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What to Expect from the Star Sign you are In Love With

What to Expect from the Star Sign you are In Love With

This is experience talking! What can you expect from the star sign you are in love with? What would people tell you about their experience of having been in love with this or that star sign? Read on and find out!

Most people think they can safely tell you what you should expect from the person you’ve fallen in love with, depending on her/his star sign. It happens all the time. You meet someone; you fall in love with them; you decide to tell your friends about them; and you have barely told them the lucky person’s name (a piece of information they are unlikely to pay attention to anyway, let alone retain) when they ask, “What’s their star sign?”. And that’s when it starts. First comes a lecture on the general characteristics of said star sign: Is it generous? Is it faithful? Is it self-absorbed? Is it commitment-phobic? And then come the personal stories, along with the mandatory statements (or, better, declarations) of preference: “I would advise you to steer clear of Scorpios! Don’t you remember what happened with me and that Scorpio guy I used to date?”; “Do not repeat my mistakes! I’ve been with two Leo girls, and they were both insufferable!”; “I cannot stand Capricorns”, and so on and so forth. 

What to expect from the one that's got your heart, depending on their star sign

Long story short, your friends would have you believe they are astrology experts! They probably mean well, but why not listen to the true astrology experts instead? Horoscopefriends can tell you, in a light-hearted and even humorous way, what to expect from the person you were lucky enough (always think positive!) to fall in love with, depending on their star sign! 

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If you had got to know your Aries partner as a friend before you started dating them, you would have been impressed by their flirtatiousness and swagger – a show-off through and through. When an Aries commits to a relationship, though, they only have eyes for their partner. But, in life, nothing comes without a price: They expect an even greater level of commitment from their partner. Aries will be the centre of your attention and you will constantly be looking for intriguing alternatives to their impulsive – and occasionally somewhat self-destructive – ideas (“Let’s make a bomb! This movie makes it look easy!”), in order to keep them not only interested, but also out of trouble.


In honour of this star sign, the famous simile “as loyal as a dove” should be changed into “as loyal as a Taurus”. If a Taurus decides they want to be with you, they’ll stay by your side, come hell or high water. Of course they will expect the same of you. Your Taurus will tell everyone who’ll listen (and everyone who won’t) that you’re no longer available for weddings, parties, drinks or gatherings. Besides, socialising is expensive, as are most things in life; if you disagree, chances are your Taurus’ definition of “expensive” is quite different from yours, so prepare for battle. It wouldn’t be the first time a disagreement over financial matters has led to war.

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Gemini people have convinced themselves the whole world is besotted with them and – guess what – it works. They approach the opposite sex with self-confidence, and their subtle (or not so subtle) flirtatiousness makes them very charming. The problem is that they continue to behave this way even when they’ve stopped being single. This is something that may grate on your nerves if you’ve fallen in love with a Gemini. You shouldn’t sweat it too much, though. A barking dog never bites. They only do it to satisfy their vanity; they will always be coming back to you. You can’t control what’s going on in their head, though; even if they wanted you to know (which they don’t), they would have a hard time finding the words to describe it despite their proverbial eloquence.


If you’re dating a Cancer, you might as well start looking for a bigger flat – preferably a three-bedroom one (you know, in case you have more than one kid). They may be acting cool, but it’s only so the spectator (that’s you) doesn’t lose interest and walk out halfway through the performance. The ending is predetermined: You will get married (no, not at the Town Hall) and live happily ever after – unless, of course, you wish to breach the contract you signed when you started dating them and compensate them for the time they wasted being with you. And while we’re at it, there’s also an infidelity clause. Don’t make the mistake of cheating on your Cancer; you will spend the rest of your life apologising and making up for it, whether you’re together or not.

