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Katy Perry celebrity horoscope and birth chart analysis

Katy Perry celebrity horoscope and birth chart analysis
Katy Perry wowed the world during the half-time show at this year’s Super Bowl.  The global singing superstar and ex-wife of Russell Brand (they were married for 14 months) is a Scorpio extraordinaire. No less than five planets in this sign. This is what gives Katy her striking eyes (check out the eyes of your Scorpio friends and you’ll see what we mean!) – as well as her sexy sassiness. But as far as we know, and since splitting with John Mayer last year, Katy is still single. But the Scorpio Sun, combined with Libra rising leaving her feeling like half a person with no relationship, means that we’re pretty sure she’ll be quietly looking for someone to share her life with.

Here’s what Katy Perry’s horoscope has to say on the life and love of the pop star of the moment.

Little wonder her Super Bowl performance is being hailed as such a triumph and a spectacle. She has Jupiter transiting her tenth house - ruler of career and her public life. She’s therefore filtering all the exciting and colourful attributes the planet Jupiter stands for. This also brings her greater recognition, reward and good luck, and together with Mars and Venus (her chart ruler) in her fifth house she’s at her creative peak, with a knack for entertaining. Hence being aloft a giant tiger, dancing with sharks and engaging an audience as mammoth as the Super Bowl’s.
No aftershave in her bathroom cabinet may bother her from time to time, although on the other hand she’d rather be single than be with the wrong person. People with Sun in Scorpio dominant in their birth-charts are intense, preferring the whole package when they do decide to make that final commitment. Scorpio is also a sign of heightened intellect so they need people as shrewd and as wily as themselves. She is a turned on by brains and made no secret of being attracted to wordsmith Russell Brand because of his.
Despite having the reputation for sexual prowess some Scorpios can go for long periods with no sexual relationship at all. To her, sex is a transformative, spiritual experience that can’t be divorced from love. This is an extremely seriously business, and ultimately she needs intimacy in her life.
With so many planets in the first house (see the 12 houses in astrology) she has a healthy sense of self and a sizable ego, and she’ll always strive for success in her life and on her own terms. She’s also someone that is kind of impervious to the criticism of others.
Sun-Pluto conjunction is a powerful planetary aspect and she’ll probably be fairly intimidating when these planets are activated. She’ll no doubt also have her diva moments and may even enjoy making people feel inferior when she’s having one of her off days. Pluto near the ascendant (like Katy’s) generally makes people aware of the power dynamics in every social scenario, and her sharp instinct ensures she’ll quickly be able to turn most of them to her own advantage.
There’s also an interesting conjunction between moon and Saturn. Moon rules our emotions and our relationship with our mothers while Saturn is essentially restrictive, so Katy will probably see her mother as cold, distant and austere, and this may result in challenging relationships with other women, too. She may also have trouble expressing herself at a core level or making herself vulnerable. This can also encourage moodiness and she’d do well to be aware of her propensity to take her moods out on her nearest and dearest. Saturn is also one of the planets in the first house so Katy will have no problem with hard work, with such high business acumen.
Her Libra ascendant is kind of bleached out by all that powerful Scorpio energy, but it nevertheless gives her poise and grace, and is often one of the strongest chart indicators of physical beauty.
Will she meet her dreamboat soon?
The position of the moon in her chart right now tells us that she’s coping with her freedom despite her natal chart inclinations to the contrary, because it’s in the sign that values this above all else, Sagittarius. It also happens to be in the second house so she’ll be making lots more money right now. She may extend her business interests beyond the music industry.
Her progressed moon was of course in Scorpio before this, coinciding with her divorce from Russell Brand. She’ll now feel a lot lighter and freer after feeling this split immensely deeply because the moon will have stimulated such a packed and sensitive part of her chart at the time. Her Saturn Return was happening in parallel with this, and the footprint this left on her psyche means she’ll approach her next relationship with a lot more maturity.

Her progressed moon meets Venus next summer, bringing love into her life. Around August 2017 the moon moves into her fourth house, indicating a pregnancy or settling down. It also meets Mars, the planet that rules her seventh house, so this could very well mean a relationship starts to get serious from this point onwards.

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