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The zodiac signs and being single

The zodiac signs and being single

Depending on its mode, element and overall characteristics, each zodiac sign has a different attitude towards being alone and/or single. Some zodiac signs can’t stand being alone, while others are naturally more solitary. Read on to find out which zodiac signs tend to seek out moments and even periods of solitude, and which zodiac signs tend to avoid being alone or single… like the plague!

How does each star sign cope with being single or alone?

Are you a lone ranger, happy all by your lonesome or do you need to be half of a pair to be truly happy? Read on and find out how your star sign fares when travelling solo...

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People born under the cardinal Fire zodiac sign of Aries are incredibly outgoing and love socializing. They are lively, energetic and extremely extroverted, so they actively seek out the company of other people. When it comes to romance, there are periods in their life when they avoid committing to one partner because they’d rather enjoy the freedom that comes with being single. However, they’re always on the watch for new romantic challenges; life without them can be unbearably tedious for an Aries. Learn more about the Aries zodiac sign.


People belonging to the fixed Earth zodiac sign of Taurus are not particularly outgoing. They generally prefer spending time in the quiet of their home to socializing. At the same time, their ruler is Venus, the planet of relationships, so they rarely stay single for long periods of time. Taurus’ dream is to find a partner to commit to and enjoy life with, sealed off from the rest of the world. Learn more about the Taurus zodiac sign.


People born under the mutable Air zodiac sign of Gemini are averse to solitude. They thrive on interacting with other people. They don’t enjoy spending time alone, because being alone makes them feel lonely. They avoid committing to long-term romantic relationships, but they always make sure to be surrounded by other people – be they friends, acquaintances or potential romantic interests. Learn more about the Gemini zodiac sign.

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People born under the cardinal Water zodiac sign of Cancer are generally very fond of solitude. They tend to isolate themselves from the world for long periods of time, during which they mostly stay at home. They’re not big on going out and socializing. They like to be surrounded by people they regard as family, and getting them to let you into their life – either as a friend or as a romantic partner – can be a challenge… Learn more about the Cancer zodiac sign.


Those born under the Fire zodiac sign of Leo tend to be extroverted and extremely sociable. They don’t appreciate solitude. They prefer to be around other people, because it is in the company of others that they can express their generosity. And of course, given that their zodiac sign is associated with the passion of romantic love, they also constantly seek out new romantic adventures. For Leo, a life devoid of romance is a life devoid of meaning. Learn more about the Leo zodiac sign.


Due to their need for independence and personal space, people born under the mutable Earth zodiac sign of Virgo can be quite solitary sometimes. At the same time, though, their ruler is Mercury, the planet of communication, so they rarely isolate themselves from the world for too long. They are very selective in how they choose their friends, and tend to associate themselves with people who bring out their generous side and with whom they can share their ideas. When it comes to romance, they prefer being single to settling for a partner who doesn’t appreciate or understand them. Learn more about the Virgo zodiac sign.

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As a cardinal Air zodiac sign ruled by Venus, Libra is extremely gregarious and averse to being single. Libras need to have someone to share everything with; after all, their zodiac sign is associated with marriage and companionship. For them, being alone or single means feeling lonely. Their life is rarely devoid of relationships, romantic or otherwise. Learn more about the Libra zodiac sign.


Those born under the fixed Water zodiac sign of Scorpio tend to be very solitary. They are extremely introverted, and value their privacy and personal space immensely. They expect to be allowed time alone even when they are in a long-term committed relationship. They usually have few friends; the only people in their life are those with whom they’ve built strong bonds of trust. Learn more about the Scorpio zodiac sign.


People belonging to the mutable fiery zodiac sign of Sagittarius are not cut out for solitude. They actively seek out the company of other people, especially that of people who share their philosophical interests. Their love of freedom makes them averse to commitment, but they rarely find themselves alone. They have a broad social circle, as they love socializing and meeting new people. Learn more about the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

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People born under the cardinal Earth zodiac sign of Capricorn tend to be loners. Keeping most people at arm’s length is a conscious choice on their part. They usually value their time too much to spend it socializing with people they don’t hold in high regard. They are very careful in selecting their friends, and they expect their privacy to be respected even when they are in a committed relationship. Learn more about the Capricorn zodiac sign.


Aquarius’ mode may be fixed, but its element is Air, so Aquarius people rarely choose to be alone. They thrive on communicating and discussing their ideas with other people. They have a rich social life, and always seek to be surrounded by friends and likeminded people. When it comes to romance, though, they value their freedom and independence too much to commit to a long-term relationship. Learn more about the Aquarius zodiac sign.


People born under the mutable Water zodiac sign of Pisces may occasionally seek out periods of solitude, but these usually don’t last long. Pisces generally prefer companionship to isolation. They are compassionate and cannot live without taking care of or offering their help to other people. They usually enjoy the company of others and tend to become emotionally attached to those around them. They only seek out solitude when they’re going through a period of artistic inspiration. Learn more about the Pisces zodiac sign.

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