the world is coming to an end, you just don’t put things off!


Taurus is caring and all, but if you want to get along with them, you’d better keep their hands off their chips – unless, of course, they give you the green light to touch them. (‘Can I have one?’ doesn’t count as a question when you’re already chewing on one.) They love cooking for their loved ones or taking them out to dinner, but touching their food – or any other stuff that belongs to them, for that matter – without their permission is a violation of the moral order, and therefore out of the question!


Most people wouldn’t change a winning team; when a course of action proves successful, they stick to it. The way Gemini sees it, though, this whole copy-paste business takes away all the fun. They’d rather try a different way, either for the sake of experimentation, because they get easily bored, or just to get on your nerves. And you can bet on them finding an argument to go with it. Did the program they installed on your computer cause your files to be deleted? Did you get a flat tyre because they suggested taking a less-travelled road? Was the ‘alternative’ dish they prepared poisonous? None of that matters – you’re missing the bigger picture!

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Most people would rather you helped them focus on the bright side of things. But not Cancer. Their – occasionally real, but more often imagined – hardships are quite simply insurmountable, and you can’t tell them otherwise. They feel like they have a little black cloud following them around and the sun will never come out. Don’t even think about handing them an umbrella – it would mess with the dramatic atmosphere of the imaginary film they star in. The only thing you can do about it is tell them things are actually even worse than they make them out to be, and hope that all this gloominess is too much even for them.


Leo suffers from the ‘what will people think’ syndrome. They are too hung up on what others think of them. They are extremely sensitive about their image; if you do anything to tarnish it, they’ll make you regret it. When in the presence of others, you are flat-out forbidden to make snide remarks about their clothes or attitude, criticise them, or question their God-given right to be the centre of attention at all times. Disrespecting a Leo in public is not an option. If you have a problem with them, you can discuss it with them in private.  


Don’t rearrange a Virgo’s stuff. It’s as simple as that. They have it all arranged a certain way – their way. It doesn’t matter whether their definition of order is similar to everyone else’s… or vastly different from it. Virgo is widely considered to be obsessed with order, but in reality, there are quite a few Virgos who would define ‘order’ as ‘creative disorder’. So don’t even think about moving any of their things around. Everything is where they want it to be – what’s your problem?

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Libra likes to think of themselves as the personification of civility, good manners, and refined aesthetics. They are experts in all things beauty. They can take a lot (they are very civil, remember?), but don’t ever question their sense of taste. Any and all criticisms of their looks, home, car, or favourite film can and will be taken as almost unforgivable insults. If you ever cross that line, consider yourself lucky that they find bloodshed messy, and make up for it by buying them a good glass of wine.


Scorpio is the most secretive sign of the zodiac, but demands that everyone else be completely transparent with them. They think they are the only ones entitled to their secrets. They need to know everything about you, and you’d better be able to tell them in detail how you spent your day. They demand to be updated so often they put Windows to shame! If you keep something to yourself and they find out, they’ll start coming up with all sorts of conspiracy theories. ‘I didn’t tell you because I forgot’ would be as ludicrous an excuse as ‘I’m suffering from short-term memory loss because I was abducted by aliens’; you may have forgotten, but they never will.


Try this as an experiment: Take a Sagittarius to an enclosed space, lock all the doors, and tell them they’ll have to stay there for three hours straight. Nothing you do will get them to stay put. The mere thought will have them sweating, trembling and hyperventilating. Before you know it, they’ll be running for the nearest window… and the hills. Chances are they’ll shout out some crazy excuse on their way down (‘I was supposed to be getting married in Argentina’). 

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Capricorn is responsible, humorous, and all around cool… until you make them change their schedule. If you have both agreed (or they think you have both agreed) to meet on a specific date, don’t cancel on them. They have already decided where they will be and what they will de boing on this exact date fifty years from now. When their schedule is disrupted not because of a natural disaster but due to human-controlled factors, they see red.


Aquarius does nothing in a conventional way. They feel the need to be unconventional even in how they go about the most ordinary of activities. Their way of doing things is hardly ever the most practical or effective one, but they take so much pleasure in breaking the mould they don’t mind inconveniencing themselves for the sake of being original. They may go out dressed like Lady Gaga (‘Hey, wait! What do you mean you don’t know me?!’), adopt a crocodile, or have you listen to music that sounds like nails on a chalkboard (‘Do you really have to go?’).


It’s not just that Pisces gets way too emotional way too easily; it’s also that they expect you to cry along with them. There’s not much you can do about it; just be compassionate and avoid telling them that they shouldn’t be crying their heart out over John/Mary not having returned their call yet. Sit back, relax, let them get it off their chest… and get ready to switch roles with them – whether you want to or not. Once they’re done bawling their eyes out, they’ll feel compelled to return the favour (‘What do you mean you don’t feel like crying? Why not?’).

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