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David Bowie’s astrology birth chart

David Bowie’s astrology birth chart

David Bowie: A rebel, a hero, an eccentric, inspiring Capricorn with an Aquarius Ascendant. Here’s a very small tribute to one of the most influential artists of our time. David Bowie’s astrology chart:

Born on 8 January 1947 at 9:00 am (according to most sources) in the United Kingdom, David Bowie was a Capricorn but his eccentric, trend setting style was owed mostly to his Aquarius Ascendant. A unique individual, highly independent, expressing himself freely and living each moment to the full! Nothing seemed to be a taboo or off limits for David, and it was obvious he could not bear prejudice! His Moon in generous Leo signifies a person that seeks to live life to the utmost, filling it with laughter and joy, and taking pleasure in every waking moment, living by the motto that life is far too short to waste on things that bring you down. A person who likes to bring out the best in others, which proves to be rather easy, given their naturally positive and warm personality.

With Jupiter in his 9th House, the expansion of his horizons – whether through art, travel or spiritual pursuits – had probably been of primary importance to David Bowie throughout his life. Jupiter in the 9th house indicates  a love of learning and an interest in philosophy, which –together with Venus in the 9th house- was probably the main force behind his exquisite music making. The Sun square Neptune aspect in his chart shows a person to whom reality must have seemed incredibly cruel and often refused to accept it, choosing to lose himself in a fantasy world of his own making, seeing music as his refuge. Finally, with his Mars sextile Jupiter aspect, David Bowie was set for success ever since he was born. His unconventional spirit, his "carpe diem" approach to life and a divine touch of rare talent gave the music world one of its Heroes.


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