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Life Destiny Special Deal

Life Destiny Special Deal

2 of our best selling reports in a must-have special combo 40% OFF the original price!

Your Life Destiny special deal includes:

Life Destiny Report

This report is an assessment of your personality and character – it’s a blueprint of YOU and represents your talents and true potential, confirming how you feel about yourself and shedding light on areas of importance, especially your abilities that are waiting to be awakened. View Life Destiny Sample

The report uses a combination of your Star Sign in addition to The Rising Sign, the Moon, the planets, the angles they form to each other, called 'aspects' and house positions to generate a detailed and accurate assessment of you. Prepare to be wowed.

Your 12 Month Forecast

Life moves in cycles and knowing when those cycles begin and end is invaluable when it comes to living your life to the full. Your personal transits are interpreted in this detailed report, which outlines long-term trends and challenges over the next 12 months in addition to providing you with a detailed summary of each month & day.
With prior notice of important days and events, you are able to identify the right time to seize opportunities, handle tricky situations or just sit on the fence and wait. Information truly is power with this 12 Month Forecast. Order today, you won’t be disappointed. View Forecaster Sample