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Hello, Adele - This is your astrology chart!

Hello, Adele - This is your astrology chart!

Adele, one of the most successful performers out there, having won 10 Grammy Awards and an Oscar, is back with “Hello”, taking the international music scene by storm! Hello's video-clip on youtube has more than 500,000,000 views and that number will probably be already outdated by the time you read these lines. Adele’s incredible success is not entirely based on her moving music though, as she seems to be a really really cool, down-to-earth, girl-next-door diva that is simply hard not to like! And she is only 27 years old! Here’s a look at this wonder girl’s birth chart that might shed some light on her personality. Was her success written on the stars?

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Hello, Adele! Here’s your birth chart analysis by Horoscope Friends:

Adele’s Star sign is Taurus

Patient, calm and sensible, you rarely lose your cool, exuding a kind of peace and serenity that others admire. But boiling just under this calm exterior hides a force to be reckoned with! And when you have finally had about as much as you can take you transform into the proverbial bull in a china shop – raging and wrecking havoc indiscriminately! Not a fan of change or of taking risks, you are steady, diligent and responsible, preferring a stable and secure lifestyle even if this turns out to be a bit of a routine. You take ages to make a decision… When you finally do, you give it all you've got, defending your views with great obstinacy and determination. You have excellent taste and adore luxury and comfort. Your greatest weakness, of course, is your love for good food.

Moon in Sagittarius

Life is one great big adventure for you! It is not worth living without a lot of fun and quite a bit of risk-taking. And why not? You are lucky after all! Very optimistic, you have a happy-go-lucky temperament and you are full of energy. Always willing to try out new things, you are openhearted and eager to learn something from every experience. While it just isn't enough for you to cover life's basic needs, luxury and comfort don't interest you either. You are a natural explorer. No matter what turns your life may take, just when you think you are down on your luck something always turns up and saves the day! You can thank your lucky stars for that. Even so, you believe that luck helps those who help themselves. So you do whatever is in your power to prepare yourself for your big break so that you can be ready when your luck strikes. This is why you are willing to take risks and play the game rather than play it safe. Doing so makes life even more enjoyable! Constantly learning new things and expanding your horizons, you love subjects such as philosophy, history, geography, foreign cultures and all kinds of abstract theoretical studies. You value your freedom extremely highly – after all, unless you are free how can you take advantage of the opportunities that life may bring your way? Your need to be accountable to no one but yourself does mean that you have to go it alone from time to time. Having a family is something you have thought about, but it is not one of your priorities.

Mercury in Gemini

You are a highly talented communicator with boundless curiosity and you are outgoing and fun to be around! Your mind is sharp, logical and extremely fast. This often puts you ahead of the pack in your ability to make quick decisions that place you on the right track. Your brain is like a computer processor that needs constant input and you enjoy learning new things, exploring and making new discoveries. You are curious to know everything about everyone! Your natural inquisitiveness, problem-solving skill and love of dialogue mean that your friends often come to you with their problems. You are happy to help. Your ability with the written and spoken word also draws people to you, giving you a knack for winning others' sympathy and support. You talk incessantly and can often get carried away into meaningless chatter. Even then, you have such an expressive way with words, and such a rich and playful vocabulary, that people never get bored of listening! You enjoy doing puzzles, solving riddles and surfing the net for titbits of information. Travel and the study of foreign languages are your favourite hobbies.

Venus in Gemini

The 'perennial flirt', you really enjoy meeting and getting to know new people! Love is a game that you play with relish and without too many rules or restrictions – no hard feelings… You enjoy the thrill of the chase much more than actually having a relationship. That is why you tend to remain somewhat aloof – it makes things more interesting and keeps the flames of passion burning! Not really into appearances, you never judge a book by its cover. What turns you on is what's inside people's head! You love constructive conversation that sharpens your mind and you can fall in love with someone purely based on the way they think and react to situations. You like change and renewal and – truth be told – you are not known for being the faithful type… As a result, romantic dilemmas may often crop up and obstruct the smooth flow of your love-life.

Mars in Aquarius

You are driven by the idea of change, never ceasing in your efforts to make change happen! Innovative and forward-looking, you are excited by the unknown and love to experiment. You have original ideas and you are able to make quick decisions, unafraid to try out new things. Simply put, you are game for anything! Sometimes you wish you could just press a button and magically change things around you. You seem constantly on the lookout for new and untried things, and even though you go for what you want in no uncertain terms, you always remain friendly. You are motivated by democratic and humanitarian ideals and you like to work as part of a team. You would make a wonderful and fair team leader. On the other hand, you do not like to depend on others, much preferring to have the freedom to make your own decisions and stand on your own two feet. Be careful not to alienate those you care about in your passion for independence.

Jupiter in Taurus

Oozing strength and self-confidence, achieving financial security and professional stability is your life's dream! This is why you work hard to develop your talents and capitalise on any assets and resources already in your possession. You have an unparalleled ability to slowly and carefully evaluate difficult situations in order to determine the best way forward. You also have the patience and determination to make your dreams a reality. Once you prioritise what matters to you the most, whatever it is you want – be this money, fame or fortune – it is yours for the taking! You may well have the Midas touch! Choosing a profession involving money (such as stockbroking, managing assets, banking or accounting) would be a good career path for you.

Saturn in Capricorn

You live in a state of constant professional and financial anxiety, dreading the idea that you might make a mistake that will cost you a lot of money, or worse, your job! You therefore work very hard, trying your best to be efficient and effective and to generate as much income as you possibly can. You are a bona fide workaholic! Organised and reliable, you accept many responsibilities and always successfully discharge all your duties irrespective of your workload. However, you do take life a little too seriously. This may ensure that you are thorough and avoid mistakes, but it also leaves little time for fun and for life's little pleasures. Your obsession with professional and financial success often alienates you from your surroundings, because you allow yourself no time for a personal life.

Uranus in Capricorn

You have a great many ambitions! You also have great ability and the strength to face and successfully overcome life's challenges. A believer in growth and progress, you take every opportunity to enrich your knowledge and experience. You tend to want to 'get rich quick' and often come up with novel and radical moneymaking schemes! You have original and unusual business ideas and a progressive attitude towards your own career. You will most likely choose a profession that allows you to remain autonomous while granting you authority, power and control over others.

Neptune in Capricorn

While there is nothing wrong with sitting around and daydreaming, you would much rather place both feet firmly on the ground, than waste your time on fantasies that you know will never come true! You long to realise every single one of your dreams. This is why, whenever you feel a great yearning for something, you always take slow and steady steps to make it a reality. Anything but a dreamer, you are a realist who sets goals and then proceed to achieve them. What you long for most is to be the one in control – pulling the strings. You would be good at that. Your ideas may seem somewhat traditional and conservative to others, but everyone has a good word to say about you and nobody can ever doubt your integrity.

Pluto in Scorpio

Anything but superficial, you analyse everything in great depth seeking to uncover its true substance. You never judge a book by its cover, always reaching into the core to find the essence of everything you encounter! Your heart and your head work in unison to help you make the best decisions in life, pointing you in the right direction. You have a highly developed intuition that you hone to perfection as you grow and mature. Subjects such as psychology, metaphysics, mysticism and the occult intrigue you, for they can help you answer life's deeper questions.

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