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Benedict Cumberbatch: Man of the Moment

Benedict Cumberbatch: Man of the Moment
Benedict Cumberbatch just got married. The British actor responsible for making Sherlock Holmes cool got hitched to theatre director Sophie Hunter on Valentine’s Day. All in all it’s turning out to be an eventful few weeks for the unlikely heartthrob, up for the Best Actor Oscar for his role in The Imitation Game at the 2015 Academy Awards on the 22nd February. So what does his horoscope reveal about the man of the moment? Is his marriage to Sophie a match made in the heavens, and will the stars twinkle at just the right moment for him to walk away with that Academy Award? Horoscope Friends does a bit of detective work…

Benedict's Horoscope

Benedict is Cancerian, born 19th July 1976 at 12.00pm, so what we’re also dealing with is moon in Aries and Libra ascendant. This is an exciting moon placement, while Libra ascendant is traditionally associated with physical attractiveness, grace and a certain charm. Cancer, Libra and Aries are all what we call Cardinal signs, making him uber- ambitious and one of life’s doers.
Once details of their wedding hit the Internet, the shockwaves were too much to bear for some of his most diehard fans – or Cumberbitches as they’re known – with some claiming that the bombshell had ruined their Valentine’s Day. No Ordinary Joe would attract anywhere near this level of devotion so what is it in Benedict’s chart that causes people to behave like they’re under his spell or fully paid-up members of a Cumberbatch Cult?
Charismatic, hypnotic Pluto tightly conjunct his ascendant is one possible explanation (see the planets in astrology). His mesmeric hold over a core group of fans also appears to spread outwards to the general population albeit to a lesser extent, including his peers (which could stand him in good stead for that Oscar, but more about that later). He’s been voted Sexiest Man Alive, and often crops up on Best Dressed lists and those Most Influential compilations.
Pluto on such a sensitive part of the chart gives him an alluring appeal that goes beyond sexual – although this is also undeniably Pluto’s province. As ruler of Scorpio, this planet is in the business of extreme reactions and this is what he embodies, making it easy for certain people to project their obsessional side onto him. Just consider for one moment the time he was cyber-stalked, with the offending neighbour live-tweeting Benedict’s movements in his London home.
He also has four planets in the tenth house (including the sun) so he was born to work hard, and be recognised in the public domain. A top-heavy clump of planets like this in the chart is typical of someone that achieves success that the world gets to know about.
His chart ruler, the love planet Venus, conjuncts Saturn, effectively acting as a straightjacket on the free-flowing expression of everything Venus stands for. People with this aspect can be very hard to get to know because they aren’t particularly fond of giving very much away. He probably therefore isn’t the world’s most demonstrative person, and might not be all that sociable either, preferring comfy old friends to meeting new people. Cancerians can be closed books at the best of times, and this Saturn influence buttons him up even further when it comes to letting people in.
Venus-Saturn also represents the type of feminine energy he’s attracted to: women that are organised, mature, career-oriented and driven. Is there any evidence of this in Sophie’s chart?

We don’t have an exact birth time but her sun’s in Pisces, which on the face of it is compatible with Benedict’s Cancerian sun, both being of a watery persuasion. But it’s her Saturn that Benedict will probably be mostly tuning into. Hers is 25 degrees Leo, squaring Benedict’s eighth house Jupiter in Taurus. These are uncomfortable bedfellows emotionally, although Jupiter and Saturn can be very good for business. Then again a Saturn connection of this kind expects life not to be one long picnic, so this can be fruitful, as they grow old together. He will also see in Sophie a person that can help his hopes and dreams materialise in a considered, practical and reliable way. All very important considerations for Cancerians.
This strong trine between their suns signifies ease between them so they’ll jog along together quite nicely as friends. But more importantly, and in terms of their love connection, his Venus in Leo trines her Venus in Aries. They’re both fiery and impetuous people when together in other words, and creative in the bedroom. That Pluto on Benedict’s ascendant we were talking about earlier also opposes Sophie’s Venus, so in amongst all this friendly trine ease there’s a sexy opposition for that essential sexual spark.
Finally, Benedict’s sun is conjunct Sophie’s Mars, further attuning them sexually. Although this gives Sophie the whip hand.
So what about that Best Actor gong? The moon in Taurus is conjunct his eighth house Chiron on the day. He badly wants this recognition. In fact he’s aching for it. But he might not be all that comfortable with these emotions, or realise until the night itself just how much he’s counting on winning. The transiting north node also happens to be conjunct his ascendant, so destiny will play its part on the evening.  His progressed moon in Virgo is in the house of chaos, but it also forms a strong trine with his natal Jupiter – ruler of that little thing we call luck.    
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