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How to win back your ex or get closure based on his star sign!

How to win back your ex or get closure based on his star sign!

Trying to win back your ex? Our gifted professionals came up with an astrology guide on how reconnect with old loves and crushes… or at least finally make amends and get closure! That break-up sure left you in pieces and you’ve been feeling like you weren’t given the chance to say everything you’ve wanted to say. The distance between the two of you is now growing and it’s starting to dawn on you that, just maybe, you lost your perfect love match for good. Well, good news is nothing’s set in stone and there are very few things you can’t solve with a little help from astrology. Oh and if it all works out and you get back on track you may want to check out our astrology guide on how to keep the spark alive so as to avoid getting back to being heartbroken over something you could have fixed. 

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An astrology guide to getting back your ex or making amends based on his star sign

You’ve been sitting there waiting for a sign that it’s not over between the two of you and just like that he reappears. By chance or by his own choosing – doesn’t really matter, because all you can think of right now is: How do I proceed? Astrology answers this question based on your ex’s star sign. This is your chance now to either win back your ex or make amends and get the closure you’ve been yearning for. No matter what you decide to do though, make sure it still feels like the two of you are ‘meant to be’. 

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An Aries ex

An Aries will not let a break-up ‘go to waste’; especially if he believes there are still feelings there for you. If this is your ex’s case, a break-up is just a way of rekindling the flame. So win back an Aries ex? Easy. Well, kind of. The only problem is that an Aries will have to search for those feelings deep inside and that usually takes him a long time and longer even to accept their existence. If that happens, however, expect him to show up on your door step, except tons of missed calls and even to see him in that bar you go  to every now and then, for no other reason than to see you. If you still have feelings for him, you’ll be flattered by the chase. If you don’t, you’ll soon get aggravated. If you do have feelings, make sure to keep him waiting on your move for a while. He loves the chase and feeling like he has to win you all over again as if you’ve only just met. You can read more Aries characteristics  if you need extra help understanding your ex.

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A Taurus ex

In order to win back a Taurus ex, you're going to have to accept that he will need to know what follows before you even get to hold hands again. He’s going to need everything in full detail and demand that you share with him your intentions regarding your new relationship. These are all things he asks for in order to prevent another break-up. He wants everything to be perfect and your reassurance (time and time again) that he’s still your one true love. Yes, you’ve been hurt, but are you willing to let him back in? If yes, just be open about your feelings and make sure to constantly remind him that you two have got a bright future ahead of you. If you don’t feel that way, it’s better to come out with it now, talk about your past mistakes, get your closure and move on. If you do, just be careful to not put pressure on a Taurus personality. If he’s in, he’s all in and pushing him may be a turn off for this sign.

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A Gemini ex 

In order to reconnect and build and maintain a solid bond with a Gemini, without soon needing a professional to help you with those anger issues you’ve never had to deal with before, you’re going to need to realise this is emotional warfare and if you don’t fight back, you’ll lose. This is not really a textbook relationship anyway but a series of reconnections that follow sudden disappearances. ‘I just needed a break’ or ‘I needed some time off’ are things you will hear soon as he reappears and they’ll be true. Don’t look for any hidden motives; he just gets bored easily and no, not just with you. It happens with everyone. So what do you do now? To win back a Gemini ex and get back together, but this time on your own terms, you will have to follow in his footsteps for a while. You too, will feel like you need some time off from all the craziness, but this time make sure to act on it! A Gemini personality needs that uncertainty to keep him motivated.

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A Cancer ex

In order to win back someone under the sign of Cancer, you’re going to need nerves of steel and an incredible drive. It will feel like reliving your break-up, over and over, until you just don’t feel like getting back with him anymore. He will make sure to remind you of everything you did wrong last time, emphasising how badly it all hurt him. If he was the one to go, he will justify himself by repeating all the times you wronged him (or he felt that you did). If you still have feelings for him, the only way to get through this first phase is to let things go in one ear and right out the other. Under no circumstances does this mean: act indifferent. It will all fall apart if you do. Just don’t pay too much attention to the insults and don’t take them to heart. Have patience and he’ll soon get back to being loving and caring, the main characteristic of a Cancer personality. Make sure you can still get back to that too before you proceed. 

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A Leo ex

A Leo will get back with you but what it will really feel like is as if you two have only just met. His return will not come with an apology and he will not express his regrets over past mistakes. What matters to a Leo is that you’re both starting anew. This sign’s charm is exceptional so you will definitely feel like picking up right where you left off. But that’s the thing you're going to need to realise if you want to win back your Leo ex: If he senses you’re all up for it and takes you for granted he won’t be interested any more. Make sure he sees the change in you that followed your break up and always keep one foot out the door. This way you’ll have him chasing after you and totally up for a reconnection. If he never hears you reminisce about the good old times he’ll start feeling as if he wasn’t important enough and will try to become just that. If you feel like this is something you can’t do, better to just have that talk he’s trying to avoid, preferably somewhere public where he won’t make a scene and get your closure. Tip: A Leo personality can ‘smell’ weakness from a mile.

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A Virgo ex

A Virgo willing to get back in your life and reconnect with you will not apologise for matters of the past that easily. In fact he won’t come begging for a reconnection. He will just feel as if it’s something he has to do and will act on that belief. If on the other hand he believes it’s over between the two of you, sadly there’s just no chance you’re getting your silver lining. But if he does feel like the two of you belong together there is some serious reason behind it. Either he has regretted his choice to leave or discovered you’re his better half or …who knows what else. But it’s a big deal, for sure. In order for you to win your Virgo ex back, you’re going to need to accept his need to be in control and deal with his constant inquiries as to whether your feelings and acts of love are sincere. If you find all this a bit too demanding, just have the talk. It will go along smoothly and you’ll get your closure. A Virgo personality is one of the most complex so if you need a little help deciding whether he is the right one for you just use our detailed free compatibility report.

