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The Zodiac Signs and Unrequited Love

The Zodiac Signs and Unrequited Love

We’ve all been there… Unrequited love can be a challenge to deal with. So, how does each zodiac sign deal with it? Which signs find it easy to move on with their lives, and which ones persist in the hopes of eventually getting what they want? Here’s the Horoscope Friends take on the zodiac signs and unrequited love.

How each star sign deals with love when it is one-sided... 

How do the star signs deal with unrequited love? Which zodiac signs cry into their pillow and which put on a brave face? Which star signs see rejection as a mere temporary setback and which give up at the first hurdle? Let's have a look at one-sided love from an astrological perspective, star sign by star sign...


Aries’ ego is too big for them to accept defeat. When the feelings are not mutual, they refuse to admit it even to themselves! When they want something, they fight for it, so if they fall in love with someone who doesn’t love them back, they’ll do everything in their power to win their heart. If their efforts don’t pay off, they’ll pretend to move on with their life and start seeing other people… until they come back asking for more!


Taurus is not one to give up easily. They are famously tenacious! When their feelings are not reciprocated, they try to figure out where they’re going wrong. They also get insecure, so they renew their subscription to the gym and generally work on improving their looks in the hopes of eventually turning the tide in their favor. If, despite their best efforts, things don’t change for the better, they’ll sooner or later come to terms with it and turn over a new leaf in their love life.

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“We can’t have everyone we want!”: Gemini is too carefree to let an unrequited love get them down. They go about romance in a light-hearted way and don’t get hung up on anyone for too long. If the feelings are not mutual, they won’t let it get to their heart – they’ll deal with it with a sense of humor! Besides, their flirtatious temperament practically guarantees that they’ll find someone else in no time!


Cancer finds it hard to get past the pain of unrequited love. When they fall in love with someone who doesn’t love them back, they get very dramatic about it. They’re overcome with insecurity and lose themselves in the memories of their past failed romances, crying again and again over the scars their exes left them with. They take unrequited love as proof that they are incapable of loving, unworthy of being loved… or both!


Can a King or Queen’s feelings ever go unrequited? They sure can. And when they do, it feels to them like a punch in the gut... Coming to grips with unrequited love can be a real challenge for Leo. When their feelings are not reciprocated, they are overcome with sadness and frustration, and take it out on everyone around them. Add to that their tendency to exaggerate their feelings, and you get the whole picture. None of that means they lay down their arms, though! They don’t accept defeat easily; they’ll keep trying and trying until things go their way!

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Virgo is too reasonable and pragmatic in their thinking to let an unrequited love get them down. They know that they can’t have everyone they want, and that things can’t always go their way. If the person they’ve fallen in love with doesn’t return their feelings, they will contemplate the situation calmly, and eventually reach the conclusion that there’s no point in investing any more time or energy in it.


Libra is a very skilled flirt (this is, after all, the zodiac sign of relationships) and knows how to use their smarts to their romantic advantage, so seeing their romantic efforts miss the mark can throw them off-kilter. Their disillusionment usually doesn’t last long, though; they can’t live without love, so they rarely put all their eggs in one basket. They generally try to keep their options open, so when their feelings are not reciprocated, they quickly turn their attention to someone else.


When Scorpio sets their eyes on someone, nothing can stand in their way! They don’t take “no” for an answer. If the person they’ve fallen in love with doesn’t return their romantic interest, their feelings will grow deeper and their resolve greater – they’ll do whatever it takes to win their heart! They’ll use all sorts of mischievous tricks – the all-time classic trick of jealousy being chief among them – to lure the object of their desire into their arms, and chances are that they’ll eventually succeed, even if only temporarily.

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Sagittarius loves themselves a good challenge – the more demanding the challenge, the better! They’d rather fight for what they want than have it served on a plate. So they don’t take it to heart when their romantic overtures fail to hit the mark; they change tactics and take another shot (all puns intended!). If the person they’ve set their eyes on remains unyielding to their charms, they will quickly lose interest and move on to the next – you guessed right – target!


Capricorn is a strong-willed realist. They know nothing worthwhile comes easy, so they’re always prepared to move heaven and earth to get what they want. They rarely give up without a fight, so when their interest is not reciprocated, they don’t get disheartened. If they think that the object of their desire is worth pursuing further, they will persist until they turn the tide! And seeing as they have a plan for every… contingency and never leave things to luck, their efforts, more often than not, eventually pay off.

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Love is a game, and it can’t be fun unless both parties are in it wholeheartedly – few signs know that better than Aquarius! When their romantic feelings go unrequited, they are soon replaced with feelings of friendship… and all is well that ends well! They are not ones to get emotionally hung up on people who don’t return their feelings or let a romantic disappointment take the wind out of their sails. Life goes on!


Pisces lives in a dream world. When they fall in love with someone who doesn’t love them back, they see things as they would like them to be rather than as they are. They have a hard time accepting that their feelings are not being reciprocated, so they convince themselves there’s a happy ending awaiting them at the end of the rainbow! There’s no point in trying to wake them up to reality; they’ll keep telling themselves that “no” means “yes” until they fall for someone else.

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