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Tips and tricks to calm down each Star Sign

Tips and tricks to calm down each Star Sign

This is the ultimate astrology guide on how to calm down the star signs when feeling stressed and anxious, or even when they don't know how to handle an argument. We all get upset from time to time. When this happens, hearing the right words can work wonders in helping us regain our cool. Each zodiac sign needs to hear different things to calm down when it’s in distress or worried about something. Read the best ways to de-stress and calm down each zodiac sign. 

4 things to say for a calming effect

Some people seem always to be mad at something. Some get easily upset. They all need help to chill out. Here are 4 phrases you can use to calm down each of the 12 zodiac signs. Trust us, it works...



  1. “Come on, don’t let it get you down! Wanna go bungee jumping?”: Aries is as quick to regain their cool as they are to lose it. All you have to do to calm them down is suggest doing something fun together.
  2. “There’s no point in crying over spilt milk. Let’s move on!”: It’s a well-known fact that Aries doesn’t have the patience to dwell on things. Tell them to move on, and they will.
  3. “You’re right”: If an Aries is angry with you, this phrase will keep you both from adding fuel to the fire.
  4. If none of these works, stay silent for 5 minutes. It will take no longer than that for them to calm down.

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  1. “I agree”: Taurus is notorious for their stubbornness. If you stop challenging them on what they’re saying, chances are they’ll calm down within a matter of minutes.
  2. “Be patient!”: Remind them that their greatest strength is their patience.
  3. “I’ll go cook [insert their favorite food]”: This phrase works wonders with Taurus.
  4. If none of these works, leave them alone for a couple of hours – or a couple of weeks. Taurus doesn’t get easily upset, but when they do get upset, it can test your own patience.

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  1. “You’re too intelligent to be wasting time thinking about this”: No matter what “this” refers to, this phrase is bound to appease any Gemini.
  2. “Have you heard about Tom’s divorce?”: Distract them with gossip.
  3. “Let’s go check out this new place that’s all the rage, you can tell me all about it on our way there!”: Distract them with information that’s new to them.
  4. If none of these works, resort to dialogue. It may take hours, but eventually they will get bored and calm down.


  1. “I can’t blame you for feeling this way”: Cancer often feels like no-one understands them, so this phrase can instantly make them feel better.
  2. “Let’s order a pizza! I’m hungry”: Distract them with food; it’s their favorite… sedative!
  3. “What matters the most is that you have people in your life who love you”: You can’t go wrong with appealing to a Cancer’s emotion.
  4. If none of these works, just hug and caress them. Perhaps that’s what you should have done from the start.

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  1. “Cheer up! You deserve all the best!”: If you pay a Leo a compliment, they will instantly feel better.
  2. “I’m sorry”: If a Leo is angry with you, apologizing to them will bring out their generosity.
  3. “You’re above all this”: Remind them of their superiority.
  4. “You’re glowing today!”: The ace in your sleeve! Save the best for last.


  1. “Relax, take it easy!”: This phrase can go a long way toward calming a Virgo down.
  2. “You’re very reasonable about this – way more reasonable than most people would be”: Telling an angry Virgo they’re reasonable is like telling them they’re right to be angry while also commending them for their (alleged) ability to think rationally. You’ll kill two birds with one stone!
  3. “Take deep breaths!”: If things get out of hand, tell them to take a few deep breaths (but make sure you keep a straight face – unless you want to lose your head). When a Virgo loses it, they lose it big time. Breathing deeply sends oxygen to the brain, so it can have a calming effect on them.
  4. If none of these works, let them vent their spleen and get it all out of their system. Fill any potential pauses with “you’re right”.


  1. “Spare me, I’m angry enough as it is!”: Libra is averse to conflict and tension, so if you pretend to be angry yourself, they will cool off for fear of things getting out of hand.
  2. “That’s a fair way to look at it”: “Justice”, “just”, “fairness” and “fair” are all key words when trying to calm down a Libra.
  3. “Relax. Let’s talk about it. We’ll work something out”: Resort to dialogue. Use a calm tone of voice and soothing words; it appeals to their need for harmony and balance.
  4. “You don’t have to make a decision right now”: In case they’re angry because of their indecisiveness…

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  1. “Can I be honest with you?”: Speak your mind. Be honest about what you think. Scorpio appreciates honesty; they’ll know if you’re lying.
  2. “You know how to handle situations like this. If you take a step back, you will realize that it all hinges on you”: Scorpio needs to feel like they’re in control.
  3. “It would be reasonable to say that [insert a logically sound argument]”: Scorpio is prone to paranoid thinking, so appealing to reason will help keep them grounded in reality.
  4. Generally speaking, you’d do well to avoid irritating a Scorpio, because they’ll never forget it. And when they’re angry with someone else, avoid pressing their buttons at all costs.


  1. “Look on the bright side”: Remind them that every cloud has a silver lining.
  2. “Don’t get hung up on details. Focus on the big picture”: This phrase is bound to have a liberating effect on any Sagittarius.
  3. “It will all pan out in the end. Doesn’t it always?”: You can’t go wrong with appealing to a Sagittarius’ optimism.
  4. If none of these works, let them leave; when they calm down, they’ll come back in high spirits.


  1. “Look, you may have a point, but [list a series of cause-and-effect arguments]”: Encourage them to approach their problem in a logical, practical manner; a Capricorn always appreciates that.
  2. “Forgive her/him; nobody’s perfect”: These words will make them feel like they have the upper hand, while also indirectly belittling the person who irritated them.
  3. “If things can go right, they’ll go wrong”: Capricorn loves a good cynical joke.
  4. If none of these works, say something emotional; it will melt their heart – or make them freeze. Either way, it should do the job.

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  1. “Don’t waste your time thinking about such trivial matters; the world is going through cataclysmic changes”: Help an Aquarius put the problem into perspective by setting it against global issues.
  2. “I know how you feel. I remember back in 2006, when George W. Bush was president…”: Make the conversation about politics.
  3. Avoid the imperative. Phrases like “don’t be mad”, etc., are bound to prove counterproductive.
  4. You don’t have to make sense. Say random things and, before you know it, they’ll cool off.


  1. “I think you got it wrong. That’s not how things went down!”: Disorient and confuse them.
  2. “Have you listened to this new song? Tell me what you think”: Music is guaranteed to have a calming effect on Pisces.
  3. “As long as we love each other, nothing else matters. This too shall pass”: Pisces is so sentimental that the mere mention of the word “love” can melt their heart.
  4. “It’s not easy for everyone to understand how sensitive you are!”: Show understanding and empathy. You can’t go wrong with appealing to a Pisces’ sympathetic nature.
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