Are you a typical Aries?

Are you a typical Aries?

Only a real Aries will get 5 out of 5 questions right in this quiz! Let’s see how well you know your zodiac sign and if you are a typical Aries.

1. When you have to make an important decision:

I follow my gut & if necessary I risk it all.
I take the safe route.

2. When someone treats you ugly:

I need some time to plot my ultimate revenge!
I don't take it personally. Everyone has their bad days…

3. You are at a restaurant with your friends and they cannot make up their minds on what to order. You:

Take the initiative and make the decision for them.
You are not that hungry, so you wait until they know what they want.

4. You’ve just received a wedding invitation. What’s your first reaction?

The entire thing is so cheesy and boring! I hate weddings…
It’s a great opportunity to socialise, dance and have some fun!

5. Which is the Element of your star sign (Aries)?