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Joe Manganiello marries Sofia Vergara - Here's his birth chart!

Joe Manganiello marries Sofia Vergara - Here's his birth chart!

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara tied the knot in a luxurious yet romantic ceremony in Palm Beach yesterday and they are officially one of the hottest couples in Hollywood (Brangelina, beware!)! But who is the unbelievably gorgeous guy who convinced Sofia to marry him in less than 6 months? Here’s a look at Joe Manganiello’s astrology birth chart! (Don’t forget to get your free birth chart reading here!)

Dear Joe, here’s your birth chart reading by Horoscope Friends:

Sun in Capricorn

Rather conventional, you are guided by duty and reason, preferring to stick to the norm as a matter of course. Taking on board everything your parents taught you when you were young, you know never to exceed the guidelines you set for yourself. Your ideas may seem conservative to others but you are, by your very nature, a stickler for tradition. Highly ambitious, you have the patience and industriousness to firmly see every single one of your goals to fruition! You pour all your energy into achieving professional success and high social status often ignoring your emotional needs, which suffer from neglect. You have your life all mapped out! As tradition would require, having a family and children are naturally part of the plan.

Moon in Aries

Your fiery soul is brimming with strength and self-confidence! Naturally spontaneous and honest, you value your independence above all else and go to great lengths to preserve it! This makes you a bit of a loner. You love action, adventure and risk and can be happy with very little, not being all that interested in wealth and luxury. You find joy in life's simple pleasures and prefer a bohemian (even ascetic at times) and unencumbered lifestyle. Your greatest faults are your impatience and lack of self-control. You are capable of tripping yourself up though sheer carelessness in your desperation to make things happen this very instant, thus sabotaging everything you have worked for! Or you can get angry over the slightest trifle, start a fight and unwittingly hurt the very people who love and care about you.

Mercury in Capricorn

You have a no-nonsense way of thinking and believe that there is a rational explanation for everything! You don't like to waste your breath on meaningless conversation and you hate intellectual pomposity. You prefer to express yourself and show your skill through action. You have a highly analytical mind and are completely aware, at every moment, of exactly where you stand. You always try to set aside how you feel before making any decisions, preferring to be guided by logic alone. People may perceive you as cold and insensitive because of this, but in actual fact you are simply realistic and practical. You are always true to your word, never breaking a promise if you can help it. You are rather reserved and cautious with new acquaintances preferring to keep your distance. Despite this, you do have a large social circle, and people speak highly of you! You are very focused, with strong powers of concentration and there is no doubt that when you put your mind to something you will most definitely succeed!

Venus in Aquarius

Not a friend of permanently binding contracts, everyone knows that you cherish your freedom and would do anything to keep it! Marriage is a compromise as far as you are concerned and you do your best to avoid it. And if you do get married, it will be in an open, relaxed and freedom-loving spirit. You believe that all relationships are essentially rooted in friendship and that having true friends is the most important thing in life. Open-minded and without prejudice, you have a likeable personality and make friends easily – particularly enjoying being around people from foreign countries. You set ambitious goals for yourself that you want to realise this very minute, as you are somewhat lacking in patience!

Mars in Sagittarius

A free and adventurous spirit, you face life's challenges with dynamism, courage and optimism. Simply put, nothing scares you! You are bold and direct and can sometimes be quite abrupt. You don't like to suffer restrictions on how to lead your life or what to think and feel. If someone tries to impose limits on you then you simply walk away – such is your desire for freedom! You are an honest soul and have the capacity to cleverly navigate life's pitfalls. You adore simplicity in all things and absolutely love nature and the great outdoors! Travelling really appeals to your expansive temperament and you enjoy discovering new places, meeting new people and exploring different cultures. Life is one big great adventure with you, and you love to live every minute to the full, with no daily schedules, duties and limitations to hold you back!

Jupiter in Taurus

Oozing strength and self-confidence, achieving financial security and professional stability is your life's dream! This is why you work hard to develop your talents and capitalise on any assets and resources already in your possession. You have an unparalleled ability to slowly and carefully evaluate difficult situations in order to determine the best way forward. You also have the patience and determination to make your dreams a reality. Once you prioritise what matters to you the most, whatever it is you want – be this money, fame or fortune – it is yours for the taking! You may well have the Midas touch! Choosing a profession involving money (such as stockbroking, managing assets, banking or accounting) would be a good career path for you.

Saturn in Leo

Someone with a rich inner world, you love passionately and unconditionally! And yet you find it difficult to openly express your powerful feelings. You are quite reserved – even conservative at times – hesitating to show how you feel or ask for what you want. You might therefore appear callous and indifferent in the eyes of others, who may wonder if you are feeling anything at all! All the while you are simply trying to find a way to allow yourself to give and receive love. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there, learn, love and be loved – and let the chips fall where they may! You can benefit from studying nature and its laws. If all else fails, spending time in the company of children and animals, both of which you adore, can help you relax, regroup, and regain your strength.

Uranus in Scorpio

You experience every moment passionately, madly, and intensely and could never settle for a relationship that is stuck in routine and daily monotony. You have a way of lighting and relighting the spark in your love life and nobody can resist your kinky moves and sexy tricks! Nothing is off limits or taboo for you and your reactions are generally uncontrollable, unpredictable and quite forceful. You have limitless desire… Prone to getting involved with people who seem strangely mysterious or even incompatible with you at first glance, you are simply excited when faced with a challenge! You seek intense pleasure and enjoyment and totally respect others' desires without prejudice.

Neptune in Sagittarius

You are an idealist by nature – filled with high aspirations and grandiose dreams, hopes and visions for the future. No matter what life throws your way, you just cannot stop anticipating good things and dreaming of a better tomorrow. Full of optimism and positivity you constantly make plans for a life that's better than the one you are currently living. You cannot bear stagnation so you try to keep expanding your world, learning about anything and everything in order to be ready to take off when the future comes. You love philosophy, religion and politics – anything that gives you a sense of the bigger picture! You also love travelling. Rest assured, you will travel a lot in your life! You especially yearn to journey to distant civilisations and get to know foreign cultures, as a way to open up your mind and widen your horizons. You are wonderfully sociable and outgoing and you have friends from all around the globe!

Pluto in Libra

You experience change and spiritual growth primarily through your close romantic relationships and friendships. Investing yourself in your relationships completely, these play a central role in your life, becoming a defining factor of your personality. You have a no-nonsense attitude toward marriage and partnership, both of which you approach with the utmost seriousness and commitment. This is exactly why relationships function like a catalyst for change and maturity in your life.

Here's to the happy couple!

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