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Venus is the planet of love and romance defines how you fall in love, stay in love and what you look for in a lover and 'soul mate'. It not only represents love and affection, but also harmony, cooperation and the way you feel about and react towards other people. View our Love-Life Report for Scarlett Johansson, a 30 page in-depth review of the next 12 months View Love-Life & Forecast Sample
Divided into 2 parts, Part 1 reveals the kind of lover you are and how you express yourself when you are in love by focusing on the signs the planets occupy and particularly the position of Venus.  Understand how you create chances in your love-life – how you act, wonder and behave as well as characteristics you possess as a lover.
The best days for Love
Part 2 predicts your love life over the next 12 months and showcases key dates in your calendar to make yourself available as well as any other romantic or social activities to take note of.
How do we know?
The 'transits' of the planet Venus, as it moves through the Solar system show how you change, grow and develop in your relationships and your love life. By interpreting these transits, specific to you and your birth date, we are able to forecast key dates and times over the next 12 months.


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  • Neptune 9°24'49" Pisces
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