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Can we stop a Leo from shining? No more than we can stop the Sun from doing so. No matter how in love they are with you (the telltale sign is that they expect exclusivity from you), a Leo will always need to feel free to show off. The sooner you realise this and start acting like an enthusiastic groupie when your Leo is on stage, the better. Vanity is hard to satiate, though; if you don’t want them to go looking for compliments elsewhere, you’ll have to make sure they always feel treasured (ok, “idolised” may be more like it). 


Even though they like to think of themselves as cool-headed realists, Virgos tend to fall in love with who they think you are, as well as with themselves for being with someone as perfect as you. And when it starts to dawn on them that you are not a movie star, they try to mould you into one. So, if you’re dating a Virgo, you may win a free makeover – or end up in jail for choking them. The good thing about being in a relationship with a Virgo is that there’s an easy way out. All you have to do is start talking nonsense; they’ll think they are too sophisticated (in other words, too good) for you.

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One of the greatest unanswered questions in astrology is whether Libra was given the label of “the sign of relationships” because it won it in a draw or due to powerful connections. Libras are not the only people in the world who live for love. And they’re not experts in matters of the heart either.  In fact, they’re so filled with doubt that chances are the Libra you’re in love with is currently plucking petals from a daisy: “I love you, I love you not, I love you…” They may even bring more people into the equation, just to make the game more intriguing. They can’t stand being single, but they need time before they can decide who they want to be with. Whether that will be you or someone else remains to be seen…


Scorpios are loyal and passionate, but you know what they say: “Too much of anything can make you sick”. Their love knows no boundaries, but when something sets them off, they go on a rampage and leave nothing standing. Nothing. Nada. Rien. They bring a lot to their relationships, but they think they bring A LOT, so they expect A LOT in return. And if your Scorpio doesn’t want to break up with you (which is more than likely, considering how stubborn and persistent Scorpios can be), it won’t be easy for you to break up with them either.

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You can’t really blame Sagittarius people for who they are; they were born this way. One moment they’re here, the next they’re gone. It’s like asking what happens to the flame of a candle when it’s blown out. The fact that a Sagittarius fell in love with you doesn’t give you the right to believe you two may have a common future – you sly stalker! Words like “exclusivity” and “commitment” can send shivers down their spine. So, unless you don’t mind seeing them act like a wild animal looking for a place to hide until the storm passes, be careful about what you say in front of them. And, above all, if you want to see them again, make sure you never mention the W word (here’s a hint: it ends with “edding”).


Capricorns are too self-collected to fall in love the way everyone else does. The way they fall in love is reminiscent of prearranged marriages. If they choose to be with you, it’s because your qualifications fulfil their requirements. As long as the “should” boxes they have in their head are ticked, your relationship with them will be civilised and as calm as a summer sea – there will be no ups or downs. If you’re looking for someone to start a family with, you found them. They are conscientious, they are dependable, and they do their duty. They always do their duty. Yup, you got it right. That counts as a duty too.

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Ah, such sweet little creatures! And yet so elusive! Ever since they were told Aquarius is an Air sign, Aquarians have thought it reasonable to act accordingly. One moment they’re here, the next they’re somewhere else, turning all your expectations upside down – unpredictably and unapologetically. Did the Aquarius you’ve fallen in love with make you believe they wanted to be with you? They didn’t do it on purpose. The truth is they’re not big on intimacy; when they start to feel emotionally dependent on you or sense that your attachment to them is getting out of hand, they get claustrophobic. But if you can learn to live with their elusiveness, they will eventually teach you how to love with no strings attached – how to love them or someone else.


Pisces people are no different from Libras in their aversion to singledom. As soon as they acquire a sense of self, they start looking for their soulmate (they have a penchant for the metaphysical). If they haven’t already fallen in love at least once by the time they go to kindergarten, it is cause for surprise. They search for “the one” and they will experiment as much as it takes until they find her/him. However, when their relationships go sour, it’s hardly ever their fault. Quite on the contrary. When they find someone they want to be with, they feel so happy that they cling to them for dear life. Seriously. They. Just. Won’t. Let. Go. 

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