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They say the star signs have changed

They say the star signs have changed

They say, there is a new star sign, Ophiuchus and that the star signs changed and so did your horoscope. They say, the signs are now 13. Sorry, NASA, we beg to differ!

What Is the Ophiuchus Sign?

By now you’ve probably seen a multitude of articles claiming your star sign has changed, because of NASA’s announcement regarding the existence of another star sign, Ophiuchus (aka the serpent bearer). And with it your birth chart and also your horoscope and pretty much everything else around astrology as you experience it. So, now, we have 13 star signs, they say. Most sites also claim you’ve been reading a different horoscope from the one you should have, your whole life and that astrology as we know it is all off! While it’s fascinating that NASA took the time to look into the subject the truth couldn’t lie further from the claim.

Ophiuchus is old news for astrologers

Of course the existence of Ophiuchus is actually old news to not only astrologers but also many fans of astrology world-wide. The serpent bearer tends to resurface every few years as a ‘breaking story’ that somehow proves astrology’s ‘all lies’. Astrologers, however, are not only aware of the existence of Ophiuchus but also of a change in the earth’s axis of rotation (the equinoxes’ progression) which translates to the constellations not corresponding with the signs as they used to. They are also aware of the fact that Ophiuchus does happen to be on the same path, the ecliptic, where the 12 star signs reside and through which the planets seem to pass. Along that path however one may find another, constellation: the Whale aka Cetus. So, breaking news then: The signs have changed… again! Now they’re 14! But does Cetus affect your horoscope in any way? Well, no. And neither should Ophiuchius.

Why Ophiuchus doesn't change your sign

Let's see just why Ophiuchus doesn't change your sign or your daily horoscope, contrary to popular belief.The twelve signs in the zodiac cycle are but a way for astrologers to keep track of where everything is situated; a map, if you’d like, of how we view the sky from where we’re standing. It’s not the name of the constellation that matters but what’s moving or resting in the area assigned to it. You see, astrologers didn’t wake up one random day (a long, long time ago) and decide that these would be the characteristics and traits of the 12 signs.  In fact all astrological claims are based on observation and data gathered, examined and compared by generation after generation of astrologers, over thousands of years, tying the changes we see in the human psyche to planetary activity. Now if someone just adds one more sign without recalculating everything and re-documenting changes in the human behaviour and so on and so forth, while Sagittarians would only wake up to the name of their sign changed - read the character traits assigned to Ophiuchus (29th November to 17th December) and you’ll find you’re actually dealing with a Sagittarius personality – a lot of the other signs are now given characteristics that just aren’t theirs. And there goes our accuracy. Go ask a Capricorn to leave his job on a day’s notice and travel around the world with you – which he’ll definitely love, according to some sites, since he’s now, for sure, a Sagittarius - and see what happens!

Astrology and scientists

The most common mistake scientists and ‘non-believers’ make when referring to astrology is to portray it as a sort of poetic astronomy which has nothing to do with real data or accuracy. In fact, the kind of information you get from your horoscope is the result of astronomy, yes, but also tradition, psychology, philosophy and sociology combined. Focus on just the astronomical side of it or try to apply dry logic to astrology taking out the philosophy, psychology etc. and that’s when you end up with some arbitrary ‘insights’. And of course we don’t appreciate ‘arbitrary’ anything when it comes to our own form of very calculated art – which is what we consider astrology to be - we appreciate accuracy instead.

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