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Lady Gaga horoscope

Lady Gaga horoscope

Lady Gaga (aka Stefani Germanotta) was born on 28 March 1986, New York, USA. Her zodiac sign is Aries with Gemini rising sign and Moon in Scorpio. Lady Gaga's Chinese sign is Tiger and her Life Path Number is 1.

Her birth chart shows that she is one lucky lady and was born to be a star. How do we know this? Because Jupiter at the 12 o’clock position in her horoscope says so, yet she doesn’t quite believe it. That’s because there are other elements in her astrology chart to suggest that she’s always thinking the clock is about to strike midnight and that all the Prada, Gucci and private jets will turn back into, rags, pumpkins and mice. 

Lady Gaga who recently broke up with her fiance, Christian Carino, had Bradley Cooper by her side, during their own nominations for A Star Is Born, sparking romance rumors from fans. They were also spotted at a pre-Oscars party looking like a couple, while Gaga's ex was there too.

Many fans are "-shipping" that romance as the chemistry is obvious!

Let's see what Lady Gaga's birth chart looks like!

Lady Gaga’s birth chart

Lady Gaga birth chart and horoscope

We’re pointing the finger of blame at Saturn and Uranus in her worrisome sixth house, and as Saturn also squares Jupiter, she may never quite believe her own hype. Mercury squares Uranus, so whatever pops into her head is what she blurts out, which is another product of her Gemini ascendant. The Mercury-Uranus aspect is common in people that like to be seen to be vocally supportive of fashionable or controversial causes. An energy-rich T-square to that high-up Jupiter, involving Saturn as we’ve said, likewise involves Chiron in the 12th house. We happen to think that this is an indication of her trying to heal herself from the inside out, instead of the, and often destructive, other way around like many pop stars do.

Her creative output moves people (moon in Scorpio conjunct Pluto in the fifth house) and inspires a cult-like devotion, as in the case of her Little Monsters, to whom she is Mother Monster – a literal embodiment of the maternal moon and uncompromising Pluto. The fifth house is concerned with image, Pluto with change, and we saw this in her traffic-light outfit changes back in the early days of her career, as well as her continually stunning performances, most recently at the 91st Academy Awards.

Sun and Venus in the eleventh house is a glamorous place for them to be and she can’t help but be seduced by this world or be forever chasing it, while Mars opposite her ascendant could mean she’s prone to anger  – as does her Aries sun. Neptune in the same house, the seventh, tells us that she idealizes her lovers and could misjudge people, go for people that are unattainable, or those that she finds self-destructively addictive, and there’s even more likelihood of this type of scenario because the sun squares Neptune.

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