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Ben Haenow: the new X Factor UK winner's horoscope

Ben Haenow: the new X Factor UK winner's horoscope

Ben Haenow’s X Factor UK 2014: from the stars? Here is what his horoscope says:

Ben Haenow winning X Factor UK 2014 thrusts him into show’s hit-or-miss Hall of Fame, keeping cheeky Little Mix and the worthy James Arthur company as well as losers One Direction, JLS and Ollie Murs. The competition behind the judges’ desk was equally as fierce this year, driven by the weirdly-flirty-but-not chemistry between Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell and Mel B’s hospital drama. But enough about them - we’re turning our celebrity telescope towards the actual winner’s horoscope.
The success of some of the show’s previous winners has largely been eclipsed by those they pipped at the post – like One Direction and Matt Cardle. But Ben’s chart tells us that, if he has anything to do with it at any rate, history won’t repeat: he doesn’t do second place.
His Capricorn sun (7th January 1985 is his birthday according to Wikipedia) along with his natal moon in Cancer forms an incredibly ambitious and industrious union. He’ll therefore go all out to ensure that his star shines well beyond the Christmas-fuelled clamour for his first single.
Something I need whooping Mark Ronson’s ass to be the official UK Christmas Number One will have given him that sure footing, that crucial first step Capricorn - represented by the mountain goat - needs to make it to the top in what are changed days. Winning X Factor no longer guarantees this coveted position.
We had trouble enough getting our mitts on Ben’s birthday (Capricorn is a fiercely private sign) let alone his birth time, so we’re missing both his rising sign and house positions. But there’s still plenty of other stuff to chew over, like his Mars-Pluto trine. This induces a tremendous drive for power in anyone’s chart, and he’ll be able to transform himself and others throughout his life. This can also indicate future artistic differences with other strong-minded people.
Half of everything is luck, and he has the planet that rules how much of it we all get, Jupiter, conjunct his sun. He’s a lucky so-and-so in other words. He’s probably immensely likeable and cheery in person too, and Mercury in Sagittarius also adds sparkle to his horoscope. Interestingly, Jupiter is at 22 degrees right now, and Ben’s natal Jupiter (in Capricorn) is also at 22 degrees, as is his moon (22 degrees Cancer). Was he destined to win?
His natal Jupiter oppose the moon also makes for a kindly and tolerant personality that can attract financial luck into his life. Good thing too as moon in Cancer dictates his emotional needs are bound up with an above average need for financial security.
Love planet Venus in weak conjunction with Mars is nevertheless a strong indicator of sex appeal (again, as well as likeability, a common thread in many of these aspects). A Venus-Pluto trine gives him an edge and also tells us that this is a man who likes to be liked. However, the course of true love may not run all that smoothly for Ben in the future. When Pluto interacts with Venus like this it exerts a transformative influence, so any close involvements with other people will inevitably involve power struggles. He also has incredible endurance and a flair for the dramatic, and will be secretly attracted to ‘femme fatales’.
Sun oppose moon can be both wilful and charming and his approach to life will often be two-sided. His parents will have been very much their own people, and this will have made its mark on his independent nature. This is also an immensely creative placement.
That sun-Jupiter connection we mentioned earlier coupled with Sun semi-sextile Uranus is how he sees his father: happy-go-lucky and unpredictable.
His mum brought him up after his parents split when he was young, and she’s represented by that stoical Cancer moon. She will have been nurturing and hard working because it trines both Saturn and Mars, and he’ll look for a strong woman like his mother to be his life partner.
The reason he may have put off properly proposing to his girlfriend of six years, Jessica Jones, (apart from that awkward ‘did he or didn’t he?’ TV proposal that came to nothing) could be down to fears about being unable to provide for her. He’s also just experienced his Saturn return, so this is a time when the building blocks of childhood fall away forcing him to stand on his own two feet. It’ll be interesting to see how their relationship develops now that he’s successful.

Because the moon is in the sign that it rules it’s always a good idea to look at where it’s progressed to in the chart - and his happens to be in Leo, the sign of fame and glamour. This also puts the emphasis on his hard-working Capricorn sun and his creativity, so the bright lights probably won’t blind him to the point of believing his own hype. His moon will progress to Virgo from August next year where it’ll remain for about two-and-half years, so no matter how much X Factor he has, the next cosmic test will be about how much hard work he’s prepared to put in.

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