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Think twice before hurting these signs – they NEVER forget

Think twice before hurting these signs – they NEVER forget

You have been warned: You don’t want to hurt these zodiac signs. If you ever do hurt them and happen to run into them no matter how many AGES have passed make sure you duck and hide. Or stick around to listen and wish you were deaf. Up to you!


NEVER forgets. Also, punishes. After years, he’ll come back to get his revenge. He’ll be on his pension and still think of how he’s going to get back at you for that thing you did. Don’t remember what it even was? Ask him.

OR DON’T. We wouldn’t. And if you run into him, be a chameleon. Be one with the wall. If he’s holding something behind his back, RUN. It’s not flowers.


Most probably would forget, just like a boss would forget an employee who quit. He would forget, but you tried to take his place as boss.  You tried to be the one in charge. How DARE you? He’ll never forget – he needs to remember so that he can come back and remind you of YOUR PLACE. If you ever run into him, run. He’ll try to make a public scene. Others need to know what your place is as well.

What his place is, really.

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As a child, he wanted to be a history teacher - still does. History, because he remembers what he wore on his first day at kindergarten and just how badly you hurt him on a cold September morning, a Friday, in 2008. Teacher, because HE NEEDS TO TEACH YOU HOW TO LOVE, you soulless, bad, bad person. He would have given you his place on the wooden board and gone down with the ship and the iceberg.

Ran into him and not in the mood for a trip down memory lane? Be the iceberg.

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How can he come back and criticize you for every little flow if he can’t remember them all? He remembers that cryptic text of yours from 5 years ago, when you were at your grandpa’s birthday and too drunk to be anything but cryptic. You’ll run into him and start hearing all about how that friend of your distant cousin, who you don’t remember, was throwing weird glances your way when he came to pick you up.

Also your hair looked weird that day. And blue isn’t your color. That’s what you were wearing. And you suck.

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