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Beyoncé Horoscope and Astrology

Beyoncé Horoscope and Astrology

This is Beyoncé Knowle's horoscope and astrological portrait. Beyoncé Knowles born in Houston, Texas, on September 4, 1981 first caught the public's attention as lead vocalist of Destiny's Child, even back then one wouldn’t have to take a long look at her horoscope to see what she was to become! She moved on to a solo career with her album Dangerously in Love! Beyoncé has also starred in films like Dream Girls which you most probably have already watched if you’re a big fan. Hip-hop artist Jay-Z and Knowles got married in 2008 forming one of the world’s most recognizable power couples. In April 2016, she released Lemonade, her 6th studio album! She was performed twice at the Super Bowl and stunned us with her surprise performance at the CMA awards 2016! On 16th June 2018 Beyoncé released her latest album "Everything is Love" prior to any announcement or promotion at her and Jay-Z's On The Run II Tour  performance at the London Stadium.
Let's have a look at Beyoncé’s horoscope! 

Beyoncé Knowles Natal Chart Analysis

Beyoncé’s Sun in Virgo

Beyoncé’s Sun in Virgo makes her a smart, rational, conscientious and highly self-disciplined individual.  Her life runs according to a schedule to which she sticks day in and day out, come rain or shine! She loves order and perfection and simply cannot function in chaotic and uncertain conditions. Aiming for a life of professional and financial stability she pours her energies into building a brilliant career for herself. But Beyoncé also often keeps her feelings in check and neglects her emotional needs in order to achieve her goals. She is cautious and suspicious towards others until they gain her trust – something they can only do through their actions. Beyoncé may lack spontaneity, but she does show her love in practical ways, taking care of her loved ones with the utmost kindness and devotion. Read here all about Virgo characteristics

Beyoncé’s Moon in Scorpio

Live passionately and never mind your mistakes – this is Beyoncé’s motto and she loves to live each moment to the full, something she has her Moon in Scorpio to thank for! Since she is naturally introverted and suspicious, unlike most people, she actually likes to be left alone. She hates to reveal her innermost secrets to anyone and tends to hide her true feelings under a veil of mystery. When Beyoncé gets to know someone, she opens up slowly (if at all) using her penetrative mind to assess the situation before she lets herself in too deep. She gives herself passionately and unreservedly to the person whose trustworthiness and integrity have stood the test of time – Jay-Z being the perfect example of this. But she may also become too emotionally intense and possessive at that point, getting jealous at the slightest provocation. She is anything but superficial and loves to pierce the surface and get to the true heart of the matter. Besides her passion for love – which is what recharges her batteries and keeps her world turning – she is also attracted to wealth and power, employing her considerable dynamism, passion and determination towards those ends.

Beyoncé’s Venus in Libra

Beyoncé wins people over with her sweet, gracious and sociable personality. Not even the grumpiest, most mistrustful of people can resist the charm her Venus in Libra gives Beyoncé! She values beauty and good looks very highly and seeks to move in beautiful and fashionable circles, where she can stand out for her superior elegance. While she enjoys flirting and making new acquaintances, she often finds it difficult to distinguish love from friendship. It therefore takes a while before she decides to embark on a relationship, whether casual or serious. Once attached, however, Beyoncé ensures that each day with her beloved is unique and beautiful, full of joy, kindness, harmony and fun! She consequently avoids love spats and refrains from nagging and whining. But she sometimes shows such tolerance towards others that she winds up oppressed and victimised herself!

Beyoncé’s Sun in the eleventh house

"All for one and one for all" is another one of Beyoncé’s mottos. She loves teamwork, not only because it stimulates her mind and gets her creative juices flowing, but also because it gives her a chance to widen her perspective and showcase her talents! She loves to bounce ideas off of others, working more productively and making better progress as part of a team something she has her Sun in the eleventh house to thank for. Enthusiastic, full of dreams and ideals and socially conscious, she wants to transmit her own joy and optimism to everyone she meets! Beyoncé would ideally like to live in a world where everyone cares for their fellow man. It might be difficult to put such an idea into practice, but she personally does her best to help as many people as she possibly can - something she’s proved with her actions time and time again!

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