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Christian Bale - Celebrity horoscope

Christian Bale - Celebrity horoscope

Christian Bale has hit the news on the back of his new film Exodus: Gods And Kings, which just premiered in New York City, following a world premiere in London. The Batman actor is everywhere at the moment, but let’s look at his horoscope for a peek at the man behind the mask.

Christian Bale's horoscope - The Man Behind Batman's Mask

He’s associated with a mask for both Batman and American Psycho funnily enough, and Aquarians (his birthday is 30th January 1974) usually are a sort of contradiction, which in his case translates to someone who hides behind his fame. He’s not an actor who all out embraces the celebrity lifestyle.
We don’t have a birth time for Christian unfortunately, so we can’t calculate either his ascendant or his house positions. What we do know though is that along with his cool Aquarius sun that makes him as intellectually sharp as his cheekbones, his moon is in either Aries (fiery, impulsive, cheeky) or Taurus (homely, dependable, security loving). His wife Sibi Blazic is an Aries, so this would suggest that his moon is more likely to be in this sign.
With Venus in Capricorn he’s a practical lover. Sibi is four years older than him, and this is typical of people with this planet in this sign - they are attracted to mature types, either in attitude or in years.
Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and it also makes a fair few aspects in his horoscope. This combination makes for the archetypal environmentalist and champion of noble causes, and he actively supports both Greenpeace and The World Wildlife Fund.
Uranus also forms a hard aspect to Venus so he might be unpredictable and difficult to get along with privately at times. It forms a softer trine with Saturn granting Christian an active imagination, although whatever Saturn touches makes for a serious business. He is known for going to extreme lengths to get into the character, for example, like when he lost all that weight for the film The Machinist.
The moon rules our emotions and his opposes Uranus so he can be slightly eccentric and volatile at times, but with a strong intuition. There's a chance he had a disrupted home life when he was growing up, or had parents who were too concerned with their own affairs to give him the attention he craved? This aspect also suggests that he’s likely to go through the odd identity crisis, so he needs a partner and a job that allows him to express this – like acting.

And with Saturn sextile his moon there’s a reserve about him that will dampen down the showier side of his Aries moon. This can also lead to difficulties in his relationships with women, but for now he seems happy enough next to Sibi Blazic and their daughter!

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