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Three things you should know about Gemini

Three things you should know about Gemini

Horoscope Friends presents three things astrology says that you need to know about the most multi-faceted, changeable and curious sign of the zodiac. And because they like a laugh and are astonishingly self-aware, we’ve kept this one as light and fluffy as they are! The sun has always got his hat on when he’s in the fun sign of Gemini, as to which hat it is, well that’s anybody’s guess! You can check out your Sun in Gemini horoscope  and how to make the most of it before you go on.

Why stop at two faces?

They’ve got more faces than Mount Rushmore! These people are so multi-everything that they’re social quicksilver and, as a friend to one, you might not recognize their ‘face’ or persona when you check out their Facebook profile and get the full 360! Does this make them many-faced? No! It just means that they’re clever enough to work out that you have to be many different people to get on in this world. It’s no coincidence that Gemini people are often to be found at the top of the greasy pole nonchalantly filing their nails and not appearing to be clinging on one little bit because they make it all look so effortless. But don’t underestimate them. TV and media jobs attract them like seagulls around a dropped sausage because they know how to oil the media machine and have a nose for the next big story. They aren’t interested in old news – at work or at home!

They’d flirt with a corpse!

Despite being rabid flirts, you tend to find that once they hit upon and settle down with their “cosmic twin “ this rarely progresses to anything sordid or duplicitous. But this never leaves them. It’s all about the thrill of the chase and they quickly move on to their next ‘conquest’, like dinner and a movie. Variety is their greatest love. They feed off of making mental connections, and even though some might say that this is a kind of cheating, they probably won’t even pay it all that much thought once the moment has passed, while the other person has been made to feel like the most interesting person in the world. Gemini Donald Trump, says whatever comes into his head at the time with no real thought to its ramifications. We all completely regenerate at a cellular level every few years, so none of us are who were ten years ago, quite literally, but if you can cope with a partner that doesn’t know who they were ten minutes ago, then you’ve a witty and entertaining friend for life. 

Peter Pan was a Gemini...

Age is no barrier to Gemini. They’re the ones at Shady Pines with the glittery souped-up Greased Lightning walkers, playing footsie with their carers or with one of those fidget spinners (Gemini rules the hands!) or latest must-have gadget. Staying ahead of the fashion curve doesn’t furrow their normally smooth brows either because they usually have clothes lying about from the first time they were chic. Gemini Joan Collins is definitely a graduate from the ‘you can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old!’ school of thought. Geminis aren’t above stretching the truth like a surgeon stretches a face when it’s lifted, just to make the story more exciting. Exaggeration exercises their brains. Gemini Johnny Depp, also has that anti-wrinkle gene, yet there’s something else that radiates from within them that also keeps them youthful and their minds sharp, fueled by their knowing a little about a lot of stuff. Maybe it’s their light-as-sorbet attitude to life and not allowing stodgy attitudes or too much baggage weigh them down that keeps them ever youthful. A great many of them are blessed with rude health – perhaps because of what Plato said: healthy mind, healthy body. Or is it the other way around? Best ask a Gemini!

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