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Henry Cavill - The Superman's horoscope!

Henry Cavill - The Superman's horoscope!

Who would have thought it? Superman a nervous flyer! Well, the man that plays him is at any rate. Henry Cavill recently arrived for a flight at Los Angeles’ LAX airport with dog Kal-El in tow for ‘emotional support.’ Yes, you can fly in the States accompanied by the calming influence of a pooch if you get a bit panicky in the air. There’ll be no sign of any nerves when he dons his red cape and boots for another Man of Steel outing in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie, though. And both his Superman and heartthrob statuses (plus his apparent love of dogs) are reason enough for us here at HoroscopeFriends to want to delve further into his chart.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Henry Cavill’s Horoscope!

Going on a 5th May 1983, 02.40am birth date/time, Henry is Taurus with both moon and ascendant in Aquarius. Both Aquarius and Taurus are what are known as fixed signs, so even Lex Luthor himself would be challenged if he tried to make him do anything against his iron will.  Stubborn by nature, he’ll be intractable in his opinions. He’s also happy to stay in the same job or emotional scenario forever once he’s committed, and has even spoken about wanting to play Superman for “many, many years to come.” This is the chart of a man that balks at even a suspicion of change.

An Aquarian influence in the chart usually always indicates an independent creature of habit.  A walking contradiction. He has one broken engagement under his belt, splitting from Ellen Whitaker in 2012. Since then he’s remained single as far as we know. Aquarius is a fiercely private sign, yet paradoxically when the water bearer is dominant in a chart it can also create fame junkies. This is the opposite sign to showbiz Leo let’s not forget. It’s just that Aquarius tends to be less transparent about a need to be well known.
Perhaps the biggest driver in his chart is a cluster of planets in Taurus: sun, Mars and Mercury. This is a man that regards love seriously, taking time before he commits, once he manages to allay his initial Aquarian interpersonal fears. With his moon on the ascendant he’ll be a sensitive soul, and find it difficult to separate other people’s feelings from his own once he gets involved.
The aspects in a chart bring added colour to a person’s nature. In Henry’s case, Venus oppose Neptune means that he’ll often dream of finding the perfect relationship, but become entangled in emotional confusion when he does, and be drawn to people that tell him what he wants to hear. Pisces people particularly, like his ex, but these aren’t challenging enough in the long run. Fixed people like Henry ultimately need a person they can lean against and spar with. Jupiter conjunct Uranus makes him both an idealist and a sort of people’s champion - and kind of explains his attraction to the Superman role. He may not always value security on a personal level when this aspect is activated. He can be restless, and his life will be peppered by sudden opportunities. Henry’s also a bit of a rebel at times.

Given all of these conflicting aspects, is romance promised in his chart? Will Henry Cavill ever find his Wonder Woman?

His progressed moon is in Aries so he’ll be thinking of himself right now. He’s fairly independent anyway so there’ll be even less of an incentive to settle down under this lunar influence. This all changes in March this year. He’ll have a greater need for security (possibly money-oriented, as this is a Taurus we’re talking about), but this can also highlight an emotional deficit in his life.
His progressed moon will eventually move into Taurus in late 2016 where it will stimulate all his natal Taurean energies for a couple of years, sparking some inevitable changes in his personal circumstances. Home and roots will figure more prominently, and he may gain some weight should he decide to settle down. Please form an orderly queue!
December 2017 will bring another key change. His progressed moon conjuncts his natal sun and also squares his natal moon, forcing him to spend more time with his emotions. Moon in Aquarius people tend to shy away from true intimacy. With the long awaited Batman vs. Superman movie premier this year though, his work is going be in the spotlight soon!
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