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Do You Have Good Taste? Let’s See What Venus Has To Say!

Do You Have Good Taste? Let’s See What Venus Has To Say!

Each person has their own taste. In some cases, it is refined; in other cases, it is extravagant; and in some other cases, it is… hideous. Planet Venus has a lot to say about that!

Obviously, “good taste” is difficult to define in an objective manner, but the way we define it plays an important part in our life, as it influences the way we view other people, as well as our relationships with them.

Venus’ placement in your birth chart and personal taste

From an astrological point of view, the planet that is traditionally associated with aesthetics is Venus. Even though it is not related to progress in civilisation and culture, the planet of the goddess of beauty is the astrological symbol of sophistication, elegance and refined style. It reflects the evolution of our personal taste and preferences. Venus represents that part of our personality which has to do with our pursuit of beauty, with the things we appreciate in life, and with our definition of pleasure and fun. It doesn’t reflect the more fundamental aspects of our personality, such as our life purpose or our ethos, but that doesn’t make it any less important, as it is associated with pleasure, the fulfilment of our material needs, and self-esteem

The planetary aspects between Venus and the other planets in astrology – particularly the “collective” ones (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto) – in your birth chart shed light on our personal aesthetics, the things we appreciate in life, and the kind of style we adopt. And, of course, they also mirror and determine (alongside other factors) the type of relationships (romantic or otherwise) that we are attracted to. Venus can be likened to the profiles posted on social media and dating sites: “I listen to pop music, I enjoy fishing and gardening, I like football, but I hate basketball”.

1. Venus’ Key Astrological Aspects:

Venus and Jupiter

People who have an important aspect between Venus and Jupiter in their birth chart can be said to be pleasure seekers. They subscribe to a philosophy of life that values sensual gratification and luxury. They are masters at the art of having fun and living in style, but they run the risk of becoming addicted to the pursuit of pleasure, which might make them unable to enjoy other aspects of life. They also seek to be popular and the centre of a large social circle – and they usually succeed in becoming so. Thanks to their innate charm and friendliness, they win the hearts and admiration of those around them.

Venus and Saturn

People who have an important aspect between Venus and Saturn in their birth chart tend to refrain from the pursuit of pleasure. This is not to say that they lead a life deprived of love, friendship and joy; it rather means that they are relatively reserved when it comes to relationships and the material aspect of life. They tend to have a poised and charming – if somewhat restrained – disposition. Because Saturn is demanding and hard to please, these people may develop a very refined aesthetic sense, in which case they run the risk of becoming snobs. Alternatively, they may have difficulty finding pleasure in the activities they engage in, be unable to have fun without feeling guilty or be prone to melancholy.

Venus and Uranus

People who have an important aspect between Venus and Uranus in their birth chart love to experiment, to push the envelope and to defy established norms. They are bold, youthful and creative in all aspects of life. They set new linguistic, behavioural and fashion trends. They are not immune to missteps, but they find going with the flow meaningless and tedious. When they succeed in channelling their creativity and ingenuity into those areas of life (such as love) that are associated with aesthetics, they achieve greatness.

Venus and Pluto

People who have an important aspect between Venus and Pluto in their birth chart are rarely given to light-heartedness. Their desires and the way in which they handle their relationships are characterised by intensity, profoundness and occasionally by a tendency towards possessiveness and control. They are very passionate in their feelings about other people and they expect those around them to accept, if not share, these feelings. The Venus/Pluto aspect in their birth chart permeates all the Venus-related areas of their life; they may be possessive not only in their relationships, but also when it comes to objects and sources of pleasure.

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2. Venus in the Star Signs:

Venus in Aries

People with Venus in Aries in their birth chart are usually attracted to all things new and trendy, but their enthusiasm wears off quickly; it usually doesn’t take them long to get bored and move on to the next shiny thing. They are constantly in pursuit of new sources of passion and inspiration that are characterised by innovation and originality. In return, they make the lives of those around them just as interesting. 

