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You Star What You Eat: Your Astro Diet Tips

You Star What You Eat: Your Astro Diet Tips
The bad news is that new research says the health benefits of chocolate and red wine are unfounded. The good news is that astrology can help us make more informed food choices, and better understand our personal eating habits.
Here’s a look at each sign’s relationship with food together with some dos and don’ts, bearing in mind that the Sun rules our general temperament, and the Moon our instinct, and what we ‘hunger’ for in life.

Sun and Moon in the 12 Signs

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Sun in Aries
Bland food is sent right back sans any compliments to the chef, as you prefer eye-wateringly strong tasting foods as a rule. The onion family goes down well with you, and you also like it when a plate of food looks interesting and colourful. Foods with a quick energy release are favoured because of your tendency to eat and run, and you should avoid hard to digest foods for the very same reason.
Moon in Aries
Have you ever been cautioned to slow down when eating? You’re often in too much of a hurry because your mind has already left the table, or you’re looking for that quick fix, before moving on to the next ‘high’. Therefore, lashings of sugary foods are a no-no, and one way round this is preparing imaginative recipes that stop food becoming boring, as well as quietening your rumbling tummy!
Sun in Taurus
You love food – the sight of it, the smell of it, and the taste of it, so it pays to be fairly discriminatory about what you eat, and filter out as much of the bad stuff as possible. They say that we eat with our eyes, and sometimes yours can deceive you when it comes to portion size. Wheat and cereals are fantastic, and asparagus, beans, pears, apples and grapes are all your friends, too.
Moon in Taurus
Food is an emotional experience for you and one that is best shared. You’re tickled pink when those that you love gather around the table to savour every last morsel of what’s put in front of them. Food also has sensuousness to it, and there’s one thing that you love in a partner, and that’s a flair for cooking. You’re also a dab hand at it yourself.
Sun in Gemini
You prefer a collation of light bites - intelligent little meals over brutish plates of goodness knows what. Salads, nuts, fruit and vegetables help your mind remain focused at all times, and you should avoid high GI foods because of the crashing lows that follow.
Moon in Gemini
Eating out of boredom can be an issue. You vacillate between feeling alive and ready to take on the world, to being a bit all over the place, and the danger is your relationship with food then verges on the dysfunctional. Anywhere that allows for plenty of chat to chew over in-between courses, like a sushi or tapas bar, or a buzzing cantina all cater very well to your temperament.  
Sun in Cancer
How can you eat at a time like this? Perhaps you’ve heard these words, because you do like to eat in a crisis. Spending a lot of time in the kitchen, your natural instinct is to prepare food, and you do like to treat the people that you love. Foods that really do it for you include milk, fish, fruit and vegetables, and anything with a high water content, like cabbage.
Moon in Cancer
Why have a burger when you can have steak at home? You’re faithful to the last, so you have a tendency to eat your feelings when feeling a bit let down or emotionally deflated. But when things are going well you like to tear and share food with a loved one, and it quickly regains its function as merely fuel for the body.
Sun in Leo
Something substantial and meaty is what you usually prefer to sink your teeth into, like a big cat should. You’re of a fiery temperament anyway, so you should avoid food that is overly spicy, and you should also try to shun anything too acidic. Heartburn can be a problem, and you also need lots of iron, and with your innate creativity you have the power to make even broccoli look appetising.
Moon in Leo
Your generosity goes a long way, and you love to treat people to lavish dining experiences. This feeds your personal emotional hunger to be appreciated, and your need to feel like you’re the one running the show. Again, it’s clichéd but true, that this perhaps takes you back to your hunting instinct and feeding your pride. Although it’s the lionesses that do most of it!
Sun in Virgo 
You’re a fastidious sign, and one that can be fairly fussy and agonise over the tiniest details on a menu, and you’re not all that comfortable with eating in strange company always either. You like to eat small amounts, like Gemini, and generally keep things light. Anything that causes you to bloat or feel sluggish is the enemy, while the cavalry comes in the guise of vegetables grown below ground, like celeriac and potatoes.
