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Maria Sharapova’s birth chart analysis

Maria Sharapova’s birth chart analysis

Let's take a brief look at Maria Sharapova's birth chart, following her announcing that she failed to pass a drug test during the recent Australian Open tournament.

Maria Sharapova was born in Russia, on 19th April 1987 and grew up to be one of the most successful female tennis players of all time. Sharapova started playing tennis at the age of four, practicing with her father, the first person to believe in her incredible potential. From a local park in a small Russian town, Maria rose to be the WTA world number 1 in August 2005, having earned the respect of millions of people for her methodical, persevering spirit and text-book tennis skills.

Maria Sharapova called for an urgent press conference on the 7th of March 2016 where she announced that she failed a drug test at the 2016 Australian Open, bringing herself to the spotlight for the wrong reasons this time. Doping is a serious offence against the sports world itself and the millions of  fans supporting an athlete, but it definitely takes some guts to stand in front of the world, acknowledge a mistake and take full responsibility about something that can ruin your career and change your life. Sharapova did something not many world-class athletes would do, so here is a quick look at her birth chart and what makes her so strong:

Sun in Aries

Strongly independent, you cannot stand it when others put pressure on you, even though you can be quite demanding and pushy yourself - you want it ALL and you want it NOW.

Moon in Capricorn

Responsible and hard-working, you always aim to behave with the utmost propriety, diligence and integrity towards others. Your career is of great importance to you and you consistently strive to increase your social status and achieve a position of distinction and prestige. The reason you so crave recognition and success is because you really need to feel like a worthwhile member of society. Highly ambitious, you set many goals, which you manage to reach through sheer relentless hard work.

Mercury in Aries

Forthright and spontaneous in speech and thought, these are characteristics that everyone appreciates, as they know they will hear the truth from you! You are honest and get straight to the point.

Jupiter in Aries

A pioneering spirit, passionately in search of growth and progress, you simply ooze self-confidence! Others may well admire you for your daring approach to life and your uncompromising beliefs. A natural leader, you are well suited for positions of responsibility, neither afraid of risk nor of taking the initiative to get things moving – even if some might think you impulsive or foolhardy for that. You are a brave soul with the courage to face anything life may throw your way. Once you get an idea into your head you will passionately pursue it. You are quite ambitious and you might sometimes trick yourself into avoiding any kind of commitment that might detract from your goals, including meaningful relationships… You are naturally honest, since you enjoy competition and want to win fair and square!

Maria’s acknowledged mistake might cause the tennis world to lose one of its great athletes, but one has to respect the lady’s perseverance through thick and thin and her taking full responsibility for her actions. Let’s see how her story plays out.

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