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Hugh Jackman - Celebrity horoscope

Hugh Jackman - Celebrity horoscope

Sci-fi film Chappie starring Hugh Jackman as Vincent Moore just had its UK release. Hugh is regarded as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. But can anybody really be that nice? Let’s have a look at his horoscope to see if his image rings true.

His Sun is in gracious and charming Libra. That’s one important box ticked. Mercury and Uranus are also in the sign of the scales (tick, tick) so he possesses a triple layer of Libran loveliness – thoughtfulness, tact, diplomacy  - and an appreciation of all the beautiful things in life. Librans are said to like gorgeous things because they themselves are often very easy on the eye - the best looking in the whole zodiac some might say. And Mr Jackman would have no shortage of volunteers ready to mop his brow while he was dissecting a future starring role, should he ever find himself single. If this were to happen it would be a sorry state of affairs for Hugh because Libra rules relationships, so these people are like swans: they need a constant companion. 

Libran Hugh Jackman and his revealing astrology chart

So what does the rest of his chart say about his goody-goody image? Libra is an air sign, as is Aquarius, the sign his ascendant falls on, likewise Gemini, home to his moon. All three air signs represented like this indicate he’s probably not all that controversial, preferring to keep things light when he communicates. And he loves to talk, so he’s in the right line of work.  On top of this, Neptune conjunct Venus in the tenth house is the archetypal glamorous film star. Both planets are in Scorpio too, hence his sexy screen persona.
The Aquarian influence is interesting, and this is when the rainbow begins to fade slightly. A rebellious streak may be present, and he will be perverse at times, preferring to maintain a friendly distance even with those that know him well.
Delving a little bit deeper, and if he does have a dark side, or an inner Wolverine, then his full eighth house could be the key to it. This is one of the murkiest parts of the chart, concerned with sex, power and money – and perhaps he uses acting to channel his eighth house out into the world through the people he portrays so that it doesn’t seep out in his personal life?
The chart ruler, Uranus, is one of the planets in the eighth house (so it’s important in his overall psychological make-up) along with three others including Pluto, endowing him with oodles of charisma and a powerful presence. Pluto conjunct Jupiter makes for a positive and determined personality, and he might even be interested in astrology (Hello Hugh if you’re reading this).
Finally, his parents were devout Christians, and it’s interesting that his sun (symbolic of the father figure) is in the ninth house, ruler of religious affairs. Saturn oppose his sun indicates a strict father/upbringing, and a severe lack of confidence will have plagued him throughout his life because of this aspect - and probably still does at some level. He might suffer from bouts of depression, have self-worth issues or generally lack self-confidence. People with this aspect often select a partner that is older than them, or they choose to marry later in life. He has been married to Deborah-Lee Furness since 1996. She is 59 and he is 46. She is Sagittarius so her sun opposes Hugh’s moon and this makes for great intellectual rapport between them. And even though we don’t have a birth time for Deborah it looks like her moon is in Libra next to his sun, so there’s a strong physical attraction between them.
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