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Career Analysis - find your niche and succeed!

This report maps your ambitions and professional direction, outlining your key strengths and potential career options in addition to the talents & obstacles you may have financially. View our sampler  and see if Bill Gates actually had a career that matches our astrological analysis.

The career forecast for 2017 is divided into 3 categories: 

·         Profession - your aspirations and ambitions, the field you wish to succeed in.
·         Work - what sort of job you will have within this profession and work attitudes.
·         Money - how you earn and spend it!

Part 1 covers your profession – your aspirations and ambitions, what motivates you professionally, the skills and assets you possess for your career, the importance of a profession & recognition for you in your ideal profession.

Part 2 covers the major influencers which will impact you during 2017 in finding the right role and the talents & obstacles you bring to your working life.
The final part outlines your talents for making a living and the difficulties and/or opportunities you will meet along the way with regard to money. Get your career forecast for 2017 and be all you can be in your chosen field! 


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  • Sun 14°53'4" Sagittarius
  • Moon 5°10'28" Pisces
  • Mercury 4°53'43" Capricorn
  • Venus 28°47'55" Capricorn
  • Mars 20°20'57" Aquarius
  • Jupiter 17°44'24" Libra
  • Saturn 18°24'0" Sagittarius
  • Uranus 20°46'42" Aries
  • Neptune 9°18'57" Pisces
  • Pluto 16°6'27" Capricorn

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