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What do men want from women, based on their zodiac sign?

What do men want from women, based on their zodiac sign?

What is it men are looking for in women? What do they like about them? Keep on reading to find out what type of woman they are actually attracted to, based on their zodiac sign.

First, let's take a look at today's women. Nowadays, women are independent, self-reliant, assertive and fearless! However, this often intimidates men, because it makes them feel like they have been stripped of their traditional role. Things are different to how they used to be; it is often women, and not men, that make the first move now.

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The Men of the Zodiac and the Women they are attracted to

The question, however, remains: What do men expect from their romantic relationships? What do they look for in a woman? Do they expect their partner to be their mother, friend, lover or…all of those things combined? Well... astrology helps us to find answers to those questions. So read on to find out what astrology reveals about the men of the zodiac.


ARIES: Enthusiasm and Confidence

The Aries man charmed by self-reliant, dynamic, goal-oriented women







The Aries man is attracted to a woman who is dynamic, assertive and confident in her skills. He likes a charming woman who has her feet firmly planted on the ground. There’s no room in his life for a woman who is insecure, indecisive or afraid to fight for what is hers. Ultimately, he wants his partner to be his equal.

Little side note: Small disagreements can make things even…hotter!

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TAURUS: Honesty and Family

The Taurus men fall for trustworthy, loyal and women who can cook well







The Taurus man is looking for a woman, who knows what she wants from her partner and their relationship. He’s not fond of secrecy; he appreciates honesty in women and prefers everything to be out in the open. He finds comfort in tradition and therefore will most likely fall for a woman, who can also be a good housewife - someone who can cook well and enjoys doing a little housework. When it comes to family matters, the taurus man is rather uncompromising, so don't even try to change that side of him ladies!

Little side note: You’ll have to be very patient with him, because he likes things to be done at his own pace. 


GEMINI: Compassion and Amusement

The Gemini men appreciate women who are warm-hearted and fun-loving







Good news! The Gemini man is not very hard to please. All he longs for is an understanding partner, who sees him as both a friend and a lover. He’s drawn to women who take care of their appearance and have a good sense of humor. He loves living life to the fullest and having fun with his partner. Unless you whine too much or put too much pressure on him, he’ll only have eyes for you.

Little side note: He gets easily bored, so don’t let him take you for granted! Let him discover you bit by bit.

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CANCER: Security and Maturity

The Cancer man in search of an amicable and unpretentious woman







The Cancer man is usually attracted to playful women who embrace their femininity. He can be rather insecure at times, so he is looking for a partner who can provide him with a sense of emotional safety and stability. The Cancer man is on the hunt for a down-to-earth woman, who is looking forward to having children and a big family. If you want to win his heart, show him that you’re there for him and let him take initiative – it will make him feel important. This is a sign who doesn’t mind being single for a while, while waiting until the perfect match joins him by his side.

Little Side Note: He is especially drawn to women who are dynamic, self-confident and able to make him feel emotionally secure.


LEO: Dynamism and Charm

The Leo men need charismatic women who are movers and shakers


The Leo man has a dominant, winning personality, so he wants his partner to be equally charming and able to earn the admiration of those around her. He’s drawn to women who are assertive, lively, sociable and successful. He wants his partner to inspire him and wants to be proud to have her by his side. He loves showering his partner with gifts, as well as knowing his generosity is appreciated.

Little side note: To avoid conflict, avoid overshadowing him or comparing him with other men. Make him feel unique!

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VIRGO: Organization and Cleanliness

 The Virgo men look for women who spoil them and make neat and orderly


Virgo men are attracted to women who are tidy, well-organized, thoughtful and tactful in public. He likes a woman who knows how to take care of herself and her household. Unless you value order and cleanliness as much as he does, your relationship is doomed to fail. If you have a healthy lifestyle, avoid drawing attention to yourself and like taking initiative in bed, you stand a very good chance of winning his heart.

Little side note: Keep a low profile. He’s not bad-tempered, but there’s a volcano inside him that’s ready to erupt at any moment.


LIBRA: Appearance and Sociability

The Libra man likes compassionate, dynamic and bon vivant women


The Libra man is looking for a woman to not just be his romantic partner, but also his friend. This zodiac sign can be compatible with most, but a Libra actually wants an understanding partner with whom he can share his troubles without fear of being judged or criticized. Libra men are generally drawn to women who like taking care of their appearance. They are looking for a woman who is independent, fond of socializing, energetic and successful in her line of work.

Little side note: He often complains that nothing gets done unless he does it. Don’t sweat it: It’s his way of asking for your attention.

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SCORPIO: Intelligence and Sexuality

The Scorpio man looks for a hot, sensual, pleasant woman


The Scorpio man is looking for a femme fatale that will only have eyes for him! Even though he’s no stranger to jealousy, he prefers a woman who doesn’t easily get jealous or puts too much pressure on him. Scorpio men tend to be possessive and usually want to know everything there is to know about their partner – despite themselves being secretive and mysterious. They are attracted to intelligent, humorous, sexy women who have an intense personality.

Little side note: Keep certain things to yourself and let him discover them bit by bit. Don’t fall into the trap of always letting him have his way.


SAGITTARIUS: Open mind and Adventure

The Sagittarius man wants a travel soulmate


The Sagittarius man is usually drawn to a woman who is just as free-spirited as him. He wants his partner to value her freedom, which means traveling as much as he does. The Sagittarius man is looking for a dynamic, independent, creative woman who avoids putting pressure on her partner. He cannot resist a woman who shares his love of adventure!

Little side note: Avoid bringing up the subject of wedding or kids to early on. Enjoy the present moment.


CAPRICORN: Ambition and Assertiveness

The Capricorn men in search of determined, enthusiastic and supportive women


The Capricorn man is into women who are assertive, self-composed and ambitious. They are workaholics, so they don’t like the idea of being with an idle woman. The Capricorn man is looking for a powerful woman with an intense personality – someone who’s dependable without being domineering. He gets easily offended, so make sure to always treat him with respect.

Little side note: Nothing escapes his attention. If you lie to him or try to fool him, he will know.

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AQUARIUS: Friendship and Freedom

The Aquarius man is attracted by perceptive, brainy, encouraging women


The Aquarius man is looking for a partner that he can be friends with. The Aquarius man is unlikely to fall for a shallow, unintelligent, humorless woman, no matter how beautiful she may be. He’s attracted to women who can keep him mentally stimulated and make him feel like he can achieve anything. If you want to win his heart, you have to respect his personal space. Treat him with love and he will return your love tenfold!

Little side note: Keep him intrigued. He loves being intellectually stimulated.


PISCES: Romance and Sensitivity

The Pisces men fall for affectionate, supportive, romantic women


The Pisces man is looking for a sweet, caring and romantic woman who’s willing to let him live in his own world. He wants a partner who can help him fight and overcome his insecurities, as he often lets them get the better of him. He’s looking for a patient, sensitive and dependable woman – someone he can rely on to help him prevail over his weaknesses.

Little side note: Avoid pointing out his flaws. Focus on pointing out his strenghts instead!

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