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Fifty Shades of Grey Star Jamie Dornan’s Horoscope

Fifty Shades of Grey Star Jamie Dornan’s Horoscope
Following the first round of hype surrounding Fifty Shades of Grey the book, and its controversial contents, you must have been living down a well with no Wi-Fi to miss the second wave of interest now that the film version of Fifty Shades of Grey is packing them in. Whatever your views on the franchise itself, to be part of such a global phenomenon is bound to do equally phenomenal things to the career of its leading man, Jamie Dornan. He’s topping all kinds of sexiest man polls and is perhaps the reason for at least half the population flocking in their droves to see what all the fuss is about. Unfortunately for all those Jamie devotees out there he happens to be married, a misfortune you’re all probably very well aware of by now. But in the spirit of the film (kind of) we can always fantasise, and with the help of his horoscope get to know a little more about its leading man. It’s a healthy interest, right?

Jamie Dornan's Horoscope

We don’t have a birth time for him but what we do know is that he’s Taurus (born 1st May 1982) and that he had a fortuitous start in life, originating from Hollywood. (Hollywood, County Down, Northern Ireland that is!) He comes from an impressive pedigree of male and female Taurean film stars past and present like Audrey Hepburn, George Clooney and Cate Blanchett. It’s easy to make generalisations in astrology and we shouldn’t go by the sun sign alone of course, but Taurus is ruled by beautiful Venus and many of this sign’s natives are physically striking, often oozing an earthy sensuality on top of good looks. Learn more for the Taurus personality traits.
We also know that his moon is in Leo, and this goes some way to explaining the show off in him, as this sign (along with Aquarius) is key in many an actor/performer/entertainer’s chart. As opposite signs, this is the zodiac’s fame junkie axis. Taurus and Leo are also fixed signs so he’s a fairly determined chap that probably likes things his own way. Taurus and Leo together can also make for a personality that’s a lot of fun.
Jamie married Amelia Warner in 2013. She’s Gemini, and although not a textbook match being neighbouring signs, when paired with Taurus this can be a fruitful long-term partnership because, in a nutshell, Gemini has the ideas and Taurus has the perseverance to make them happen. Taurus also anchors fluttery Gemini. Amelia also has her moon in Scorpio, an opposing lunar drive to Jamie’s solar Taurean energy, elevating them even further up the compatibility scale. Amelia’s Venus is in wide conjunction with Jamie’s sun, so there’s a fabulous sexual connection going on here, too. Have you heard enough of just how sickeningly perfect this couple is? Are you turning Shrek-green with envy?
Well, we’ll round things off by saying that he’s also got Venus in Pisces, so he’s probably rather a mushy, sentimental old romantic at heart, and not really anything like the character Christian Grey at all.
Jamie’s progressed moon is in sexy Scorpio right now (where else!) and conjunct his natal Jupiter, so this is a fertile time for opportunity. He may also find that he becomes a father for a second time soon. But what’s most interesting is that Venus return lighting up his chart. This is when we all shine because we look and feel our best, and what better time for him with the eyes of the world scrutinising his every move. 
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