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A Libra ex

Shouldn't be too hard to win back a Libra ex. A Libra hates being alone and will generally seek to form relationships or get back to his old ones. One of the reasons behind this is that he can’t handle feeling lonely– also one of the main characteristics of Libras. So if he’s the one to return and ask to get back together, caution is advised. Maybe he has returned because he didn’t find someone that pleases him more than you did, maybe he can now see where he went wrong, or just maybe he really, truly, loves you. Whatever the case, know that a Libra will return prepared to hand over the driver’s seat. He will prefer you to be the one in control this time in order to avoid past mistakes. The only question is: Having taken full control and being back with the one you love, can you handle not knowing the reasons behind his departure? And then again, can you handle knowing? The thing is, it’s all up to you now. Just make sure you’ve solved your issues with him internally and you’re all good to go before proceeding. If it doesn’t feel ok anymore, have the talk over the phone. He’ll get emotional otherwise and you’ll never get your closure.

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A Scorpio ex

If a Scorpio finally decides to make a move to get back together, know his return will be a rather hesitant one. So hesitant in fact that you may begin to wonder if it’s really what he wants. The thing is he wants to be sure that he’ still the one for you. And by this what he means (but will never, ever say) is that you haven’t flirted with anyone while you two were apart and that he’s still your one and only. If you find that you really want to reconnect be ready to play in his home field. In order to win back a Scorpio ex you may have to bend to his will for a while before he’s ready to fully commit to your relationship again. But you have missed him and you have been waiting for this moment so it shouldn’t be that hard, right? Oh and do make sure he’s not back to get revenge over what you may have done (or he thinks you have done). If you need a little help coping with his Scorpio personality, check out this zodiac sign's characteristics. If you’ve decided he’s just ‘too much’ for you right now, be warned that closure will not come tear-free for either of you.

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A Sagittarius ex 

Even when in a relationship, a Sagittarius will constantly make you feel as if you’re breaking up. In order to win back a Sagittarius ex you're going to need to accept that he likes his own space, his own time; frankly he just enjoys being alone. When he gets tired of being on his own returning will feel to him like the logical thing to do, but to you? You feel that if you take him back, he’ll take you for granted. But that’s not exactly true in his case. He actually sees you like the port from which he embarks on beautiful journeys. As long as you’re the safest and most fun port there is, he’ll see no reason for a real ending. All of your break-ups will feel like short breaks from which you’ll both return refreshed. If however you find the Sagittarius personality a bit out of control, know that you won’t be the one that manages to control it. If control’s important to you, get your closure. It will come easily, from a nice chat probably with a quote or two from some philosopher he likes in there, somewhere. But if you’re a carefree soul, just get back in there!

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A Capricorn ex

In order to win back your Capricorn ex, you’re going to have to allow him to be the one calling the shots. He will draw up a plan designed to avoid past mistakes. And we mean an actual plan in full detail of who stays where, when and where you go on holidays etc. Only if he sees that your feelings for him are true and that you’ve hated the distance and the words left unsaid just as much as he did, will he proceed to reconnecting with you. This is a risk for him and rest assured that he has been watching from a distance for some time now, calculating that risk and weighing his feelings. Good news is if he’s back and you see an opening, he really means it. If he’s back and you get a wall, chances are it’s not going to happen. But getting your closure surely will. He will agree to talk you through everything he thinks you did wrong and will admit to his own mistakes as well. A Capricorn personality is tough by nature – try to not get too intimidated. He’ll know.

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An Aquarius ex

An Aquarius ex will most likely be willing to get back together with you. Sounds easy and it should be, partly because it’s hard to find someone new to accept his definition of a relationship (too much freedom doesn’t sit right with some) and partly because you were his comrade and one of ‘his own’. Problem is he will not agree to be put in a cage this time either. He’s a free bird and in order to proceed with a reconnection he’s going to need to know that you acknowledge this. If he already knows you don’t, that’s when you probably, sadly, won’t even get a text back. An Aquarius personality wants to be with people he believes to be like-minded. If you have gotten more conservative since the last time you saw each other, the first date will also be the last in the sense that you may not get back together but will definitely get a closure. And from an Aquarius personality it will most probably involve a speech on the importance of freedom. But it will all be civilised one way or another. No yelling, no crying.

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A Pisces ex

In order to win back a Pisces ex, you’re going to have to show him that he holds a central role in your life, that life has been horrid ever since your break-up and that there’s nothing you could ever want more. One of the main Pisces characteristics is the sign’s insecurity. And he’s more than willing to get hurt by a break-up if his other choice is to stay or get back to somewhere where he doesn’t feel safe, or loved. It’s very important to keep in mind that heartfelt words come easy to him so he may just be saying things in order to have you saying them back and boost his ego. No matter what you say though, if he doesn’t feel like you mean it, your words will have no result. Key term here: Patience. If you aren’t the type and don’t exactly feel like soothing your ex at the moment, better take a romantic walk, have that talk and… probably a bit of crying; mostly on his part. You’ll get your closure, but if you’re empathetic like he is, it won’t come easy. 

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