Are you a typical Pisces?

Are you a typical Pisces?

Only a real Pisces will get 5 out of 5 questions right in this quiz! Let’s see how well you know your zodiac sign and if you are a typical Pisces.

1. Your ideal vacation:

Lying on a beach in the Mediterranean, drinking cocktails.
Spending my days shopping from the best boutiques.

2. You’re at a beautiful coffee place, having a conversation with your friends:

I’m fully engaged and sometimes too opinionated.
I’m mostly distracted by the amazing environment.

3. When you go to the supermarket:

I always have my shopping list with me.
But it’s so sunny today… I would rather take a walk and just get some beer.

4. Your friend asks to borrow your new car:

No way!
What’s mine is yours.

5. Which of these natural elements are you most drawn to?

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