Venus in Taurus

When placed in the first star sign she rules, the goddess of beauty seeks an environment that imparts a pleasant sense of warmth. People with Venus in Taurus in their birth chart usually possess not only the creativity, but also the dexterity, the patience and the persistence it takes to create the tasteful environment they want to live in. They are fond of the good life, sensual pleasures and material comforts.

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Venus in Gemini

People with Venus in Gemini in their birth chart like to explore the diversity of life by communicating and exchanging ideas with others. They enjoy the feeling of being part of a large social circle and use their connections to navigate life more effectively. They are drawn to what is novel, original, or even eccentric. At the same time, they tend to change their mind about what is beautiful or functional very easily. 

Venus in Cancer

This Venus placement indicates an attraction to family life and tradition. People with Venus in Cancer in their birth chart tend to favour a low-profile, tender romanticism that emphasises the human factor. This also shapes their preferences regarding their leisure time. They seek a sense of continuity in their activities and prefer the kind of beauty that stems from within to aesthetic perfection. 

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Venus in Leo

People with Venus in Leo in their birth chart are fond of those things and activities through which they can attract the attention of others. Similarly, they also tend to be drawn to impressive people. They want to be able to express their passion and creativity. They have a taste for the exuberant, and occasionally the downright flamboyant. They are fond of bright colours and flashy accessories, and they are indifferent to trends, as they like to stand out from the crowd.

Venus in Virgo

People with Venus in Virgo in their birth chart equate beauty with moderation. They are in constant pursuit of perfection and have a taste for the subtle, the understated, the simple and the elegant. They often have enough dexterity to translate their good taste into an environment that expresses their personality. They neither follow nor set trends, but they always keep abreast of the times.

Venus in Libra

When placed in the second star sign it rules, Venus reflects a tendency to express one’s aesthetic through their contact with others. People with Venus in Libra in their birth chart want every aspect of their life – their outward appearance, their actions, their environment, their demeanour – to be aesthetically impeccable. They place a high value on aesthetics when it comes to love, too. Good taste is the spark that keeps their interest alive. They also seek balance and harmony, both internally and externally.

Venus in Scorpio

To people born with Venus in Scorpio, beauty is meaningful and interesting only when it inspires and is inspired by passion. Their intense sensuality is evident in all aspects of their life; they are often drawn to situations that are extreme and transformative. They have a taste for the bold, as they like to make an impression. And for some inexplicable reason, what would look tasteless on anyone else looks good on them.

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Venus in Sagittarius

Given that Sagittarius is the star sign of freedom, it should come as no surprise that those born with Venus in Sagittarius defy the norms of the majority when it comes to aesthetics, too. These people refuse to conform to conventions, as they value nothing above feeling comfortable and at ease. They are not really known for their refined aesthetic sense, but they make up for it by expressing their personality in a way that is authentic and joyful. 

Venus in Capricorn

When placed in Capricorn, a relatively strict star sign, Venus seeks to impress in a way that is tactful, but also commanding. People with Venus in Capricorn in their birth chart do not conform to trends; they are usually drawn to what is classic and timeless. Their taste is expensive and somewhat conservative. They want every aspect of their life to look impeccable because they perceive aesthetics as a means of proving their social status.

Venus in Aquarius

This Venus placement is identified with innovation, revolutionary aesthetics, and the emergence of new trends. Those born with Venus in Aquarius use aesthetics as a means of publicly stating who they are and what they stand for. Not only do they refuse to conform to the taste and preferences of the majority, but they occasionally also seek to provoke. In a way, they can be seen themselves as works of avant-garde art. 

Venus in Pisces

When placed in Pisces, Venus reflects an aesthetic that merges the world of reality with the world of imagination. People with Venus in Pisces in their birth chart are usually endowed with an extremely creative spirit, which allows them to express the depths of their emotional world through their personal style, the decoration of their home, and their overall demeanour. They do not keep in touch with trends, but they often set new ones, as they usually come up with very inspiring ideas.   

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