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What were you in a past life?

What were you in a past life?

Were you Elizabeth I in a past life or were you a flea on Elizabeth I’s dog? Horoscope Friends investigates the past lives phenomenon and whether or not there’s a link to astrology. Then we’ll tackle which type of past life each star-sign might have lived!

Most of us would rather be a queen than a flea in a past life any day, or equivalent big shot that made his or her mark on the pages of history. And, as the victors write history, we all hope for, at least secretly, a victorious past life. So, how do you get to know about your past life? The most common way is regression by a practitioner, often through hypnosis, and it’s hopefully then that memories from your previous incarnation come flooding back. The whole reincarnation belief system is mainly aligned with Buddhism (but your reincarnation might not be as a human being) or ‘climbing’ the ‘Tree of Life’ like in Kabbalsitic teaching (ancient Jewish mysticism) and its concept of reincarnation. Although, all are open to interpretation, and belief in past lives can totally happen outside of any organised religion/belief system. There really are no hard and fast rules to how past lives work or why some of us can remember selling a croissant to Louis XIV and some of us can’t. 

Any connection between past lives and astrology? 

Planets in 12th and 8th houses (read also about The Planets in Astrology), perhaps even the 4th and 10th houses, may provide vital clues as to what you were in a past life (read also about the 12 Houses in Astrology). A 12th house Saturn, say, can indicate a pretty heavy karmic load carried over from a previous life while the sun in the 12th indicates a spiritually rewarding life. Clues as to what you’ve inherited from your previous self might be found in the 8th house planets/ruling sign. Venus in the 8th suggests that you might’ve been very beautiful, the moon, emotionally rich or psychic. Planets in the 4th and the 10th houses, likewise the signs which rule them, can throw some light on what you’re leaving behind (4th house) and what you’re heading towards (10th house). So for example Mars in the 4th suggests you’re leaving behind an angry existence, with Jupiter in the 10th moving you toward enlightenment etc. etc. 

Can we guess what each star sign was in a past life?

Your star sign itself (or even your opposite sign?) may of course hold a few clues as to what you might have been in a previous life. Hmm, now let’s see. Aries, you would’ve been on the battlefield or a pioneer in your community. Taurus, we see you planting stuff or in a life connected to farming, or where you were close to the land, or as a moneylender. As for all you Geminis, what else but the bright spark, the one that lifted the family out of poverty through ideas, or were you the local matchmaker? Cancer – you might have been the family’s caregiver, the nurturer, or the agony aunt. Your quest for fame and fortune will have driven you in the past, Leo - perhaps you used to be an old musical hall entertainer or theatre impresario? We guarantee your hair will have gotten bigger with each new life. What we can say with precision about you, dear Virgo, is that a surgeon or doctor or nurse was probably your previous calling. Like your opposite sign, Aries, we picture you on the battlefield, Libra – as a general. That or a dressmaker. Scorpio, you might have been a pioneer in research, like Marie Curie, or someone mysterious that everybody in the community feared and talked about but never confronted, or you were a coal miner. What else could you have been but an explorer, Sagittarius – or perhaps one of the world’s very first travel agents, or the community sage! Or town crier. Whatever you were, Capricorn, it’d be where you ended up rather than where you began that you would’ve wanted to be remembered for and passed on to your next-self. Aquarius, you would have been part of a civil rights/equality movement. Pisces. You must have been a cobbler, or a nurse swabbing wounded soldiers’ fevered brows. 

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