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Three Things you need to know about Zodiac Sign Cancer

Three Things you need to know about Zodiac Sign Cancer

Horoscope Friends presents 3 things that astrology, leastways our-tongue-in-cheek interpretation of it, recommends that you need to know about the ‘Care Bear’ of the zodiac, Cancer. 

Can a zodiac sign really be that nice?

Cancer people are the sympathy sinkholes down which most of us fall at one time or another, like when we’re feeling low and in need of a cuddle and a feed. They usually have kitchen cupboards that are creaking under the weight of their contents and, it’s fair to say, a sympathetic ear. But any more than any other sign? That’s debatable. They’re not above tuning out by thinking about the next lovely thing that’s going to hit their stomach when their friends and family are endlessly banging on about this woe and that woe. Mentally, they swing from meal to meal like Tarzan on the vine. Then there’s sex. If they can’t get sex, they eat. Let’s also not forget that many zodiac sign Cancer people have a planet or two in their neighbouring sign of Gemini, and so they must be forgiven for an attention span as short as Tinker Bell’s wand. Likewise with their other neighbouring sign, Leo, and Cancer can give this sign a run for its money in the bossy stakes! Matriarchal-type battles can flair up between these two!

They laugh inappropriately 

Cancer has a wicked sense of humor. Literally. They’re the first one to laugh when they’re not supposed to, like when somebody blurts out some bad news with a quivering lip. Perhaps this stems from their nervousness or stifling so much other stuff because they don’t wish to offend that it’s bound to seep out somewhere along the line! Cancer rules the stomach in the zodiac map of the body and these people need to have a belly laugh as often as possible, so we must learn to forgive them for smirking, joking about, or laughing in our face when we tell them that our doggie just died. Their sense of humor can also be dry and a bit weird for some palates. This can make them difficult to get to know, and if one or both of your new partner’s parents happen to be born under this sign, well, all we can say is good luck! 

They’re up and down like yo-yos 

Sometimes they’re all there, like the full moon, their ruling planet. Other times it’s only a sliver of them that we’re privy to, or it’s a total eclipse!  When this happens you get a bank stare that contains absolutely no clue as to what they’re thinking or feeling. Also remember that they’re colossal worriers, so it’s not moodiness for the sake of it. They devour worries like the Cookie Monster devours cookies. Some might say that they’re not happy if the cookie jar is empty because they need to be fretting and fussing over a family member, or in a state of unrest if they suspect that waffle maker wasn’t properly cleaned by the last person that used it, or that they could have saved a few cents had they trawled a few more stores. Cancer has many long dark nights of the soul, because they have such amazing imaginations, and when they go quiet, they’re going places that you couldn’t possibly imagine. Unless you’re Cancer too of course!

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