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Hozier’s Horoscope

Hozier’s Horoscope
Irish singer-songwriter Hozier and his megahit Take Me to Church is a welcome earworm for many of us if nearly 165 million views on YouTube alone is anything to go by. It’s a tune that rocketed him to global superstardom, and maybe you saw him perform it with Annie Lennox at the 2015 Grammy Awards (where it was nominated for Song of the Year), or perhaps you associate it instead with that video viral doing the rounds featuring ballet dancer Sergei Polunin? Hozier was also nominated for Best International Male Solo Artist at this year’s Brit awards.

Let’s delve into Hozier’s horoscope to see what it reveals about the man behind the music…

He’s Pisces, born on the 17th March 1990. We don’t have a birth time so his Ascendant and astrological house placements remain a mystery, but based on a midday birth-chart his moon is in Sagittarius. The moon was in Scorpio in the early hours of the morning that day, but we think that his longhaired rock god image is more Sagittarian – the sign that is regarded by many astrologers as the hairiest.
Pisces sun people tend to be artistically gifted in some way, and as well as singing he writes music and plays an array of instruments - plus a lot of his songs are unashamedly romantic, another Piscean province. (Check out music and the signs of the zodiac for more on astrology’s musical signatures!)
Pisces are usually fairly fluid, easy-going people, and true to form he’s laughed off speculation about his sexuality (despite Take Me to Church being written after a harrowing breakup with his first girlfriend) in a typically worldly fashion that’s also characteristic of his Sagittarian moon.
Hozier’s natal Mars is in wide conjunction with his natal Venus. These two planets up close and personal like this is nearly always an indicator of sex appeal, although both are in Aquarius, so privacy is a big deal for him. He’ll keep others and their adulation at arm’s length, and this includes the people he knows personally (bizarrely), as well as his fans. Aquarius is a socially aware sign, and Take Me to Church is said to be a comment on the Catholic Church lyrically, accompanied by an anti-homophobic video. His Sagittarian moon further underlines an interest in religion, morals and ethics.

Where will his future take him?

His progressed moon currently sits in Scorpio, and it’ll conjunct Pluto roughly around the time of his next birthday. This could mean that he’ll be captured mind, body and soul by a love interest that will transform his life because of the intense sexual power this person exerts over him. His creative output will also have a darker edge to it, or some psychological ghosts from his past will wriggle their way into his song writing.

His progressed moon will conjunct his natal midheaven at roughly the same time. This is fantastic news for his career, and there may even be a strong female influence in his public life because the moon is involved. This is the ruler of ‘the feminine’ in the zodiac, and he’s made no secret of the fact that he’s a huge fan of female singers like Nina Simone, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. They’re all dead unfortunately so he might choose to do a posthumous duet like Barbra Streisand did with Elvis last year. Pluto rules death and rebirth after all. You heard it here first!

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