Moon in Virgo
Health and diet are immensely important considerations when the moon is here, and you pay close attention to what you put into your body. You’re nurtured by a need to be abstemious, and take pride in maintaining a healthy weight throughout your life. A lot of nutritionists are born with the moon here, and you may have an interest in reading and writing about food, diet and nutrition.
Sun in Libra
A bit like Taurus, presentation is key for you. It has to look good enough to eat otherwise you turn your nose up at it. Although, in your own contradictory way, you also hate food to be wasted, and it’s not uncommon for you to rehash last night’s leftovers into something rather tasty.  Berry fruits, apples, pears, beans and artichoke all keep the scales from tipping too far in either one direction.
Moon in Libra
Excess of any kind turns your stomach, and you can be a bit of a grazer. Food becomes emotionally satisfying for you when it’s consumed in a civilised and sociable environment. It’s only when you’re single that things go a bit haywire, and this is when you tend to eat more sparingly, and so this is when you’re prone to weight loss.
Sun in Scorpio
Like Aries, anything you deem wishy-washy that is presented to you on a plate arouses very strong feelings in you. You like to sit down to a plate of bold colours and flavours to match, and you’re happiest with big portions less frequently. You have a voracious appetite so, food-wise, anything goes!
Moon in Scorpio
Midnight snacks and anything in secret is definitely a big driver for your lunar type, and you’re often to be found eating the majority of your food after dark.
Food must be piping hot, and you can swing to dietary extremes in a bid to exercise self-control or to control others with what you prepare for them. Squirreling away food isn’t unheard of either.
Sun in Sagittarius
As the travelling sign, food fuels your wanderlust – both mental and physical – so you are continuously hungry. You generally like to consume a little and often, although when older you can be prone to filling out. You like the taste of many different cultures, and experimenting in the kitchen. Bulb vegetables, grapefruit, celery and sultanas should be some of the foods that are stored in your kitchen cupboards.
Moon in Sagittarius
When things are going well food is enjoyed in moderation, but you’re a quick fix sign and a weight loss industry marketers dream, because you can swing towards over-indulgence quickly followed by the latest fad diet. This can lead to a yo-yoing weight, and a sense of deflation each time a food craving beats you. When you’re feeling emotionally secure food is an adventure to be shared.
Sun in Capricorn
Good, plain, honest earthy foods, like soups and casseroles, potato, barley, beef, spinach and pasta are all good fodder for your good low-maintenance self. You prefer to take your time and regard food as something that should be a focal part of the day. You’re not overly keen on fast food or ‘burger bar’ environments, to the point of being a bit snooty about them.
Moon in Capricorn
Eating in luxuriant surroundings and with people you can impress or showcasing your fine and exquisite tastes is more important to you than your sun Capricorn cousins. On a more intimate level, eating late at night, and sharing a secret recipe, or one that has been handed down to you, is an excellent form of bonding for you.
Sun in Aquarius
You ‘know’ the future and appreciate the technology involved in food preparation and preservation, like frozen food. Meals for one are a popular choice for you, because you’re a singular sign, plus you can be quite fussy. You also like citrus and dried fruits and anything that involves the bare minimum of fuss, because of your utilitarian approach to life.
Moon in Aquarius
You’re a person that likes to dine alone occasionally, or sit alone in a crowded place, people watching. You’re also extremely sociable when you want to be of course, although cooking isn’t really your strongpoint. You like gadgets in the kitchen, even though they probably gather dust mostly.
Sun in Pisces
As the sign of the fish you either love or loathe seafood. You do, however, like watery food, and if there’s a melon on a starter menu you might very well plump for it, and food that contains cucumber, pumpkin and lettuce also meets with your dietary requirements.
Moon in Pisces
Light and shade is important to you, and food can become an addiction to you when life gets on top of you. You therefore need to watch that you don’t abuse it. Being near water is also a great quencher for your spiritual thirst, and so eating on the deck of a yacht or on a cruise is the stuff of your dreams.
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