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Child Gifts Profile - confidence building for the future!

Child Gifts Profile - confidence building for the future!

Understand and track your child's growth and progress
Child Gifts Profiles are for children as well as parents. They give a unique insight into the child’s character and potential including strengths and weaknesses, talents and qualities, needs and desires. The profile is an overview but it is not set in stone and your profile can be developed and adapted based on nurturing the positives and providing guidance and direction where challenges arise. View Child Gifts Sample
The report is divided into three sections:
  • Foundations - Essential Characteristics - Emotional and feeling nature - Relationship with mother and father - Personality
  • Development - Assertiveness - Friendship and social attitudes - Power of the mind - Money
  • Independence - Higher education and establishing values - Power and Transformation - Career and ambitions
The Child Gifts Profile is written in an encouraging and helpful way and aims to build a young person’s confidence and make the child and / or parent more self-assured in their decisions. It’s used a lot before finalising decisions on education, training and career path.

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  • Tom full-profile
    ID: 4422
    Subjects: He specialises in love & relationships
    Skills: Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Psychic
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  • Goldey full-profile
    ID: 4439
    Subjects: Love & relationships
    Skills: Clairvoyant, Life Coach
    I am available
  • Martha full-profile
    ID: 4366
    Subjects: Love & relationships, Career
    Skills: Clairvoyant, Life Coach, Counsellor
    I am available
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  • Sun 4°38'0" Gemini
  • Moon 2°25'52" Gemini
  • Mercury 10°31'33" Taurus
  • Venus 19°5'39" Aries
  • Mars 23°19'8" Gemini
  • Jupiter 13°33'8" Libra
  • Saturn 25°59'3" Sagittarius
  • Uranus 26°42'13" Aries
  • Neptune 14°8'12" Pisces
  • Pluto 19°6'28" Capricorn

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