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Intimate Lover - What sort of Lover are you?

Intimate Lover - What sort of Lover are you?

Your fully personalized Intimate Lover Report gives you the confidence to make your love-making a mind-blowing experience for both you and your partner - far beyond what you have ever imagined! Take a look at Kourtney Kardashian’s report to give you an overview of the level of detail that is covered. View Intimate Lover Sample

How sexy are you?

The Intimate Lover Reports provide insights into your erotic nature with an honest and uncensored look at your sexuality, how you behave towards your lover, your needs and what you find most exciting and important about making love.
Each report details the following:
·         What making love means to you
·         The way you 'perform' and react to your lover
·         Your thoughts and self-expression when making love
·         What you value and need most in your partner
·         Understand the driving force of your sexuality
·         Your capacity and desire for lovemaking
·         Awkwardness or possible inhibitions
·         Your lust for inventiveness & spontaneity
·         Your dreams & fantasties
This explicit, honest and ‘no holds barred’ report looks at an individual's sensuality and their capacity to indulge their sexual fantasies based on interpretations of the planets and the relationships they form within your horoscope.
The interactions between the planets within your birth chart are called 'Aspects'. These are given a Star Rating from one to five to show their relative importance in your Intimate Lover Report. To the right of each pair of 'aspect' symbols is a group of five stars; the more dark stars there are the stronger the connection.
Prepare yourself to be wowed by this report. At times you may even feel a bit uneasy as you read the facts and realize that this is based 100% on you. Enjoy.