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Bradley Cooper Horoscope

Bradley Cooper Horoscope

Bradley Cooper born on 5 January 1975, Pennsylvania, U.S.  His zodiac sign is Capricorn with Sagittarius Ascendant and Libra Moon. Bradley Cooper's Chinese zodiac sign is Tiger and his Life Path Number is 1.

Even though he was nominated for Actor in a Leading Role for Oscars 2019, the rumours that he is dating his co-star Lady Gaga was the hot topic. Let’s take a look at his horoscope to see what else we can deduce about this Capricorn celebrity.

Bradley Cooper's birth chart

Bradley cooper birth chart and horoscope

Planet of make-believe, Neptune, likes to hog the limelight in the horoscopes of people that play-pretend for a living. It sits on the ascendant in Cooper’s horoscope, conjunct stroppy Mars, so could be that he’s also got an artistic temperament on occasion, and, as they’re in Sagittarius, along with his ascendant, he might be flaky on the old commitment front. Or have issues. Short marriages aren’t uncommon with such a planetary set-up and he’s already got one one-year marriage  - with Jennifer Esposito - under his belt.

Like most of us he’s a walking, talking paradox because despite all of this his partnership-oriented Libra moon tells us that he doesn’t like being alone. The moon is also opposite Chiron in the fourth house so he’s aware of his feminine side and strives to be balanced in his dealings with the opposite sex, and is probably very attached to his mother. Capricorn sun and moon people can sometimes need other ‘connectivity aspects’, let’s call them, in their horoscopes in order to mend what’s best described as an emotional disconnect with their mothers, warding off tension and strained relations into adulthood. Perhaps it’s because Capricorn is the opposite sign to moon-ruled Cancer.

Pluto at the top of Bradley Cooper’s horoscope is like the star on the top of the Christmas tree (it’s time to put them away btw) and endows him with truckloads of charisma and he’ll be very like one of his parents. Yet, when you consider the fact that this planet is square his sun, plus the fact his sun is opposite Saturn, then it’s looking like his father’s influence was an inhibiting, restrictive one. Sun-Saturn aspects like this have to be worked on because they can dent the self-confidence of the person in question if not and make them feel inferior, and a career in acting is a great way to combat all of this. Neither do things come easy in life to these people: destiny prefers to take a circuitous route before reaching them. They also tend to have a difficult start in life, or a trickier set of circumstances to deal with, that make them grow up fast. Bradley Cooper was born with an ear condition and considered quitting acting after a deflating run of bit parts that would have extinguished the motivation to continue of a great many people.

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk

People with Sun-Saturn aspects, like Bradley Cooper, are also attracted to Capricorn types (the sign that Saturn rules) and super model Irina Shayk, like Bradley Cooper himself of course, was born under this sign of the self-made. They began dating in 2015 and although Bradley had been pretty active in the love front, having dated celebrities such as Renee Zellweger and Suki Waterhouse, he seems to be ready to settle down with Irina, as they had their first child in March 2018. However many seem to believe that Cooper's onscreen romance with Lady Gaga is a reality.

One more observation about these planets (the sun and Saturn, that is) in his horoscope is that they oppose each other from the second to the eighth houses. With Cooper, we have someone that most definitely likes to build security around him in the form of material possessions. He’s probably also a saver. His horoscope is all about putting down roots, having children, retreating from the world, growing a beard and letting it all hang out because you’re wrapped up in the fuzzy blanket of confidence that comes from knowing that somebody loves you and that you’re building a life together.

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