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The zodiac signs that give TOO much

The zodiac signs that give TOO much

Generosity in love only comes natural for some zodiac signs. Giving and being romantically devoted is what makes them truly happy. Some zodiac signs are always willing to show love and affection in any way possible, putting their own needs secondary to the needs of their partner. They put a lot of effort into the relationship and allow themselves to get lost in the best way in their love.

These signs are always the ones who care more in the relationship. Even when their bigheartedness comes at the expense of their own personal needs and wants, they're not concerned. They simply couldn't live with themselves otherwise.

But investing and giving too much in a relationship can lead to problems in a relationship. In every healthy relationship, boundaries are necessary. When you're so romantically devoted others can take you for granted or you are most likely to get taken advantage of in a relationship.

Overly generous partners could also make you uncomfortable. Have you ever had a partner that gave just a bit more than you were comfortable to receive? Well, let’s take a look at the absolute worst signs when it comes to that. Or the best, depending on how you see it.


Although Leos are known for their incessant need to be the center of attention, Leos love to give. As a fire sign, generosity runs deep with Leos and their big hearts make it easy for them to give as much as possible. 

My queen should always have the best. I booked first class and the wedding suite. Yes I know we started dating two months ago and you need to pay rent. I’m paying. You feel uncomfortable with this? I don’t care. I know best. What do you mean we’re breaking up? You can’t do that! I just introduced you to my friends. They’ll all laugh.


As a Water sign, the sign of Cancer is most in-tune with their feelings. They are highly sympathetic and let their emotions rule their decisions. With a heart that's always open, Cancer will find a way to be there for you.

You can have my spot on the Titanic raft. I’ll just drown knowing I’ve loved you with all my heart. It will be the best way to go! You can have everything I own. Please have it. I’m not drowning until you say you will. HAVE ALL MY THINGS! I LOVE YOU! I LOV-


Virgos are especially gifted at fixing things. They just want to make the world a better (perfect) place. That need for perfection extends to you, even more so than it does for themselves. They'll revitalize your world before you even have the chance to ask for help.

“No! Don’t go shopping without me. I need to be there to pick th –pay, I mean pay, for the things. I’m getting you the blue shoes we saw. What do you mean you don’t like them? You can’t NOT wear my gift. Plus all the shoes you pick are uncomfortable these are good shoes for standing.”


Libra is the most peaceful and soft-hearted sign. Nothing makes a Libra happier than seeing everyone living their best life! With an intuitive understanding of people's hearts, they know exactly what someone needs.

“Yes honey, I’m at the store! I’m buying you a new dress and that lipstick you liked. What’s the color? I need to find that. What do you mean why? We’re going to my boss’ BBQ. My girlfriend needs to look perfect. Have you booked a manicure appointment or should I? Never mind, I will. I heard Bob’s girlfriend goes to a better salon. “


Pisces is the most selfless sign. As a water sign, it is ruled by emotion and intuition. Generosity in love is completely natural to them and they are not afraid to show you how wanted you are by them.

Hm…I need to show her my love in a way that doesn’t involve words. “HERE! I gathered 500 roses from countless gardens. Yes, I know my car’s broken. I walked. Yes, I got bit by a dog. We can’t meet up tonight? BUT WHY? I HAVE to give them to you. O.K. Fine. I’ll drown in my misery then…But I still adore you.”

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