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Your Personal Growth In Relation To The Planets

Your Personal Growth In Relation To The Planets

Your birth chart is your personal universe as created by the position of the planets at the time of your birth. And as you grow, they grow with you, gradually assuming a higher form. Read on to find out how the changes you note in your behaviour, actions and overall outlook on life are reflected in your horoscope

The planets in your chart and how to make the best of them

Read on to find out how to make the best of the energies of each astrological planet in your life. Check out your birth chart to find out where your Moon or Venus is and what this means for your personality outlook. Alternatively, call 0207 111 6304 from the UK or 1877 608 3731 from the USA and speak to one of our expert astrologers for a personal reading of your birth-date horoscope!

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Your MOON assumes a higher form when:

  • You stop finding fault with your parents and learn to accept them for who they are.
  • You stop looking for your other half because you have become a complete person looking for another complete person.
  • You open yourself to love and learn to love deeply without fear of getting hurt.
  • You stop taking things personally because you have realised that the Universe has nothing against you.
  • Try a celtic love tarot reading if you are looking for answers.

Your MERCURY assumes a higher form when:

  • You learn to apologise for your mistakes instead of making up excuses for them.
  • You stop rubbing salt in other people’s wounds by saying, “I told you so”.
  • You start to take care of yourself.
  • You ask for other people’s advice with the intention of following it rather than ignoring it.
  • Check out your daily psychic reading for some spiritual advice.

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Your VENUS assumes a higher form when:

  • You stop viewing sex only as a means of personal gratification and start attending to your partner’s needs, too.
  • You stop buying clothes based on brand or based on the latest fashion trends. Use your Venus sign as a guide instead!
  • You start to embrace the way you look.
  • You seek to improve the quality of your life.

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Your MARS assumes a higher form when:

  • You learn to control your temper.
  • You stop being jealous of other people’s success and learn to rein in your competitive impulses.
  • You start to think things through before acting.
  • You start to embrace your flaws and weaknesses, without underestimating your strengths.
  • Find out your strengths based on your star-sign.

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Your JUPITER assumes a higher form when:

  • You stop thinking you know it all and start to listen to people who are older or wiser than you.
  • You quit your bad habits.
  • You learn to admit to your failures, recognise your limits, and use this self-knowledge to transcend them. 
  • You realise that it’s never too late to learn something new.
  • You can start by debunking some myths about the star-signs.

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Your SATURN assumes a higher form when:

  • You realise that you’re a work in constant progress and that you don’t need to fix yourself because you were never broken in the first place.
  • You learn to own and express your feelings, even if they’re negative.
  • You stop being ashamed to ask for help. 
  • You stop being afraid to show who you really are.
  • Find out how to survive Saturn transits and overcome your fears.

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Your URANUS assumes a higher form when:

  • You reach a point where you have people in your life who are willing to do anything for you.
  • You learn to truly empathise with other people.
  • You stop looking for the meaning of life and start making your life meaningful yourself.
  • You stop acting impulsively and learn to appreciate self-awareness as well as self-control.
  • Learn to uncover the hidden meaning of your dreams.

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Your NEPTUNE assumes a higher form when:

  • You stop thinking that something is real just because it is real to you. 
  • You start making your goals a reality.
  • You find a job that fulfils you.
  • Your emotional world grows richer and you become capable of experiencing a wider range of emotions – without, however, turning into a drama queen.
  • Check out your extended daily love horoscope to stay in touch with your feelings.

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Your PLUTO assumes a higher form when:

  • You stop bad-mouthing your ex to common friends or on social media.
  • You learn to restrain your self-critical tendencies and think positive.
  • You stop blaming others for the things you dislike about your life.
  • You realise that every end is a new beginning.
  • Read up on the biggest relationship threats and curb your bad habits.

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