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Meg Ryan's celebrity horoscope and birth chart!

Meg Ryan's celebrity horoscope and birth chart!

Meg Ryan was born on November 1961 in Fairfield, Connecticut in the United States. Without knowing her exact time of birth, the House positions and aspects formed within the birth chart are a bit difficult to calculate. But we know enough to get a pretty good idea about what her birth chart will look like.

So, dear Meg, here is your free birth chart analysis by Horoscope Friends:

Your Sun is in Scorpio

A compelling and commanding personality with incredible self-control, you dominate others just as easily as you can prevail over your own weaknesses. You care little about what lies on the surface, preferring to deeply investigate everything you come across, learn what you can, and uncover the essential truth. You are passionate, loyal and dynamic with profound powers of observation. You can face any challenge, as you possess great patience and determination, approaching everything in a scrupulous and methodical manner. Never one to accept rejection or defeat, you just don't take no for an answer! When you find yourself faced with refusal, you retreat, regroup and attack with even greater force! Your strong sexual drive and magnetism act like a force field exerting a powerful attraction over everyone you meet.

Your Moon is in Aries

Your fiery soul is brimming with strength and self-confidence! Naturally spontaneous and honest, you value your independence above all else and go to great lengths to preserve it! This makes you a bit of a loner. You love action, adventure and risk and can be happy with very little, not being all that interested in wealth and luxury. You find joy in life's simple pleasures and prefer a bohemian (even ascetic at times) and unencumbered lifestyle. Your greatest faults are your impatience and lack of self-control. You are capable of tripping yourself up though sheer carelessness in your desperation to make things happen this very instant, thus sabotaging everything you have worked for! Or you can get angry over the slightest trifle, start a fight and unwittingly hurt the very people who love and care about you.

Your Mercury is in Scorpio

You have a penetrating mind and keen powers of observation. This, along with your strong tendency toward secrecy, turns you into a mighty 'detective'! Constantly on the look-out for mysteries, secret documents or confidential information, you know everything about everybody, including their deepest and darkest secrets…and you like to gossip! No matter how much you enjoy this game, your own life is always off limits, and you make sure not to reveal anything to anyone. Your sharp mind allows you to pierce into the heart of the matter and – using your infallible instinct – attempt a reliable interpretation of events. You may not be the most open and cordial of people, being rather suspicious and circumspect in your daily interactions instead, but you do have a powerful personal magnetism that attracts others to you! The air of mystery that surrounds you is especially alluring in matters of the heart. You also have a rather sharp tongue. God forbid someone should insult you, for you will quickly put them back in their place. You have a somewhat vindictive mind, and if anyone upsets or harms you, you immediately blacklist them and keep your distance, planning your revenge! You certainly give as good as you get.

Your Venus is in Scorpio

Love is an essential part of your life – you fall in love deeply, madly, passionately and intensely! All your relationships have a high element of drama to them since you live every moment as if it was your last. Jealousy and arguments are bound to be rife as you try to continuously impose yourself on your partner and ensure that he or she is completely and exclusively yours! You remain guarded at the start of every romance, never fully revealing your hand – you would much rather observe everything from a safe distance until you have had time to come to your own conclusions. Always surrounded by an air of mystery, you keep your cards close to your chest, while simultaneously penetrating the defences of the object of your desire… Once in their world, you do everything to conquer them – mind, body and soul! If someone avoids or rejects you, or – worse – betrays your trust, you remain eerily calm… Others should not be fooled: You are simply biding your time, planning for the right moment to get your revenge!

Your Mars is in Sagittarius

A free and adventurous spirit, you face life's challenges with dynamism, courage and optimism. Simply put, nothing scares you! You are bold and direct and can sometimes be quite abrupt. You don't like to suffer restrictions on how to lead your life or what to think and feel. If someone tries to impose limits on you then you simply walk away – such is your desire for freedom! You are an honest soul and have the capacity to cleverly navigate life's pitfalls. You adore simplicity in all things and absolutely love nature and the great outdoors! Travelling really appeals to your expansive temperament and you enjoy discovering new places, meeting new people and exploring different cultures. Life is one big great adventure with you, and you love to live every minute to the full, with no daily schedules, duties and limitations to hold you back!

Jupiter is in Aquarius

A fair and radical thinker – your views may well be ahead of your time! Highly democratic, you are interested in the common good, entertaining progressive ideas and philosophies that you want to see applied to benefit your fellow man. Your social conscience leads you to fight for a better future and you are likely to get involved with various organisations and communities to achieve that, uniting with others who share your beliefs. Your idealistic disposition means you can go without, if it means achieving something greater for the community. You have the ability to remain forward-thinking and optimistic even in the face of difficulty. Fair and open-minded, you keep your finger on the pulse and naturally move with the times. You are highly focused on your personal growth.

Saturn is in Capricorn

You live in a state of constant professional and financial anxiety, dreading the idea that you might make a mistake that will cost you a lot of money, or worse, your job! You therefore work very hard, trying your best to be efficient and effective and to generate as much income as you possibly can. You are a bona fide workaholic! Organised and reliable, you accept many responsibilities and always successfully discharge all your duties irrespective of your workload. However, you do take life a little too seriously. This may ensure that you are thorough and avoid mistakes, but it also leaves little time for fun and for life's little pleasures. Your obsession with professional and financial success often alienates you from your surroundings, because you allow yourself no time for a personal life.

Uranus is in Virgo

No one is as smart or as original a thinker as you are! You have great patience and persistence, making it a priority in life to gain as much knowledge as you possibly can to help you succeed in your profession. Above all you hate being idle and really enjoy taking care of others. You just feel much happier making yourself useful rather than sitting there, arms folded, doing nothing. You are particularly suited to occupations requiring high levels of dexterity and precision or those that that specialise in applicable knowledge.

Neptune is  in Scorpio

You live life to the full without qualms or reservations. You are excited by everything mysterious, hidden or unknown, and by things that are dark or taboo. You long to penetrate the surface and discover things that only few people know and which allow you to stay one step ahead of the game. You love metaphysics and mysticism and have a highly developed intuition. Your friends often turn to you for counsel, as you are a good advisor and your words often turn out to be prophetic! You are highly sexed and feel complete when you experience real intimacy. Always aiming to have the last word, you dream of financial security, wealth and power. Sometimes your attitude is so rigid and unyielding that you get yourself into trouble.

Pluto is in Virgo

You have incredible self-control. You are strict in your adherence to the rules and plans you have set for yourself and – seriously preoccupied with your health and physical condition – you pay special attention to your diet and fitness. If you make a decision to go on a diet, start an exercise programme or quit smoking, this becomes an obsession that consumes your every waking moment. Literally nothing can distract you from your goal, until success is yours! You also make sure to keep your friends and loved ones on the straight and narrow, starting them off with a candid critique of their current lifestyle and proceeding to give them strict instructions for improvement. But if the tables are turned and someone dares to reproach you about something, you react negatively being unable to accept criticism!

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