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What choosing the right gemstone can do for you!

What choosing the right gemstone can do for you!

You don’t need to have made this year’s Sunday Times Rich List to afford your astro bling, well maybe with the possible exception of Aries.

Next time you’re shopping for some sparkle and dropping some heavy hints to your loved one, consider the gemstone based on your sun sign, as opposed to the birthstone that corresponds to the month that you were born.

So check out your Sun Sign gemstone Below

These gemstones are said to more accurately reflect your character and wearing them well should render you well in every respect!
Aries: Diamond
You demand the best, and diamonds are just about as bling as you can get, and the most obviously showy and glamorous. This gemstone represents many of your most dazzling traits, like courage sand strength, plus a desire to sparkle and ooze a sense of your own success and importance in the world. Diamonds are also said to enhance sexual stamina. They don’t come cheap unfortunately, but your healthy self-esteem tells you that you’re worth it! Check also the Aries personality.
Taurus: Emerald
Your sign rules all that is lush and green about our planet, which is perhaps one of the reasons your gemstone is emerald. Material comfort is a consideration that is very close to your heart, and the emerald endows you with the power to attract lots of material wealth or other forms of abundance into your life. They are thought to purge the mind of clutter, and it’s also the gemstone of socialising and generosity, and when you’re operating at your best you run rings around the rest of us in both these areas. Emeralds can also help to control your occasional forays into jealousy and suspicion. Check also the Taurus personality.
Gemini: Agate
It’s less about the bling and more about the delicate properties of agate and its brightness of colour that captures your interest. This gemstone has energetic properties, believe it or not, that stimulate your natural friendliness and sociability, and promote the forming of many social alliances. Agate helps you tune out from the hectic world you inhabit, and even get some time away from the rat race. Imbuing your relationships with greater consistency, and bringing you perspective on days when you feel like you’re living the lives of a hundred people also form part of its power. Check also the Gemini personality.
Cancer: Pearl
Yours is pearl, a gemstone that has romantic and watery origins that kind of suit your imaginative nature. Pearl stands for protection and the maternal instinct, as well as promising a long and happy marriage, helped along by domestic harmony and fertility. The various shades and colours of pearls reflect the shifting moods of your sign and the phases of the moon, your ruling planet. All of the above contributes to your spiritual as well as emotional comfort. Check also the Cancer personality.
Leo: Ruby
You’re a noble force for good in the zodiac and so is the gemstone that’s associated with your sign: the ruby. This rich, red stone suits your fiery Leo temperament to a T, and ruby brings both physical protection and spiritual strength to you, as well as inviting wealth and stimulating a healthy balance of power. Rubies promote domestic and personal well-being by warding off confrontation, and protecting the body from disease, so you should be less stressed and healthier as a result of picking out one if these gemstones. Check also the Leo personality.
Virgo: Sardonyx
Sardonyx stands for clarity of thought and a positive state of mind. This gemstone is reputed to be the protector of health, and is to be found in a variety of colours, reflecting your multi-faceted nature. Sardonyx can help you be less solitary in your outlook and more accepting of the need to join forces with other people, or not be so emotionally remote. Self-control is another of its virtues, as is attracting people into your life with standards that are as exacting as your own. Check also the Virgo personality.
Libra: Sapphire
Sapphire is one of the most beautiful and most coveted gemstones, and considering you’re the sign of unadulterated loveliness, it’s a match made in heaven.  Its calming energy fits with your general temperament, and it’s said to equip you with an enhanced perception of others, making you an even greater arbiter, striving for all that is peaceable and pleasurable in life. The sapphire also stands for faithfulness, rationality and balance, giving you a strategic edge in any discussion. It has the power to clear the mind of an information overload. Check also the Libra personality.
Scorpio: Opal
Yourliking for the mysterious is reflected in the opal. Its rejuvenating and beauty-enhancing powers are prized, and this is the gemstone of the mystic, aiding transformation at a core level, which is what your sign strives for in life. Wearing opal unlocks untapped potential and those often talked about Scorpionic hidden depths, enhancing your inherent psychic and intuitive senses. Historically, opal is a valued and revered gemstone that stands for wealth and personal magnetism, and this is you all over! Check also the Scorpio personality.
Sagittarius: Topaz
This gemstone is right for you because it contains forward-looking properties that hint at prophecy. Positive thinking and taking control of situations rather than springing away at the first sniff of trouble is another of its life-enhancing qualities. It also has healing powers that relieve ailments such as arthritis, rheumatism and drains on the immune system. Self-belief is bolstered, and Topaz sets the windmills of your mind turning, resulting in greater co-operation between the intellect and your more animalistic instincts. Check also the Sagittarius personality.
Capricorn: Amethyst
Like Old Father Time you’resomehow always more aware of the sand slipping through the hourglass.Amethysthelps you tune into the changing of the seasons without counting the days so much, aligning you to the cycles of life and grounding you in the process. It also has the ability to relieve hangovers and alcoholism, and this reflects your sober side, and perhaps the fact that the sun visits your sign for both Christmas and New Year’s Eve! Check also the Capricorn personality.
Aquarius: Aquamarine
Aquamarine’s properties give life to your visionary senses and, some believe, your psychic powers. But this stone also stands for the rebelliousness of Uranus, your ruler. The protective powers of Aquamarine can also keep you out of harm’s way as you amble through life in your own little bubble. Its name derives from the Latin ‘water of the oceans,’ and Aquamarine helps you dive right into the sea of the collective unconscious. Check also the Aquarius personality.
Pisces: Moonstone
These gemstones are quietly understated, just like you. They have a spiritual quality and are like a soothing, calming balm for your emotions. As well as improving your own life, Moonstone pours oil on troubled waters, heals rifts with the people in your life, and brings inner peace and a practical understanding of the need for a healthy mind to live in a healthy body. Check also the Pisces personality.
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