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The star signs’ reactions to I love you

Combine fun and astrology and you get…Horoscope Fun! How do the star signs respond to the three little words everyone’s so eager to say when they believe they have found their true equal? Here's your horoscope fun guide to the kind of answer one should expect from each sign upon saying “I love you”!For a less fun, but a lot more detailed analysis go to our full compatibility report between your and your loved one's birth charts! 


Well, yeah, that’s cute… But I love you MORE.


…Honestly? You’re telling the truth, right..? Nah… You don’t mean that.


And I love… PIZZA! What do you mean I don’t care about your feelings?


Yes but for how long? Exactly? Answer in years, not days… Hey, where are you going all of a sudden?


Well, it makes perfect sense. Good for you!


Thank you.


Oh, good. I have somewhere where I need to be right now.




No, I love you!


Well, I know.


…And how exactly would you define love? What is love? You see, this bond between two people (…) blah.



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  • Sun 1°58'50" Scorpio
  • Moon 28°2'41" Leo
  • Mercury 0°11'51" Scorpio
  • Venus 8°5'11" Sagittarius
  • Mars 18°57'22" Capricorn
  • Jupiter 9°44'45" Libra
  • Saturn 13°40'41" Sagittarius
  • Uranus 22°7'15" Aries
  • Neptune 9°25'49" Pisces
  • Pluto 15°7'47" Capricorn

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